BEST Manifestation Course For Manifesting Money - The Manifestation Accelerator - Part 6 / 6
Written by Scott Haug on September 10th, 2021
BEST Manifestation Course For Manifesting Money - The Manifestation Accelerator - Part 6 / 6

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Full Transcript

What, if you could manifest anything you wanted in 17 days or less, and what if you had a step by step system and method to do so? Hey, Scott Haug here with the manifestation accelerator where manifestations and results are made easy in today's video, it's part six of our six part series. I'm going to be discussing our manifestation accelerator course. It is the number one manifestation course on the planet in terms of attracting money, attracting clients and customers and sales. If you have a business with some sort or also using the content I have in the program to manifest and attract in your soulmate, a dream home at dream life, whatever it is, use this course for it. I'm going to show you visually what to incorporate in this course. And again, I put it, it's such a low money investment, so it's a no brainer for you.

You don't have to spend $5,000 on a course. You don't even have to spend a thousand dollars on a course. It's going to be much less for you so that you can jump into it. You use the modules in how it's set up is basically you get a module chain linked together. So every week you get a new module filled with content, and then the most important part, how to apply the content to increase your consciousness, expand your awareness to ourselves, to actually get the results because no self-help materials on the planet will actually get you results. No books, no YouTube videos, no audio books, no podcasts, nothing. It's about actually applying it to make the changes within as you make the changes within that's. When the results start to follow, you're going to be blown away by our course in the description below, click the link.

As you start to see the visual idea of how this course is set up. I also provide you some great exercises at the very end of the video to allow yourself to literally manifest something that you want immediately this week as well. And also in our six part series here, I discussed getting access to what were called day two and day three of this masterclass that I have recorded. Once you enroll, you also go in the bonus section and they have day number two and day number three, instantly available to you when you join it. Okay, this is the course you're going to want. Even if you don't need to use it right now, keep it in your back pocket to allow yourself to really use this when needed and have it available and access to you. If you want to use it right now, I guarantee you're going to actually manifest something you want.

You're going to be blown away by unexpected something, money, client sale, love, dream, home, whatever it is within immediately this week or this month, they're going to be blown away by the results you get. Okay, let's jump over to our video here. And if you haven't watched all the other five parts and our six part series, make sure you jump over to those as well. It's all on one playlist for six parts, I would just binge watch all six parts. We really get a full idea and then get enrolled. In our course, you get access to day number two, day number three, where I help you literally apply one-on-one exercises with you to get massively great results and transformations, but jump into the video right now in our six part series, part six of six,

You something, a system to work on after the three-day masterclass. So we're going to get access to day two and day three. Then you have a system to use forever from here and you can always unsubscribe stay subscribed. It's going to be your choice. That's why I made it a membership site tried to make it as easy as I possibly could as well for you. And again, a huge component of this is our Facebook group. We call it a spiritual family or a soul tribe. You're going to get that as well, as well as me as your kind of personal mentor going through this. And I think you're going to be stunned about what the actual thing is as well. You get bonus access to me to help you on your journey. And it's so good. After three days on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, this weekend I got you covered and I can help you through this.

It's just not your typical course. It's a membership site. So you got all that. And once again, enrolled day two and day three links are given to you. You're going to make your money right away tomorrow. You're going to manifest those customers, the clients everything's going to really move forward in a very, very great loop length, very fast. So I would say I could charge over three grand for this, but I want to make it really easy for everyone. And that's why everyone that's gotten involved has never paid that three grand for this. It'd be a steal if I actually charged them for that, but I want to make it very easy, very available, and really do some awesome work with as many people as possible because I just want to give these answers away, but I don't believe in free. I don't believe that we value what we give them for free.

I've signed up for events that you get for free. And I don't go. Like I, sometimes I sign up for things other here or over there, there for free, and I don't use it. So even if I spent a couple of dollars or I spend a hundred bucks on something, at least I use it every time, every time I spend a dollar on something, I spent a thousand bucks, I spend 5,000 bucks or more. I'm actually going to use it. So we don't actually charge that just 50 bucks a month. Okay. So, uh, pretty cool. Okay. Basically again, you can unsubscribe at any time. So if you want to get access to day two and day three, and you're going through the system and after 30 days, you're like, okay, I haven't actually not using this or whatever it is, you can always unsubscribe, but it's very doable, very easy and no risk, no nothing.

