How to upgrade aspects of your reality ✔
Written by Scott Haug on April 29th, 2019
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🔥 How To Change Aspects Of Your Reality 🔥

We've all heard of "beliefs" before.

And seemingly all personal development books and speakers talk about "limiting beliefs" and that we need to change them to change our life and reality.

But HOW do you actually change your reality?

Follow the process below to IMPLEMENT the knowledge you may already know.

🔵 #1 - Have full understanding of what "beliefs" are:

🔸 "[Beliefs are] personal ideas about yourself and the nature of reality"

🔸 "Beliefs are strong thoughts you keep thinking"

🔸 "Beliefs are ASPECTS of your reality you believe to be true, NOT actual facts"

🔸 "You form the fabric of your life experience through your own beliefs and expectations"

🔸 Make these phrases affirmations and say them out loud every day, so that you remember and become these ideas.


🔵 #2 - Identify & change inner thought patterns for 30 days:

🔸 FIRST, say your goal out loud and listen to the thoughts that follow.

🔸 SECOND, write down any of those thoughts that limit you. For example, if you said "I am now earning $20,000 per month," you may have thoughts that follow saying, "I don't know how to do that. That's not true that I'm earning that per month. I can't do that. That's a lot of money."

🔸 THIRD, write down the opposite belief to the limiting one. This new belief should be in harmony with your goal. For example, "I am figuring out how to do that and can. It's spiritually and mentally true that I can make this $20,000 per month. I can do it, especially as other people have as well. It's not a lot of money in comparison to $250,000 per month."

🔸 FOURTH, for the next 30 days, we must solidify and reinforce these new beliefs into our subconscious mind through emotion & repetition 3-4 times EVERY DAY.


🔵 #3 - Understand 'WHY' you believe in what you believe in:

🔸 In reference to the photo above, most people believe something because they've experienced something in the past.

🔸 And they base all of their belief on what could or couldn't be done in the past.

🔸 Or, they believe in something because their teachers, parents, "society" believed in it (especially around money).

🔸 We want to begin to question our beliefs. Ask yourself for various beliefs you hold "Why do I believe this?"

🔸 The red circles indicate when someone needs to "See it to Believe it." That person will continue to get those limiting "side-ways" results to match the old limiting pattern.

🔸 The blue circles indicate when someone "Believes it before Seeing it." That person changes aspects of their inner world first, then their outer reality shifts (over time) to match the new belief and they move upwards toward their goal.

🔸 YES, we do want to base some beliefs based on past experience. But we do it with the formula:

Learn from the past ➡️ Upgrade ➡️ Believe in new

Most people instead:

Keep thinking of the past ➡️ Stay the same ➡️ Believe in old


⏺ The secret lies within belief.

⏺ But the challenging part is... belief is invisible.

⏺ Remember, it takes constant mental effort and concentration OVER A PERIOD OF TIME for everything to start changing.

⏺ Overtime, your new belief becomes a match with physical reality and it becomes VISIBLE.

⏺ It may take a day, week, few months, or even a year to see your physical reality shift.

⏺ Try your best to implement these new beliefs following the (3) parts above! Let me know if you have any questions by scheduling a call here.

Scott Haug

Scott Haug helps people create financial abundance, make a massive impact, and unleash their true potential.  He is an expert at helping people make permanent changes in their life and making things super simple to understand. If you're interested in sky rocketing your own results or understanding of the mind then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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