3 Tips To Manifest Anything! (using Law of Attraction)
Written by Scott Haug on October 1st, 2021
3 Tips To Manifest Anything! (using Law of Attraction)

Do you feel like you have some blocks around your manifestations? Not only with money but also with clients, sales, dream home, dream car, love/relationships, etc?

These 3 quick tips will help you manifest anything into your life using Law Of Attraction so you will want to watch until the end!    

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Full Transcript

Hey, Scott Haug here and welcome into today's video on the three tips to manifest anything. So these three quick, quick tips are in conjunction with all the different tips I have on my channel here. So if you're looking for more, just go ahead and search right on our homepage there in our playlist. It's going to help you with many, many different tips on here. Let's go through three quick ones that are going to really help you out. Very, very great. It's very simple, very effective. Okay. Number one, we're going to start in the morning. Second one is going to be in the afternoon. Third one is going to be in the evening prior to bed or sometime, uh, you know, in the evening time, first one in the morning, set your morning with an intention. Okay. So that could be anything from doing your affirmations.

That could be actually doing some gratitude's and visualization, whatever it is before you do anything in your day, make sure you're starting with a clean slate, centered energy. Okay. We're all very busy in life, especially if you've got a full-time job or a full-time business or family or whatever it is, you got a lot going on. Absolutely. Okay. But you can take five to 10 minutes in your day and start with something. Okay. Now for me right now, I go on the balcony and the cause of we live in a high rise building. I sit on a balcony and actually just get into the essence of who I am online with me and doing some profound gratitude. Okay. And a couple of different other techniques and exercises and things, right for you. It could be something very simple that if you have a yard, you have a house, you might take a little walk outside and you might actually just go ahead and give gratitude out, right.

If you're not that way, and you live in a city or an apartment, wherever it is, that's okay. Where you can do is actually just go ahead and be in the essence of any of the exercises that we cover here, in terms of visualization, our five set manifestation process, it could be just sitting down and actually visualizing the thing that you want, feeling it to be true with some music on anything. That's going to set the tone for your day. Okay? Now these are not brain Buster, brand new, crazy ideas, but they mean everything. They're the foundations. And if we miss the foundations, we're going to go backwards. In fact, I have a lot of clients and customers that they'll do so well, right though, start reaching peak levels of success and goodness, and manifest the results in their life. And then they'll think that that's going to stay there forever.

So they stopped doing the things that got them there. The exercise is going through the course, getting the coaching, all that stuff. And then I go back to square one, right? So it's because they stopped doing the things that got them there in the first place, which are the foundations and the fundamentals. So same thing goes for you and I, that, you know, in the morning, we want to really make sure we're setting the tone for the day second in the afternoon. Okay. Take gratitude or presence breaks. Okay. This is a profound thing that I discovered in my life is actually just taking a moment to, if you're working your business, you're working in a job. Okay. It could be every hour, every two hours, whatever you can manage. Okay. Just go ahead and stand up and go for a little mini walk. It could be a two-minute walk, literally two minutes.

It could be five minutes. It could be staring at an object just to get yourself away from the thinking. Okay. Because when we talk about manifestation here, it's not really about logical thinking. It's more about feeling okay. And that's where your heart is feeling into it. Okay. So really pulling back that logic and being more in the heart center is very profound. Okay. When I discovered it for me, it feels very liberating. It feels very centering and feels very aligning. Okay. So same thing. We'll go for you. Take a gratitude break or take a presence break. All right. I learned this actually a long time ago and I had yet to implement it. It was called gratitude breaks from my mentor. And he mentioned that he would just take a second out of his day and do these thankful things to say, thank you for the trees.

Thank you for those. Thank you for this, whatever it was. Right. But at the time I said, I don't need to take a break. I'm a very focused individual. Right. So even if we're very focused individuals, we still need that time to pull back for a second and actually just be very, very in the feeling of where we want to be. And that goes from just taking a break and being in your surroundings in some sort of capacity. Okay. It will be very profound for you. Try it out right away in the evening time. Okay. There's many different things that you could do, but absolutely involve your physical body. It could be actually going to the gym. It could be exercising, could be going for a walk, but we want to really align everything. And that's really important. We don't cover that enough in manifestation.

I don't believe that also keeping a body and physical condition is very important. Okay. And that could even just be eating a healthy meal or preparing a healthy meal, or maybe like yoga or something, whatever it is. Okay. But taking that time, it doesn't have to be every day, although it could be a little bit every day or three or four times a week, whatever, getting your body in physical condition, because it's going to really align your spiritual, mental, and physical. You know, I don't believe that it should just be spiritual and mental on results only, but you're sitting there overweight and you're not as energized as you could be. And there's a lot of unhealthy habits when it comes to eating. They don't, I don't believe that's a fully integrated person. So we want to all areas of our life integrated, even if you're just really wanting manifest money or a manifest that dream home or that so many whatever it is.

Okay. Those are so incredibly important. We talk about them all the time. Also remember how important your health is. And it might be one of those people that are already very into the gym and healthy. That's fantastic. Very, very good. Could you take it even to a higher level? Okay. I always kind of, I'm always finding that way. How can I take my energy to a peak level? Right. And seeing what that looks like. So integrate all these things morning, afternoon, and evening. They're very simple, very effective, but they're really bring your manifestations forward at a very great capacity. All right. And also make sure you're subscribed to a channel. If you're not already, as you can tell, we sent out very, very helpful and valuable, great manifestation methods, techniques, meditations, all the things we're ever going to need for a manifesting the life that you want, your dream life, your desires, all the goodness into your life.

At the same time, we also have further opportunities from here as well on the channel about becoming a certified manifestation coach, getting into our courses, getting some coaching, mentorship, whatever that looks like for you. If you do want some support, help and guidance on your path, RA trout morning, afternoon, anything let me know in the comments below. If you're going to try it out, just give me a yes in the comments and give yourself accountability. And let's see how you can do this for 10 days straight. Okay. Keep becoming a building in the comments section day, one complete day to complete all the way to 10 days and really get yourself out there and consistent with the exercise. You're going to see the results of it very quickly.

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