You know, I'd spend two grand and be like, oh my God, am I making the right choice? It should vary. I mean, it's such an easy decision. So you just get involved with it. You spend the 50 bucks, you get access to day two and day three. You get the system. And most likely you're going to stay forever in our membership site or not forever, but at least a very long time, because you're going to manifest what you want. It's so, so good. And a lot of people are trying to in the chat box right now and just how good it is for them provide some alignment. Especially during this world health challenge time, it's very important that we all have a system. We have a community, we have a support group because it's hard to stay aligned when there's so much fear in the world, we're going to help you keep in faith during this entire time.

And that's really, really important that you do and that you get all this right, right away. Again, you can use the three-day system this week, manifest everything you want. Next week. You can use a five day challenge. The following week from there, you've got all the modules you've got proven system. You can ask me questions, you got the support, you got the soul tribe, all that, and it's freaking 50 bucks a month. Uh, so it's pretty cool. Okay. That's U S dollars as well. So make sure you go to that link and sign up right away. Brian's been killing it. See a lot of, uh, wins from me, Brian all the time, but really manifesting tons every single day, every single week, just using the system over and over and over Eliza did 2,700 bucks, same system. Adam joined that day within eight hours just by joining into the membership site.

He manifested 2,600 bucks as well as Bladimir is kicking butt. He, uh, manifested 10 grand, uh, within 30 days of joining the membership program, just following as well. Again, it's only 50 bucks a month for you. All right. So make sure you go ahead and join because on day two and day three, we're going to cover these techniques, advanced fourth dimensional thinking. Even if you're already a member, you have not seen some of this before. You're going to be blown away tomorrow. I guarantee it. And I promise you you're going to have something really good happened by Friday. Some of you have been members in a membership site for over three months now, since it's been active and you're going to be blown away by the advanced techniques we're going to do for your consciousness tomorrow and Thursday, when we actually apply the material. So the five steps you will woken up to, you're aware of.

Now, we're going to shift that right into day number two and day number three, and you will have more progress. Even if you've been in the membership site for a couple of months, you're going to have more progress over the next three days. I guarantee you than ever. I put together something that's going to blow you away. It is going to be awesome. Not only that we're going to do some self activation talk is going to pull people towards you. A couple of my clients, Dina and Mika applied this for seven days and bone they'd high ticket clients charging between two K and six K or seven K uh, somewhere around there that came in effortlessly two in one day for Dina, okay? Using this technique we're going to be doing as well. So it's going to work for you. It works for me, works for everyone.

Same exact laws. We're all working with is going to be very, very exciting. Going through this advanced power script. All about money is going to help you flow with money so much faster. We're going to cover that in step number three tomorrow. So this is kind of the outline of what tomorrow is going to look like. Again, there's like no slides for us. I'm going to teach you. We're going to apply it. I'm going to teach you. I'm apply it. You already know my story. You already seen all the good that comes from us. You already have the background. You have the visuals, you have notes. Tomorrow's just completely about applying. It's going to be awesome. It's basically like a seminar that you're just jumping into and applying the material from them. You're getting a definite help in advanced ideas with opening energetic channels and what that looks like.

We're going to be designed this very important. This is a crazy thing that we're going to be going over, designing and creating an advanced customer consciousness to become a magnet for new customers. So again, that's for tomorrow, we're going to do that on kind of the fifth step. If you will, of tomorrow and a lot more on a tomorrow and Thursday, Thursday, I'm going to go through a lot more in depth, Q and a. It's gonna be a little coaching. So I'm going to have you, some of you jump online. I may have some, if you just ask some questions, topics, provide me your business structure, and I'm going to literally dip into it as well for, um, and with you on Thursday, I'm mixed on these. I know I mentioned an hour, but a lot of you know, me, especially during the five day challenge, I go a lot longer because I really, really want to see you manifest everything you could possibly imagine.

