Know Yourself Manifesting Secrets - (Magic Formula to Manifest Anything! Mini Series - Part 1)
Written by Scott Haug on October 11th, 2021
Know Yourself Manifesting Secrets - (Magic Formula to Manifest Anything! Mini Series - Part 1)

In this video, Scott tells you the number one manifesting secret you need to do before choosing what you want to manifest!

This is the magic formula to manifest anything you want series and the first step is to know yourself!

This is Part 1 of a six-part Mini-Series! Make sure you subscribe now to know when other parts of this series are released!   

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Full Transcript

Magic formula to manifest anything mini series. This can be a six part video series. You're going to want to watch them all. They're going to be a little bit shorter and right to the point. And I seriously want you to manifest something really great into your life. During the six part series, um, it could be a chunk of money. It could be an having something come into your life like, um, a cup of coffee, free parking space. You know, it was easy things that you hear about manifesting. It could be even some like a spiritual gift. It could be, um, some good news in your life. It could be you're manifesting a quality or characteristic for yourself, like feeling more confident or emotions, feeling happier, more fulfilled, whatever it is. I want you to manifest exactly what you want and choose one thing, just one thing during this six part series, okay.

Each of these videos are going to be posted every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. So there'll be available to you. All right. Let's start with the first principle here in video Number one of this mini series here. Okay. It's knowing yourself before we can manifest what you want. We were not even going to choose what that is until the second series of videos here. The first one here is knowing about who you are. You want to understand that you are a soul before coming into his body and after. So when you're born and after you pass away, okay, you are still whole, you are that soul. You are that spiritual expansion, spiritual being that was born into this physical body. Okay. We want to understand that you're an extension of something a lot bigger than the physical you see around you around to me, or much bigger than the environment that we find ourselves in.

Okay. And that means we're an energetic side. We're an energetic being, living this physical body. Okay. What that means also is that you have the ability to manifest, even if you're an advanced student of law of attraction in different things. This principle is the number one, because you want to align more and more with the idea that you are an energetic being, you live in an energetic universe, and it's the power of your imagination. That brings images from the invisible to the visible, through a series of natural progressing steps. Okay? So that's who you are. You're a whole being right now, and you have the ability to manifest and how you do that again is by entertaining certain mental images. And what that's really doing is the universe is like a plastic substance. Okay? And when you start to impress it with an image, it molds that substance of what it is into the image that you're picturing in your imagination.

Okay? So you want to become a great imaginary person. You want to become a great visualizer. And as you do that, you're going to start to become familiar with that image. We're going to talk about this in the next couple of videos here, but number one, video here, I want you to really realize who you are or else you're never really going to manifest what you want, because you're to have the idea that it's just trying to get something from, you know, a thought into this physical and it's impossible. It's ridiculous. Right? So know who you are. First exercise to do in this video is just say out loud, I'm an energetic being, living in an energetic universe. If you want to say this out loud, all throughout today, a hundred times sounds like a lot. It's not a lot. It'll take you about four or five minutes.

It's really simple. Okay. I'm an energetic being, living this energetic universe. I'm an energetic being, living this energetic university. And you can add to it as well. I'm an energetic being, living in this energetic universe with the power to manifest, using my mind, or even the power to manifest using my mind, which creates mental images, informs the plastic substance of the universe into the things I desire and eventually, and progressively comes into physical space. Okay. So that's your exercise for series video. Number one here, know yourself as you align with more of that side of you, you're going to have a lot more faith. You're going to have a lot more belief. You're going to have a lot more confidence in your ability to bring in the thing that you're going to want to bring in during the next six videos here. Okay. So try it out today. Say the affirmation out loud a hundred times. Okay. And make sure you subscribe to the channel so that you get notified when the other videos are out. Okay. As well. It's going to be very important. You want to do all six months. Okay. I'm going to see you here in video. Number two real soon.

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