"I'm Me & I Own It!" Manifesting Money Confidently [BEST 2021]
Written by Scott Haug on September 22nd, 2021
"I'm Me & I Own It!" Manifesting Money Confidently [BEST 2021]

Are you manifesting money into your life confidently or do you question and doubt yourself often which can block you from receiving all the abundance you deserve?

In this video, Scott shows you how to use this affirmation "I'm Me & I Own It!" the best way possible to open up the channel to all the limitless opportunities you can attract RIGHT NOW!    

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Scott Haug

Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
He is an expert at helping people make permanent changes in their life and making things super simple to understand.

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Full Transcript

The number one challenge for people manifesting money or manifesting. Anything for that matter is their lack of belief, right? They think critically about themselves. They think they can't do something or whatever it is. And that's the number one thing that keeps them stuck because in one of my last videos, I talked about thought it's a connecting link between the spirit world and the physical and receiving what you want. Hey, Scott Haug here in today's video, we're going to go through a very brief exercise that you could do at any time. They'll start to assume a lot more belief and confidence herself and making a lot more money and manifesting a lot more money into your life as well. And if you haven't already go in, in the description and the link will be around the screen somewhere here and becoming a certified manifestation coach, it is one of the number one opportunities out there right now, very lucrative opportunity.

You can earn a lot of money while living your purpose while helping other people transform their lives. You only have to be even great at manifesting. I will teach you the skill of how to coach people because a mentor, consultant and coach are very, very different. Okay? So in the link below, we have an event go ahead and join in the event, watch it through, see all the details of how to become a certified manifestation coach. I'll help you build a business. I'll help you enroll clients, and I help you start to master manifestation. So let's get into the video here. It's the number one technique to increase your belief and confidence is saying the mantra or affirmation I'm me and I own it. I, me and I own it. Okay. Now why this is so important again, is because if I asked you a question and I asked this question to all my clients and all my coaches as well, okay.

If you could earn $5,000 by the end of this week or an extra $20,000 by the end of this week, would you like that? Now? Almost everyone would say, of course I would love that I'd love an extra five, 20,000, a hundred thousand $500. Even know I love money. I'd love to have more of it. Right? So that's a great question. And to an easy answer, 99.9% of the people are going to say yes, the 0.1% of the people that say no is because they have usually an ego saying, I don't need money, money, isn't everything. Right. But money, if you have a lot more money, you could do a lot more good in your life, right? If you have a lot more abundance, you can spread a lot more good. You can share your purpose a lot more. So money's a very good thing.

Okay. So answer the first question I'm guessing is yes, right now, the second question here, if I said 5,000 or $20,000 by the end of this week, is it possible for you loaded the question, answer thing. That's gonna be a little different it's I could be 99.9% of people are going to say yes. Some people will say, of course it's possible for me. Some people are going to say, I think so. You know, I know there's personal development, manifestation laws, the universe, I think it's possible. I mean, that's what I hear. And that's what I learned. And some people will say, where is that going to come from? Right. Extra $5,000. I'm in a full-time job. Or, you know, I'm in a business that doesn't make much money right now. How am I going to get an extra 5,000, $20,000 is so ridiculous? How am I going to come up with that?

Right. So they lack the actual belief and getting the money and by the end of the week, because they don't know how they don't know where it's going to come from. And they don't know when it's going to happen. Right. So the unfoldment, they don't know how, where, and when, so that blocks actual belief. They're in chronic doubt. Okay. They don't believe in themselves that they are the ones capable of earning and manifesting that money in. So what we want to do is increase your feeling in your belief, in you, that you are capable and of earning and manifesting a lot more money into your life. Okay? Because money, isn't just this physical thing around us money as a thing, that's an energy that we're connected to abundance and source. Okay. So money is something, that's an energy. It's no, there's no shortage. Uh, you don't have to know where it's going to come from because manifestation, you don't figure it out.