And, uh, you know that from me, especially if you're in a five day challenge or membership site, um, I try and blow you away with how much I can, I can possibly give. I love it. I love, you know, this is what we do here in this thing, and I love helping you. So make sure again, you go ahead and fill that out. It's a Bitly link slash manifest stash with ease or with dash ease. So make sure that's good to go. And once you're ready, you'll get the links right away. So if you do have all that good to go, um, if you're already a member, go ahead and throw in the chat box, a number seven, if you're already a member as well, and you're ready to go into the advanced exercise, uh, the crucial thing that we're going to cover. So you can apply stuff between now and tomorrow.

So if you're already a member, uh, just sort of number seven in there, of course I'm in working as a lot of you, uh, as well coming through there. But if you're not a member, go ahead and do it, just get it done with, go ahead and sign up right away. Uh, if you feel the calling and you feel the flow and you feel how much power we're going to bring to this thing, uh, just go ahead and sign up. It's very easy process that it's going to bring you to a landing page, get it done on medically within two minutes, you're going to get the welcome email. You're going to get the login. And then also you're going to get the day two and day three zoom links. It's going to say three-day masterclass special links is the subject of the email. And then you'll get day two and day three registered soon links.

So that you're good to go for tomorrow and Thursday as well. And then you can jump right into that when we're ready to rock, if you will. Okay. So, um, if you were already a member, go ahead and throw a number seven into the chat box there. Um, and, uh, just let me know as well as we move forward. Okay. So again, that's that Bitly link right there manifest with ease. Yep. And I see all of you coming in here could see on here, Jennifer and Alexandra and Sinai and Jody and Alan and Gina and Joe and Carmella, Shelly Rita Reed. I did see just signed up, which is great. Um, you don't have the email for day three. Okay. I'll make sure you have sent that out again. I think it's just because you've just signed up as well for the membership site. So I don't think you've received the email yet.

I'll make sure you got it right after this. So within an hour or so, I'm going to send out all the links. So you got those ready to go. Even if you got the email you're registered, you'll probably see another email from me just to make sure you're good to go. Um, and you have those links ready for day two and day three. And if you're a brand new member official welcome in, I was just checking the low emails that I want to turn off my video and we've had over 30 people signing up and, uh, it looks really good that you're a part of, you're going to really enjoy everything. It's going to be awesome. Welcome to the family. We've got an awesome manifestation family. You're going to find a lot of accountability. You can find a lot of support, a lot of encouragement, a lot of goodness.

And it's just going to be really, really awesome for you over the next couple of days. I can't wait to be with you over the next two days as well. And it's going to be really fun. It's going to be a great time as well. And we're going to really kick things into high gear tomorrow just with the actions and the examples that we are going through. So that's really, really good. Um, see a lot of you are good to go. I know a couple of you mentioned reactivating. Yes. Merissa if you, um, need to reactivate your membership site, because I think that your card expired or whatever it was, uh, definitely go ahead and do that right away. So you get access to everything as well. All right. Okay. Let's go into some of this, uh, those last little part here for the exercise as well. Hope everyone's ready for day number two and day. Number three, if you are ready, throw a number nine into the chat box as well. Then we'll finalize today for the actual last advanced exercise. So you can apply between now and tomorrow.

So you are ready for day two and day three. You're signed up. You are a member, whether existing member, a brand new member, again, welcome to all the new members. I'm totally looking forward to working with you closely. We do these special events every month, too. That's kind of a bonus. Last one. So it, a five day challenge in January, 2020, I did a two hour long Q and a helping everyone. Anybody could submit questions. We went through people's businesses questions, and I record everything. So they, one was recorded today, day two and day three will be recorded and they're put right into our bonus content modules as bonus number 11, 12, and 13. That's going to be uploaded by Friday of this week. So you can use this forever. I have something really, really cool plan for you in April as well for any members in the program.

