Using Invisible Forces To Manifest (Super Helpful!) - Episode 2
Written by Scott Haug on October 4th, 2021
Using Invisible Forces To Manifest (Super Helpful!) - Episode 2

Would you believe it if someone asked "You know you are manifesting everyday by using invisible forces?"

In this episode, Scott explains how we are using these invisible forces everyday in a very simple way which might make you believe and manifest even more!   

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Full Transcript

Hello there VIP family. Welcome onto our Monday session. Let's jump into a hero when he got a great message here, increase my faith in the universe by wedding and allowing Facebook are you to the universe? We think very transparently. When I first began personal development, my face would probably had a one. I kind of started to believe that things were possible for me. I started to believe that the universe was there. Co-creating, there's something bigger going on. There's nothing. That's not connected. There's nothing I can not do. There's nothing I can not be. I don't question anymore. This is me. I am this. I am connected. All of this stuff is connected. It's not random. Okay. So total faith. I'm going to pull up a little diagram here. It's actually right on my website. So if you have any interesting, going back to us as blog posts, we can see on link right up there.

Now those of you that have never heard this electromagnetic spectrum, it sounds very, very big, right? What we're trying to do here is increase your belief in the invisible and those of you again, there in my certification process and my coaches that's week one certification, right? Increasing our belief in manifestation, because that is a core to all of this. If you are working it, manifestation is working very well for you. It's because you believe it. If it's not working so much, there's some part of you. That's not believing as much as it could. We want to work on that today. I want you to look at the diagram in front of you and the left side. There we call it frequency. Every emotion you have is a certain level of frequency. Every one of them grab more of the lower ones. Rage hate those different things.

Those are very low frequency here. Love happiness. All of that is on a higher frequency. Science can measure frequency, left side. There tend to the 15th. You see it's like 15 up there. That's an exponential. So there are different levels or different magnitudes of frequency. As you go up the chart, the frequency is higher as you go lower, the wavelength or frequency, a short or longer wavelength, but shorter in the amount of frequency. So in that purple box, you see that right there. You see how there's that dark purple. That's the visible light. Do you know? That's all you can see. I want you to look around your room right now, where you're at, and I want you to take a look at everything. I want you to take a look at the colors around you. Blues there's reds, there's yellow, there's oranges, all these different colors and you are interpreting all of this using your brain.

Your eyes are an instrument taking in. What's going on around you. The eyes are taking in the data. Brain is actually sifting and sorting the data at the speed of light. So you can't really understand what you'll notice is going on. It's all happening near spontaneously for you. And that's what you see that little tiny bar that's darker. Perfect. That's it. All this other stuff is happening in visibly. You can't see it at the very bottom. Now you could see a very low frequency is radio right now. I want you to look around your room again, go ahead and look around one more time and realize there are radio waves in that room. Can you see them? You can't. But if you had an instrument in your body that could read those signals, you would be able to see them or sense them through smell, hearing, touch.

Maybe we had a sixth sense that could pick up radio way. You would be able to pick those up, but you don't have an instrument. Their eyes don't pick up radio waves, your ears don't you can not send radio waves. Does that make sense? But who says they're not there? Most people say, well, they're not here. I can't see them. That's always there. Depends. I can't see it, but you could actually get a radio, put it on your desk, tune it to a frequency. And the radio waves that are already here would be received into their radio because it's an instrument that can pick up the radio waves, translate it into something you can comprehend, which is no lights, songs, music, right? So the radio essentially picks up something. You cannot perceive, translates it into something. You can perceive. Look around your room again. There's television waves.

Even if you don't have a television in your room, all around you right now, you just can not perceive it because you don't have an instrument in your body. However, if you got a television, remember one of those old television, they had the two little rods. They're the bunny rods, right? What are those four to pick up the wave, some channels. If you didn't have the rods, the right way are very hazy and static, right? Why is it that you can go in the sun and you get burned. You can't see it. The sun in you are two distinct different things, but there's something going on that you cannot see between you and the sun. X-rays, we've all heard of that before. How can an x-ray actually see through your body and take a look at bones and different things because they're waves that can penetrate through your body, but you don't even know it because can't pick them up.

We go even higher on the scale, gamma rays, and what's not pictured here because science has yet to still work on this, which they are way above. That is thought cosmic waves. I want you to look around your room again. There are millions of thoughts around you right now. Do you know when the only time is the instrument you have within you, your brain mind connection only picks up the thoughts that are in harmony with you. That's your instrument. So you do have an instrument for those. There are so much 99.9% of this world is invisible. You can't see the phenomenon. Think about what we're doing right here. I am in Miami, Florida. Those of you are you're around the world, but still a connection of electromagnetic energy, which we call wifi and different things around us can actually translate data at the speed of light.

In order for us to do this instantaneously, what is the internet? The laptop is basically you. The laptop is harnessing and unleashing what we can perceive as looking up on the internet. So a lot of scientific terms, but you dial it back and it's not really scientific at all. It's just police. It's having the faith. That thoughts are connected to everything energetically. You just can't see it. Your manifested desires, your ambitions, your vision, your dreams are all invisible. What's needed to have them be accomplished, is already born in the thought. So every thought you have has the potential of being accomplished into a physical result and the potential to have that capacity for you to do it is already in that thought. But we question too much. We only question because we don't have an instrument to see all the thoughts connected right now. Look at the look at the companies around us.

They're trying to ship that package to you faster and faster. Within a year, I'd say we will have same day shipping in every city, in the world, major city, and then ours shipping. They're not going to say same day. And the next day they're going to say four hour shipping. Cause they're going to have different drones in different systems to allow that to happen, right? People want faster, but the only way to get faster results is increased. Fate. You can't control it. So where does this all go? What are we trying to do with you increase your faith. I want you to have some self contemplation, close your eyes and just self contemplate. My thoughts are connected to everything right now, but I don't need to see that happening. I have an instrument of the mind that picks that up, but my eyes don't and that's okay.

It's part of this. Your thoughts are creating. You're connected to all the potential clients you could ever want for a lifetime, but it's fun and energetically, but you're never going to see it in your eyes. You'll see the physical results when they come. But 99.9% of the journey. You're not going to see it and you want to embrace and accept it and say, good, that's fine with me thinking good breath in the breath out. Allow this truth to be in your body right now and let it change you. What is your feeling right now as always just actively learning and writing your thoughts down. Even if it's typing or writing it out really helps you comprehend everything. So we always talk about seeing through spiritual eyes right in our imagination, but you can actually look at it also spiritually as well as physically and say, well, I'm going to get it everything around my room right now, their room.

If you could actually comprehend all those wavelengths that we just talked about it and the purple there, you wouldn't be able to see anything. It would be like clouds of stuff, starting all over the place. It would be crazy. You know, one day they may invent and most likely they will tear glasses that can pick up thoughts. You put them on and you can actually see thought waves. But when people believe nine yet, because they could see it, right? So the old phrase comes in. If I see it, then I can believe it. Right? That's the opposite. We don't want that. But that's what people do, right? Faith and belief can be increased through deep awareness, deep understanding.

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