How To Be More Consistent (You WILL Get Better Results With This)
Written by Scott Haug on September 17th, 2021
How To Be More Consistent (You WILL Get Better Results With This)

Are you struggling to be more consistent? Would you like to know how to create consistency easily?

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Full Transcript

How could it be more consistent? Hey Scott Haug here with the manifestation accelerator, where manifestations and results are made easy in today's video, we're going to be going through some simple and easy techniques. So allow yourself to be a lot more consistent. Now, if you're like me, I mean, many times it's like we procrastinate on doing the things that we actually know would be helping us, or we're very inconsistent or with our accountability to ourselves or another person where we go 1, 2, 3 days, and that, you know, doing something great, doing a mindset, exercise, doing the gratitude work or whatever it is, or any exercises you find here in the YouTube channel, including our meditations. And then for an equally strange reason, we stopped doing it after four days after five days after a week or whatever it is, or sometimes after even a day, right.

Of going to the gym consistently for a couple of days. And then it's like, you get to the end of the week. It's like, I just don't even want to go. Right? You lack the motivation, you lack the consistency. Therefore you lack the consistent results that would come from doing the exercise from doing the thing that you know, would improve your life. And this could really take down your life to a low notch because inconsistency brings in inconsistent results and consistent progress. And that frustrates us more than anything is a human race and the lacking the progress that we want. Right? So let's take a couple of things into consideration when we are being very consistent. I want you to think back to one thing in your life that you've been very consistent with. What is that thing? It could be going to the gym. Maybe you're very fitness oriented and you go three times a week, four times a week, five times, you know, whatever it is.

You're very consistent with that. Maybe another thing you're consistent with in the health side of things is eating healthy, right? You might be very consistent or some people watching this video might be you. I don't know. You might be very inconsistent with those things, but you're very consistent in terms of saving money. Every month you put a little money aside. Okay. Another thing you can be consistent with, if you're running a business is reaching out to potential prospects or marketing campaigns, right? If you're in a full-time job, maybe you're consistent with being there on time, right? There's many things in our lives, including yourself that has a lot of things consistent. I want you to think about what makes you consistent in those areas.

What is it?

What makes you accountable in those areas? Well, for me at the very least when I'm consistent with, for example, fitness or something, it's because I'm programmed to be at a standard in my life. Okay. So consistency is created from having a certain standard in a certain area of life. If I have a low standard for my health and really care about going to the gym, or I don't really care about eating healthy. And one of those ways, if you will, since I have a low standard for health, I'll be very inconsistent when I'm trying to establish new habits. Because since those standards and habits are all one in that area, the higher, the standard, the more I'll be consistent automatically the lower that standard, the more I'll be inconsistent automatically. So the trick is how do I raise my standard so that I bring that more at a higher, consistent level for each area that I want to increase consistency in my life.

So most people, the biggest problem is they're trying to fix a million things at one time. Okay. Especially when it comes to personal development and different things with the self it's like they're in different, uh, YouTube videos. They'll listen to a thousand YouTube videos on a daily basis at the same time, listening to podcasts, same time, audio books at same time reading about 500 self-help books, right? They there's so many different things they're trying to change at one time, allowing themselves to be very inconsistent with certain things. So here's what I would practice take. All the things that you have going on and just find one thing during the next 30 days that you'd like to be consistent with. What is the number? One thing that if you changed it and increase the consistency with it would change your life faster and better than anything else.

It's a very question. You might want to sit with that question. You might want to rethink it, understand it. We listened to this video to get the understanding of it. Okay. So for example, if I feel like the one thing that would change my life so dramatically is watching one of the YouTube videos on the channel here and then applying, right? That's my consistent habit watching only one video a day, not 20 different things, all happening one time, one video a day, and then one exercise that follows, right? Cause we always do exercise on these different videos and different thinking, right? Maybe that's what I want to be consistent with. Okay. So what I want to do is let everything else go, still run your life, still do your business actions. If you have a business or job or, you know, whatever it is, of course still keep up with your responsibilities and your roles.