Uh, it's going to really take your money to the next level. So we covered money in February. We covered a customer consciousness this week in month of March in April, we're going to be covering a lot of money consciousness. It's going to be good. Okay. So I got that already planned out for you as well. I'm super excited for what I can bring to the table for you. Uh, so you can start to manifest a lot more money and a lot more big money, a lot more flow with monetary gain, abundance, prosperity, alignment, all that good stuff in April. So I mean members and all of you that just joined in, you have that already gifted to you each and every month I try and give you everything you could possibly need. It's only 50 bucks a month. I told you it's like, unlike any other program, most times you have to spend 9 97, 990 $7 to get stuff like this.

Or you had to spend like a two K or six K or 20 K or whatever it is. Uh, I just want to make it accessible to you and just, I want you to kick. I want you to do really well. And I know you can, uh, see a potential in a lot of you. Some of you don't know just yet, but you've just joined into the membership site. I'll get to know you and I can't wait to, uh, to really do so, especially over the next two days. All right. Um, tomorrow just remember we started at 3:00 PM Eastern sharp today. We started at like 3 0 1, uh, just because of the music, but we'll be right at 3:00 PM tomorrow. We'll be good to go. It's your story. Like I said, it's only like 10 slides because it's not all, I'm not trying to give you a ton of content today.

We needed this. We needed to do what we did today. So you can get into the inspiration. We can break down paradigms. We can have reprogramming, we can have the awareness that we don't need to read more books, YouTube videos, all that good stuff. We just really need to apply. We need to walk the walk. That's what tomorrow's going to be all about. So again, tomorrow is going to be right to the point, right, with examples, right. With techniques, all that good stuff right away. All right. We, um, are done there. So, um, if you could see me full screen, just let me know. And I'm, we're going to go through the last part of the advanced exercise for today. We're only going to be about 10 more minutes. So if you can stick around just for a little bit longer, that would be really, really good. Um, it will certainly help you so you can apply something right after this as well. And again, some of you, I saw somebody wanted the link again, if you need that link it's right there. In fact, I may just put that back into, um, the, uh, portal. Just give me one moment. I will make sure that you have that link as well, and make sure if the one doesn't you have this one at the very least.

Okay. You said, um, once a PDF coming out for tomorrow, Katie, I see Katie, I could see you on here. Um, PDF for tomorrow is going to be sent tomorrow, late morning, early afternoon, kind of like today was so it could be at least a couple of hours, so you can have time to print it. If you're going to print there or, you know, whatever it is, look it over. Um, but it's just going to be just prior to tomorrow. And on Thursday I might combine them both. I might separate it, uh, but it's all done and ready to rock and roll basically. But Thursday, I I'm guessing day three. It's, it's going to be the same way that I'm going to actually send that out a couple hours before day three starts as well. Okay. So you'll have those PDFs ready to go and, um, I'll make sure those are emailed out to you as well. So you have that attachment as well, um, in that place. So I'll make sure you are good to go with that. Okay. So if anybody's looking for any of the PDFs, that will be good to go.

Um, Mary said some, both. Okay. Yeah, I could send both. So you can go somewhere and get it printed. Uh, there's probably ups still open and post office and aloud. There's a lot of closings, you know, kind of going out with this world house challenge stuff going on, but, uh, definitely should, uh, find them. He said, FedEx printing. Perfect. Cool. So I will, uh, create both of those or I'll have those ready for you rather. Um, so that you can have both of those good to go. Uh, TJ said it's according a day, one going to be up in the member's area. Absolutely. Um, I'm going to have this recording up as soon as possible. It takes zoom some time to process, and there's a lot of people on zoom, especially because a lot of people can't in person during the sweat world health challenge.

So it's been taking a little longer to process, but hopefully by late tonight, I'll have this recording ready to go have my team, upload it into the portal and everything. So everything will be ready to rock and they'll send this out as well. For sure. So, uh, that'll be good to go. All right, again, um, go ahead and make sure that you've, uh, uh, just signed up, uh, don't forget that and make sure you join in. I get, I wouldn't wait until like tomorrow morning because you you're going to want those zoom links because the zoom links are going to close, um, as well by probably 10:00 AM. I think it's set for tomorrow morning, somewhere around there. I don't know exactly when it is. Uh, but you're just going to make sure you're registered prior to, um, so go ahead and make sure you're good to go with them.

