The Fastest Way To Manifest Money [EASY Method!]
Written by Scott Haug on September 29th, 2021
The Fastest Way To Manifest Money [EASY Method!]

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Full Transcript

The fastest way to manifest money and we're going to really get your money game going in this video. It's going to be very interactive. I'm going to ask you to do a couple of things as we're going through this so that you can apply it. I want to be just another video here. They're just going to learn a lot of stuff and not actually get the results. So I'm going to ask you to do a couple of things. Be interactive with this video today in the comments below as we're going through it. Okay. Let's go through a couple of steps here. Step number one was getting your money game going. Okay. Remember, money is energy. Okay? That's all you need to know. All of the energy there is is all around us right now. Therefore it means all the money is also right around this.

Right now, we need to tap into coming into more harmony with the money that you desire, an extra thousand bucks, 5,000 extra to 50,000. I don't care what it is. We need to tap into that even more. Okay. In the comments section below star with your first comment and just right. Money is energy in the comments. Okay, go ahead. Right now, money is energy. Why I'm doing this interaction again? Just to be very, very transparent. Clear is the comment section is going to be used to activate these phrases into your life. Okay? So sometimes you're going to hear phrases and they don't actually get stuck into your mind because they're not emotionally. [inaudible] when you start typing it out into the comments section. What it's going to start to do is pull you to activate those things into your life. Okay? So be as interactive as you can on this video, because it's going to help tremendously.

You'll see the result of it. Okay. I'm always doing this whenever I'm learning is constantly activating that into my life. Okay. So write down money is energy. Number two. Okay. Since money is energy, your an energetic being, you can tap into the energy of money in order to get what you want. Okay. So I'm going to interject being, you're an energetic being. We live in an energetic universe. Okay. Money is energy. So basically what we need to do is if your money game is here, right, you're kind of earning say 1000 to 5,000 a month or whatever it is, maybe earning a lot more, a lot less. It doesn't matter. Okay. Just an example. Okay. The money's here and you're on that frequency. We need to raise not only the money frequency you're thinking about, but also you're being internally. Okay. Both of these need to match up.

Okay. So we want to start understanding that and being that second common you want to write below for this is I am an energetic being. I am an energetic being, if you need to go ahead and pause the video to make sure you type that out in the comments. Okay. I am an energetic being. So money is an energy. I'm an energetic being. Okay. Number three, we want to start tapping into the abundance frequency. How do you do that? Okay. Remember, we just talked about, we need to raise up here with a frequency of thought that we're going towards and our being, it means our feeling. Okay. So in imagination, I want you to see the amount of money that you want. 500 bucks, $20,000, whatever amount of money, but go for something that excites you. Okay. That you really want, but it's not over the top because you won't believe it right now.

Okay. We have to cause a lot of belief work needs to, into actually fusing with that. So probably don't ask for a million dollars if you're not used to even thinking about that, even if, uh, you know, $50,000 seems so out of the CRA, it seems like so unbelievable on how you'd actually activate that. Forget about that. Go with something that's slightly believable, but a little bit of a stretch. So if you're used to bringing in $500, um, activations and manifestations go with 2000 bucks, right? So multiply it by, like for what you're used to, you can always go back to this and you can do a lot, a lot larger money amounts later. Okay. For now I want you to see results in as best to work with your belief system by stretching it just a bit, not over the top. Okay. So for number three here, I want you to see it and then seeing of you with the money.

Okay. What does that mean? So your bank statement increased by the amount of money you want. See an email coming through for a new sale. See the cash being given to you actually see what it is of you actually having the money in your possession. Okay. So that's number three here in imagination. See yourself in possession of that money for step number three here, go ahead and write down in the comments below the money amount they are activating and you put in the present tense. I now received $500. I now received $2,000. I now received $15,000. Okay. Whatever it is, right. That present tense statement to activate it in the comments below again, go ahead and pause the video. If you need a little second here, because I know I'm going through them pretty quickly. Number four is feeling it. Okay. So we're starting to think at the level of the frequency that we want by using our mental images, we just did down in three, number four, here is we're going to raise our frequency in our energetic side to match it.