But you only want to focus on that one thing for 30 days, okay? Now the mind wants to con itself and say, well, what about fitness? What about this? What about this? And that's the very problem that creates inconsistency, trying to work on too many things at one time, consistency wise, that's the major problem that allows us to be overwhelmed internally. It's very hard to change many habits at one time. Changing one habit though, will carry forward. All the other improvements you want in your life. So find the one thing you want to be consistent with for 30 days. That's it only pick that one thing, then create an accountability calendar. Okay. So you take a sheet of paper, you can print something off as a calendar or just create a handwritten one. Okay. And create 30 boxes. So it could be, you know, 10, 10, and 10.

Okay. And uh, again, a calendar or a spreadsheet, you know, however you want to make it or just hand dry. And then every day, keep it by something that you're already consistent with. For example, brushing your teeth. Or if you have a habit of already plugging your phone into the charger, just before you go to bed, that's a great place as well, wherever you're already consistent. Keep this 30 day chart. And every single time we do one consistent action for one day towards this one thing, place an X in the box. Okay. Now why we're keeping this diagram, this chart by something already consistent with is because just in case you forget to do the thing to do the consistency of thing, no matter what, you can't go to bed and end your day until you do the thing, no matter what, it doesn't matter how tired you are.

It doesn't matter. What's going on. You have to do the thing you want to be accountable for 30 days. Okay. Then finding an accountability partner as well. If you don't have an accountability partner, you use the YouTube channel for accountability. Okay? Now it's of course just one sided. You know, it's not two people doing partnership together, even though that way on the channel here, just go, going to comments. And every single day say day one complete day two complete. So you place an X on your diagram, your chart, come back to this video just of like on the video. So it gets into your liked playlist. And then go back to video, go out and comment, day one, complete day, two, complete whatever it is all the way up until 30 days. I challenge you to see if you can be the first person on the channel here to have 30 complete days.

And the comment section below, we'll see if you can be the one that can be the most accountable on our channel here having to challenge yourself. And that's part of this, a consistency process as well is challenge yourself for 30 days. Okay? Don't go for like saying, I'm going to do this for life. You know, many people say I'm going to never do this era. I'm going to make this change for life or whatever it is. It's a big promise, right? This is a smaller promise. It's easier to commit to 30 days. Okay. And allowing yourself to be saturated by the idea. Don't let your mind again, be overwhelmed by trying to do 20 things consistently. Okay. Now I mentioned a mindset idea here, consistency wise, but it could be in health, right? I'm going to go to the gym for three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

So you make your chart instead of 30 days with the chart, you might make it for a month ago, four weeks straight, three times a week. Okay. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. He say, no matter what, I'm going to go to gym by 7:00 PM every night, okay? Then you create that consistency with the chart. Only focus on that one thing during the 30 days and make that happen. Another thing could be in business. You know, you want it to be more consistent with reaching out to people everyday prospects wise. Maybe you want to reach out to 10 people a day. It's a great habit. Monday through Friday, make the chart on that Monday through Friday, your accountability and your consistency is reaching out to 10 people per day. No matter what, in fact, it might even be best to start your day, reach out to 10 people, then do what you need to do for your day.

Okay? So again, you just focus on one thing during the next 30 days and make your chart so that you can stick accountability to it. Also use the channel here to Mark Day one through day 30 in the comments below, I challenge you to be the first person or even if you're the 10th person on a channel. It doesn't matter. Our challenge. You to actually be accountable for 30 days. I want to see if you could do it. Okay. And allow yourself to be not overwhelmed by a million things. Just focus on that one thing. You'll see your life really start to change and move upward and elevate. All right. If you're not already subscribed to the channel, make sure you're subscribed as well and click the bell icon. So you're notified when we send out other great manifestation, personal development, how to content like we do here as well, so that you get to get notified again.

When we send out this stuff, it's great material for you to have in your back pocket. We go through exercises, how to use meditation. Anything you need manifestation wise as well. And if you're interested, look into our courses as well, that could be helpful in creating that consistency and accountability if you feel called to do so. All right, I look forward to seeing your 30 days in the comments section below seeing and challenging you to creating that 30 day accountability to create more consistency in your life and business or career wherever you are on your life path right now,

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