Forming The Secret Picture - (Magic Formula to Manifest Anything! Mini Series - Part 2)
Written by Scott Haug on October 13th, 2021
Forming The Secret Picture - (Magic Formula to Manifest Anything! Mini Series - Part 2)

What kind of mental images are you choosing to focus on? Are they your desires? Or are they blocks to attract what you want?

This is the magic formula to manifest anything you want series and the next step is forming the secret picture!

This is Part 2 of a six-part series! Make sure you subscribe now to know when other parts of this series are released!   

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Full Transcript

Magic formula manifests anything. Part two of our six part series here. Okay. This one is all about getting clear on this beautiful mental picture of this secret mental picture you have in your mind. Now we covered in the first video, knowing yourself in this video, after you've done the exercise in video. Number one, if you haven't go back to a video, okay. Video number two here, you're going to want to make a clear image of the thing that you want. You're going to decide on it. So step number one in this video is write down one thing that you want during the six part series heal. And that could be, you want it by tonight. You want it within a week. You want it within a month. Forget about the timeline. Okay. Just decide on what it is that you want. Only pick one thing.

And so, like I mentioned, last video. It could be a chunk of money. It could be like, I want an extra a thousand dollars. I want an extra $500. I want extra $10,000. Okay. It could be, I want a spiritual gift unexpectedly. It doesn't matter what it is. I want a new sale on my business. I want to manifest guidance and support. Okay. Whatever it is for you. I want you to sign on that one thing. Don't worry. Okay. Cause it's going to be like, I want a million things. It's okay. You'll get those things as well. You can repeat the process, but I seriously want you to get a result that you can actually see tangibly. Okay. You're going to write that down. I now received whatever that is and write it in the comments below that will help keep you accountable. I just now received.

So I just now received blank. Okay. Thank you universe. I just now received blank. Thank you universe. And the present tense as if you already received it. Okay. Then you're going to write down three to five lines underneath of that, describing how the thing is in your life. Now that you have it as if you already had it. So if I already had a thousand dollars extra in my bank account, I didn't expect you're going to write down the things like I feel relieved and now they have that money. I feel excited now that I can take a 500 of that and do this with it. Uh, I am excited that I'm going to take 500 and to invest it or save it. Okay. So you're going to talk about what you did with the item. If it's a free cup of coffee, just to get something into your life that you believe in, in, in your manifesting, it could be like the cup of coffee was hot.

It was black coffee and it had Columbia and beans, coffee beans that it was made out of. Okay. So you don't have to say where it's from. You have to say it's from Starbucks or a local coffee shop. You just want to describe the qualities and characteristics of the thing. Okay. You use your five senses. Was it smell like, was it tastes like right? Was it feel all the other senses? And then you're going to form that image on your imagination. So you're going to actually see yourself in first person accepting the thing that you wanted and add in those details. So if it's a cup of coffee, you're going to actually accept in your imagination field, the hot cup as if it's yours. Okay. So again, feel as if you're to real real life, you're going to feel it. You're going to smell the aroma of the coffee.

You're going to take a sip of it. You're going to have all the different qualities, characteristics, and senses and emotions that we already wrote down in your mental image. Okay. And then video three is going to be the most crucial point of the six videos. So you're gonna want to watch that one as well. That one's going to be what we do after we see the scene in mind that we see as a mental picture. Okay. But this is a secret to creating mental pictures is creating all of it with vividness detail emotion, because that's how you're going to hand it off to the energy or the universe or divine, whatever you call it, God universe, whatever that thing is, that's how you hand it off to it and detailed form. All right. So this video to make sure you're subscribed to the channel. So you're notified when video three comes out. Okay. Also throw like on the video as well while you're here. Okay. I'll see you over in video number three and we'll go through with our next part in our six part mini series here.

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