How we're going to do that is based on feeling okay. Feeling and vibration are one in the same. Okay. So when you're actually seeing this image in mind, I want you to feel it to be true. How do you do that? Okay. Realize everything vibrationally is already done. So therefore when you see it in your imagination, it's already yours at an energetic sense. So when you open your eyes back up, don't expect any magic, out of thin air money on the ground. Okay. It's not how this stuff works. It's going to go into the vibrational side first. Then it's going to come into the physical, all right. Over a certain period of time. Okay. So internally for you, go ahead and feel to be true right now. Feel good about it. Okay. And match inner thoughts. So say thank you for it. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you for what this is. Okay. That's number four. In the comments below your fourth comment is going to be the feeling you would feel as if you accomplish the objective of manifesting while you want it, you might feel accomplished. You might feel grateful. You might feel excited, balanced all of the emotions, whatever it is, go in and think about what that might be. And then comment that below for the fourth comment you should have down below. Okay. The feeling you would feel as if it was actually done. Okay. Number five. Here's the last one. And it's allowing and letting in it this good. Okay. I want you to go out and serve better than you have ever before. Okay. Because what you're doing is most people get in their own way by logically thinking, where's it going to come? How's it going to come?

When's it going to come? Right? I've been there a million times and I have to keep myself in check for this stuff as well. When my mind wants to start kid getting carried away on all, man, how's it going to come? Right. So we need to get out of the logical thinking more into the heart, more into the feeling. Okay. And by doing so you're going to really start to open yourself up to receiving. All right. So on this side of the things, by going out there and focusing on helping others, you're going to get out of your own way. Because usually when we're in troubles, we're focusing on our own troubles and it creates more troubles. If we focus on helping others solve their troubles, we're going to actually solve ours. Okay. So go out there and serve. So if you're in a business, double your service in the next 24 hours, whatever that looks like you use your intuition.

You'll know kind of maybe how to put out some extra value to your prospects, your customers, if you're not in a business, okay. Or even if you already can use as well going tip somebody a little bit extra today, your Uber driver, the local cafe, uh, wherever you're going or whatever happens, even if you're not going somewhere, find a way to give some money away. Okay. And then find a way to give more compliments and more thanks and gratitude in your life. Okay. So basically you're going to increase people in a game you're going to get out of the chaotic thought patterns of how, where and when. Okay. So I hope that makes sense. So for number five, comment below that I will now go and serve and help. I will now go in serve and help. Okay. It should become a number five down there in the comments box, try this out.

It's the fastest way I've ever taught. I think my clients and customers, if you're in my manifestation accelerator course, and even if you're not, it doesn't matter. You could go on the website. You're going to see, we have thousands of people manifesting up small amounts, $37, $47 all the way. Upwards of 500, 2,005,000, 20,000. We've had people manifest 50, 2000 all the way, upwards of 230,000. That's our highest one in our group manifested, but that's not for everybody. It's not always going to happen. It was just that person was in harmony with that amount of money that we worked on in practice down. Okay. So if anybody else could do it and I've given the same system too insane process, you can do it as well. Okay. Try the five steps here and make sure you have your five comments below because it's going to activate everything.

Also through our, like on the video, you're going to already start to increase. Okay. Because what is going to do two videos, it's going to increase in sending out to more people in the YouTube algorithm. Okay. So you can already just start there by throwing a like on the video and subscribing to a channel. Cause you'll start to increase things around you. Okay. If you want to start teaching this material, you want to start coaching. It become one of my certified manifestation coaches as well. The link is below and getting some of the details and what that's all about. Okay. But if you want to start, you feel that calling to Vivify your purpose, transform people's lives. And kind of basically what I'm doing here, talking about this information and coaching and helping people though, you know, in that kind of format that I do as well.

I can help you do that. I'll train you. I do that. And I'll mentor you on how to actually create and scale a $250,000 or more per year coaching business. Okay. Pretty simple. There's a lot that goes into it. I have all the trainings for you and the certification ready? Okay. I have a couple of spots open. So if you go to the link, go ahead and visit the details. See if it's for you. See if you're called and if so, I look forward to working with you as well. All right. Take into consideration of five components in this video. Try it out where the way you should see them money amount come in within the next two weeks. If not before.

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