Manifesting Blocks: Identifying them and dissolving them [it's EASIER than you think!]
Written by Scott Haug on October 8th, 2021
Manifesting Blocks: Identifying them and dissolving them [it's EASIER than you think!]

Everyone has some kind of manifesting block and you might know exactly what they are but maybe not all of them.

If you want to start identifying them and dissolving them then you'll definitely want to listen in because it's EASIER than you think!   

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Full Transcript

We all have different unique manifesting blocks in our life. And today's video. I'm going to show you a very simple and easy technique to finally dissolve some of those blocks you're holding within. And there's no reason to hold those anymore. That's what we call self sabotage. Okay. So let's jump into the video right away here. Okay. Couple of things, when considering this, you are manifesting block is your actual thought, that's it hands down, nothing else. It's not your external circumstances. It's not the people you live with. It's not the different things around you in your marketplace or workplace. Okay. The number one manifests in black and the only manifesting black there is, is the thought you're holding within that's counteracting your desire. That's it. Okay. So let's do a very simple example. I want more money in my life, but I'm thinking lack, full thoughts.

That's my block. Okay. Now it sounds very simple. It's actually not that easy sometimes. Okay. So we're going to go through a process of what to do about it. Okay. Because it's not so easy to just be aware of that. And then everything changes. If it was that easy, everyone would change their life every single day dramatically. Okay. So it's going to take some effort. It's going to take some understanding some awareness, and it's going to take some spiritual desires, some internal drive for you to make the changes in your life. Okay. And usually people will make the changes with enough pain or enough desire. And I hope you have enough desire and enough pain is in bad thing either. You know, you're just in pain of I'm, I'm tired of being in the situation and he wants something different. That's positive pain as well.

It's a motivating factor. It's a driving factor to get what you want. All right. So let's go through this manifesting black. Okay. So if I have thoughts, contracting what I want, that's what I had to clear up. I had to dissolve that. How do you know this is a very advanced technique? I only teach my top certified coaches, uh, on my certified manifestation coaches that I have on my team. Okay. I only teach them this. And I also teach people in my course, the manifestation accelerator. Okay. Uh, this is a very advanced technique. I'll go through as much of it as possible. Uh, but I'm not going to make this video an hour long. And that's how long, like there's a lot more that goes into this process. So if you want the full process become one of my certified manifestation coaches. If you feel called to help people, the link is below and getting some more information on that.

Scheduling a call with myself or my team to see if it's a great fit for you. Or if you're just looking for a course, manifestation accelerator is your go to course. Okay. That's also in the link in the description below. All right. Now let's go through this process here. How do you know what your blocks are? Okay. I want you to say out loud what it is that you want, and then you're going to close your eyes and listen. Okay. So for example, I want five. I just now received, put it in the present tense. I just now received 5,000 hours. Okay. You say it out loud, it close your eyes and listen to the thoughts that follow. Okay. So go ahead and do it with me right away. Let's play it together. So go ahead and say out loud what you want. It doesn't matter what you want.

It could be anything in the world. Any desire? Say it out loud. Okay. Then close your eyes and listen. What is the first limiting thought that comes to mind? I want you to note that you write it down, right? If you're watching on your laptop or your notepad and your phone right here, notepad, whatever it is, and even better do it in the comments below. Okay. Be transparent. This channel is not about judgment. We monitor everything. Okay. If there's a negative comment on this channel, it's gone literally within an hour. Okay. A couple of hours sometimes. All right. So go ahead and in the comments below, be transparent, be honest, be open. Okay. Put yourself out there. And what is your first limiting thought that follows? Okay. Everyone has it. Okay. Everyone's going to have some sort of limiting thoughts at some point until we get to an alignment where we don't have as money.

Okay. So you're not the only one. Let's do an example. I just received $5,000. I closed my eyes. I listened to first limiting thought that follows. And it says, no, you don't okay. That would be an example. Or it says, where did that come from? Or it says, no, that's too good to be true. Right. You see my, my limiting thought will follow and whatever, first limiting thought, we'll follow it. That is one of your number one thought blocks that is preventing you from getting what you want. Okay. So we have to dissolve that. Okay. That's that paradigm that programming those old thoughts. So it was old mental habits that are making you stay in that same energy. That's preventing you. You're literally putting up a wall for yourself on getting out of what you want. Uh, you know, don't want any more and bringing in the desires they want.