All right. Let's go through the advanced exercise. Um, before we end the, uh, master class today, I'm going to share my whiteboard really quick. So if you could see my whiteboard, just let me know, give me a quick, uh, maybe let's go back to number one, uh, in the chat box. If you could see a whiteboard as well, and we'll go ahead and jump right into this as well. So throw a number one into the chat box and we'll be good to go. Okay. I see a number one, number one. Great. Okay, awesome. All right. So the first advanced exercise here is I truly want you to think of what this imagination is. So we are going within to imagination and you will repeat within, I am so thankful for my ideal new ideal customers.

Okay. So you're going to fill in the blank there. I put a little blank space. You're going to fill in the number. Cause everyone's number is going to be a little bit different, according to what you worked on a little bit earlier, but if you want five clients by Friday, if you want five customers by Friday, you want one, you want 10, whatever it is you're going to fill in that number in the blank space provided. So go ahead and write this down. We're going to go within imagination. I'll explain more about what this is. If you're one of my clients already, we've done similar things like this before. Um, we we've experienced this together. If you're not yet, or you just joined in that's okay. Uh, you're going to really understand what this is as I explain more about it. But the advanced exercise is very, very dynamite and it's going to bridge the gap between now and tomorrow, something to give you to do.

So we're going within to imagination, you know, pre within, not without, so not an affirmation. I'm so thankful for my 10 new ideal customers, my two new ideal clients, whatever it is, again, fill in the blank with your own number that you want to join in. Okay. So give me a number two. Once you've gotten that Ren, I don't want to go too fast for you again, this is kind of, I'm going to be slowing down the pace dramatically tomorrow and Thursday, and it's going to help us really absorb the content, be together in the content. Uh, earlier there's just a lot to cover on one day. Again, if we did it all in one day, we'd have like a nine, 10 hour masterclass. We don't want that. Uh, most of us can, won't be in focus mode anymore and I'll have to go to the bathroom like three times and I want to eat and get some water and everything.

So let's not do that. Let's split it up a little bit. Okay. Uh, but definitely once you have that in and good to go, just let me know into the chat box there. So go ahead and throw that in. There looks like we have to come up to students twos. Great. Excellent. Awesome. Okay. As we're going through this, basically what you're going to do is you're going to go within, so try this with me. Now, you're going to close your eyes. So go ahead and close them. And you're going to see on the screen of your imagination, the words I am so thankful for my 10 new ideal customers. I'm so thankful for my 10 new ideal customers or five or one. Again, you're going to say it within now without you're not going to say it out loud. You're going to say it in your own thoughts.

It's almost like saying it within your own head, your own thoughts. I am so thankful for my five new ideal customers while your eyes are closed. Keep thinking that I want you to think this over and over and over. I am so thankful for my five new ideal customers. It's you saying it with them? Closing your eyes? I am so thankful for my five new ideal new customers. I am so thankful for my five new ideal customers and keep saying that over and over. I'm so grateful. I'm so thankful for this. Okay. So go ahead and do that. Now.

I'm so grateful for my five new ideal customer. Keep saying it. Keeping her eyes closed, stay calm and stay good. I am so grateful for my five new ideal customers. Fill in the blank one. Yeah. Now I'm going to put on some music in the background. I only keep saying the same phrase, keeping your eyes closed. I'm going to pronounce a, some manifestation music in the background. That's going to really start to fire you up. I'm going to mute myself because it's to play through my speakers and I want it to echo. Okay. But I'll still be here. And on the other side, again, just keep saying this over and over. We're going to do it for 30 seconds. That's it. 30 seconds are going to keep saying this phrase over and over and over within. Okay. Let's go ahead. I'm going to turn on the music now.

