The Secret to Impressing The Idea - (Magic Formula to Manifest Anything! Mini Series - Part 3)
Written by Scott Haug on October 15th, 2021
The Secret to Impressing The Idea - (Magic Formula to Manifest Anything! Mini Series - Part 3)

Make sure you have watched Part 1 and Part 2 before watching this Part 3. 

This next step is the most crucial exercise you will do to attract what you want into your life!

This is the magic formula to manifest anything you want series and the next step is the secret to impressing the idea!

This is Part 3 of a six-part series! Make sure you subscribe now to know when other parts of this series are released!   

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Full Transcript

We're going to jump into video three here of how we can manifest anything mini series. Okay. So if you haven't watched video one or two, make sure you watch that video three, here's going to be all about the secrets of feeling and impressing your mind with the image that you created in video two. So in video one, we start to know yourself, you understand your manifesting power. And our exercise was to say out loud and affirmation a hundred times. Okay. Sounds like a lot, like I mentioned, but it shouldn't have taken a long time. Video. Two was forming a clear mental picture of what you want. You decided on one thing you wanted, you wrote down the qualities, characteristics, how it would make you feel as if you had it all down. Then we started to create this clear mental picture. Okay. Now the secret and the hidden idea to making sure that picture is implanted into subconscious mind and into the universal substance to bring it to you.

It's feeling okay. Feelings. The key here. I want you to really nail the emotion. Just one emotion you would feel as if you had this thing already in your life. So whatever you chose in video two, whether it's money, whether it's this, whether it's this, whether it's this, whatever it was, how would you feel as if this thing was already in your life? Excited, balanced, relieved, excited. Uh, I already mentioned excited, uh, achievement accomplished, happy, grateful. Okay. Whatever the emotion is. Go ahead and write down that one emotion that you would feel. And I want you to feel that while you're visualizing the picture in your mind for five straight minutes, you're going to keep this still image on your mind of you feeling as if you had it. And it can be some motion. Doesn't have to be a still image. It can be you're in motion.

Okay. Would it? That's what I meant by that. Still images, not just staying there with the image, but also kind of having a mini video go on in your mind. If you receiving the thing and feeling the emotion as if you had it. So if you were excited, what would you do? You might jump up and down and celebrate. You might be running around your home and just saying, I got it. I got, I got it. You know, I finally got to say sale. I finally got the money, whatever it is. Right. I finally got my quantum leap. Okay. Whatever it is. See in your mind, you acting out that emotion. Okay. If you feel achievement oriented, see people congratulating you, it could be a spouse. It could be a partner, friend, family member, colleague, you know, whatever it is. See, see yourself being congratulated by others.

Okay. So whatever you would feel, see, and imagine that feeling actually being there for you alive in your body. Okay. And then met your inner thoughts. Tell yourself I am excited. So you actually do an, I am statement into the feeling of what it would be like. Okay. This is a secret to impressing your idea from the conscious. So where your thinking is down into the subconscious, where the universal part is going to take that. And it's actually a move into form. Okay. Video four, five, and six are going to be crucial. So today's exercise is for five minutes, you get a little mini video going on in your mind and it to be true right now. Okay. Make sure you watch video four or five and six, because you need all six videos to manifest anything that you want. And it's many series, okay.

I'm just doing a little chunk. So it's easy to maintain and you can do this once a day. You could do all the videos in one day just makes you do the exercises because no amount of watching the videos is going to manifest it. You're going to want to do the exercises that's going to actually do. And they're easy. They're simple. And they should be a lot of fun, very effective, extra sentences. Okay. So we're going to go into a video four or five and six and make sure subscribe to the channel and also make sure you throw like on the video while you're here. All right. Let's see. On video number four here shortly.

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