You're not actually controlling almost any of it. The universe is the cooperative components of the divine. This around us. That's actually the thing that's unfolding. It. We don't really control much. We control our thinking, which controls our feeling, which controls our actions. That's about it on us. So, you know, you could go out there and we can market. We could go and do sales, or we could do all this stuff in our business. Okay. And you put your best effort forward, but you can't control whether a prospect says, yes, you can't control whether the Facebook ad works, right. You put your best foot forward. You don't really control much more than that. So what we want to do here is do the exercise. I want you to say this out loud, a hundred times a day for the next seven days, I'm telling you every single person that gives us two, whether it's one of my coaches, one of my clients, one of my members, Kay, or myself, of course, cause I test and prove everything in my life first.

Then I give it to those. I teach and coach and mentor, right? So during this next seven days, you want to say I'm me and I own it. Okay. If you want a little bit more into it, you could say, I, you know, F and own it. If you like to, you know, put a little bit more juice into it or say, I really, really own it. Okay. Something like that. And you want to do this a hundred times in a day, like I mentioned, and 20 of those times you go to the mirror and say it in front of the mirror, looking at your own eyes in the mirror. Okay. And actually saying I'm me and I own it. I me in, I own it. Watch what unfolds. And I encourage you to journal before and after. So before write down how well, how well you believe in yourself right now to earn and manifest section five to $20,000.

By the end of the week. Now it really quick on a side note, a lot of people instantly say yes, of course I could do that by the end of the week. Do you really believe it though? At a feeling level, because we believe at a level, which is logical thinking. And then we believe that our subconscious level, which is feeling that's where you manifest. Okay? You're not just manifesting your conscious beliefs. You could say, I believe something, but you feel like you don't. It's like when somebody says something and you don't believe what they said. Cause they actually underlying feeling. They don't mean it. You know, somebody says, I'm sorry. Right? Consciously. They're saying, I'm sorry, but they don't, they're not in it. It's on genuine. It's authentic. Right? And you feel that, why do you feel it? Because there's off, there's a MIS energy here, right?

There's a contract. Energy is what we call it. Righteous. It's not in alignment. So same thing goes with you. If you believe you can earn five to $20,000, but you feel like it's not you or you feel like it's going to be too hard or you feel like you could do that in the future. That's contract energy. We have power, empowering belief, disempowerment belief, and it's not going to manifest, okay, we need those aligned. We need conscious subconscious actually aligned together. You need to think and you need to feel it. Okay. So how this will help if you don't feel it already. Okay. Is I'm me and I own it. So for me, when I was doing this, it really increase a lot of my confidence in who I am. And when you believe more in your abilities, in your spiritual essence and who you really are, you're going to start to really move things forward.

Okay? Because that confidence is that's your soul. That's who you are. That's, that's your exuberance of your energy and your goodness. Okay. And that's when real good energy starts to move into your projects, your business, your job, you know, whatever it is. Okay. So the affirmation a hundred times a day for seven days straight, he uses YouTube channel. Use our, my YouTube channel here in the comment section to keep yourself accountable. You see it on countless of my videos, everyone comments day, one complete day to complete all that stuff. Okay. I would do that for seven days. Watch the video. Okay. Then comment below. Once you've done a hundred times done, day number 100 times, then come back to video. We the video and then go done day number two, 100 times. Okay. Because accountability is very important. Consistency with this very important. You do this for one day.

It's like taking a shower one day and then not taking it for a week. And you're like, why am I dirty? Why am I dirty? Right. Well, of course it doesn't make any sense. You didn't take shower every single day. Right? He needed to do something on a daily basis to re refresh and revive your mind, or at least a few times a week at minimum. Okay. So same thing goes with this I'm me and I own it. Seven days straight. Let me know in the comments below, as it goes through your seven days here, I want to see you saw your results. I want to see you really get greater and greater advancements in who you are. And this channel is all about elevating our consciousness and bringing yourself to a higher plane that you didn't think actually existed before you visited this channel. All right. Try it out. Remember that's how you're going to get results. Now, listening to video, actually doing and becoming the metaphysic person that actually implements that's where the results come in. All right. Look forward to seeing and comment below on the seven days of countability with I am me and I own it.

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