Okay. So as you listen into a limiting thought, you write it down. Okay. You will need to heal it. Okay. We won't go through it all in this video, but you need to release where that came from. Where did that thought come from now? You don't always have to dig deep in your past. That's not, I don't believe it always has to happen that way though. It can be very beneficial to make sure you release some of that. Okay. Figure out where it came from. Was it apparent? Was this was, this was this okay. We go so many levels in depth and we do a Monday coaching call every Monday with my certified coaches. And we go layers and layers and layers and deep on this, figuring out where's this coming from so I can release it because it's an emotional thing that happened in your life.

That's why you're thinking that way. All right. So as you start to really say, just understand where it's coming from, that'd be an easy way of doing that. Okay. Next step is, write down the opposite. Write down the opposite. So if it says it's too good to be true, you write down. No, I understand the laws of the universe and anything's possible. Okay. Uh, it might say, where's it. Where did it come from? You say, I'm always in faith that the universe has the, how covered and where the, where it's gonna come covered. Okay. So you write down an opposite statement of faith based statement of belief, statement, basically something else. And then you need to lodge it into your mind. You could do that same statement over and over every day, 50 times a day, you could be writing it out. You could be listening to it.

You can meditate upon it for a couple of days straight and just be in that energy. Basically, we want to take out the old in with the new, so you're going to release some of that old energy. You're going to put in a new energy. You're going to start to see the changes from that. Okay. I'm telling you, this is the number one thing that I've ever really heard about when it comes to blocks. Okay. I had learned about this technique and learned about it. What you're doing is peeling back your own consciousness. Because if you don't do this, you don't really know. It's not like opening up a book. And just being able to see the answer where you need to listen for the answer. And that's what we're doing here. Those ideas are already within you. Okay? We're not creating those thoughts that are coming.

We just need to let them go now. All right, this will be a tremendous help. Try it out. Okay. Let me know how your results go as you move forward with this. Okay. And also makes you throw like on the video and subscribe to the channel because I'm going to do more videos like this round blocks, because a lot of people they know about the walls. They they've heard about visualization. We're, we're living in a time right now. I'm feeling this video is 2021. Okay. We live in a time period that people know about this stuff. A lot of people, okay. But they're not using it in the right way to get the results. And that's why, it's why they're not getting the desired results. I got some blocks, they got some stuff. I was just thinking about what you want is also really becoming and feeling wise.

And it's hard to do that when you have these other limiting thoughts in your mind as well. All right. So sending light and blessings to you. Thank you for watching the video here. I'll see you on the next one. Make sure on the channel here and just binge watch as much as he can. Okay. Binge watch it to an extent that you're actually applying the material as well. Okay. Just consume it, consume it every day, but also make sure I provide an exercise nearly in every video. Make sure you do the exercise that follows. Right. So listen to a video exercise, video exercise. Okay. Use the meditations on the channel as well. We've got about 10 of them. Okay. We got money. One's bank account. One's wealth ones. Quiet ones. Good ones. Miracles. Okay. Listening to meditations every morning. There's a whole playlist. Just go in the home.

There's a playlist there that has all about the meditation's. Okay. Just want to make sure you're aware of those because you want to listen into those. I have those repeated affirmations ready for you done for you. They're already recorded right on the channel here. Okay. Trying to give you the most value and all the helpful tips and support that I can possibly give you. All right. So again, throw like on the video and subscribe to the channel as well. Uh, just to make sure you're subscribed and you, this is your home base for manifestation, everything you could ever possibly need around how to manifestation and everything. All right. Also in the comments, make sure that if you have a video topic, you want me to cover, you have a question put in the comments as well, and I'll make sure that's answered in another video for you. Alright. Second line blessings over to see in the next video. And thank you for watching, putting into play what we have here. Start dissolving a blacks. You're gonna start to see some great changes in your life.

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