Okay? Come on back. Okay. So you can open your eyes up. Then we'll be back in the space. That's what it means to flip on the frequency. A lot of teachers and coaches will say, you got to think and feel and act on the frequency that you desire in that space. Okay? That's what it's all about. And I see even some of you already chime in here, mercy, you said, wow, feeling it. Brian said, you're about to cry. That's how powerful tomorrow and Thursday are going to be. And we're going to do a full hour to an hour and a half on that. As you can tell, it's inevitable, you're going to manifest a lot more clients and customers by Friday. That's it feeling is your vibration feeling equals vibration. Feeling comes before a manifestation. That's how you do it. The music will help stimulate.

And I got the exact music you need to manifest anything you want to. It's really important that we get into the feeling of what we want. There's a great little tool that I like to explore just sometimes as we can see how much time is up here and we can see how much time is going down here as this hourglass starts to move. Okay. But if you had, I'm going to put like your phone in front of it. If you didn't know how much time was left and he just lived in the now, we really want to make today, the vibration that we want, you don't know how much time is left in this hour glass. If we can't see the future. Okay? So with the key to that, this is a really understanding. Manifestation happens in the moment it happens when this passes into this.

So basically your time left over into this side of the glass. It's this little middle school moment in the middle of the glass there. This is where manifestation happens. It happens in the now you've got to live right now in that feeling. Some of you are feeling like you want to cry. You're feeling it. You're feeling elated. You're feeling aligned, whatever you want to call that you can even call up your big Abraham Hicks. Fan your inner being. He call it source. You could call it. University could call it God, whatever it is, but it happens here. Most of us are living down here. We're living in the future. We're trying to figure out how it's going to come. We're trying to figure we're living elsewhere. We're not living now. We're living down here. And some of us are living in the past. Some of us are looking through the past to let us dictate.

What's possible for us today. That's called limitation. It's called self-imposed limitation in this. We must live in the middle here. We must live now because in your higher side, as we already discussed today, all things physical and throughout time past present, and future are possible. Now not here physically, but in your imagination, your higher side, that's where we're going to be working tomorrow. We're going to start working on the workshop of your minds. We're going to start working on your workshop of how do I get to that place in consciousness before it happens. And this is part of it. Okay. Um, that music is really, really key and stimulating the right vibration for the right manifestation this week. Okay. It's really good. We're going to do one more final thing. I encourage everyone to say I'm in a sales soar over and over and over.

I am in a sales soar. I'm in a sales sor I'm in a sales soar. I'm in a sales soar. Okay, go ahead and keep saying that I'm going to put the music on for 30 more seconds. It's kind of at the part where it's going to start to amplify up any emotion. So go ahead and do it right now. I am in a sales soar. I'm going again, trough my video. Uh, it's just so there's no echo or anything with the mic and we'll come back all together. Keep with us, try this out. It will make all the difference in you actually manifesting and attract and come on back when you're ready, what we're about to do tomorrow and Thursday, it's going to be some of the most life-changing examples and exercises. And you just saw a brief description of what we're going to be going through.

Now, a lot of you are matching. Even you feeling it in your heart shock or you're feeling in all the right places. This is that, but you got to come tomorrow and Thursday gotta be there. You gotta do whatever it takes to be there because today was just the beginning. It's like, if you want to climb Mount Everest, you really want to get to the top. But you went to base camp. That's where we're at right now. We have to go to our next base camp. Even if it's uncomfortable, even though it's kind of going through some fears and we're going to do some things tomorrow, that might make you a little uncomfortable. That's okay. You might cry. You might feel emotional if you, if you do some, sometimes you don't. That's okay. There's no right or wrong way. But tomorrow and Thursday is going to bring you to a level.

That's where we want to get to. It's going to be really easy. It's going to be simple. It's going to be so much fun. You're going to feel good. Okay. Be there tomorrow. I'll be there Thursday. Don't miss out on this. Do whatever it takes to be there. Yes, it's recorded, but it's better to be there. Live. It's better to be in the field of consciousness that we're doing, whatever it takes, you know, worst case scenario to watch the recording. That's okay. I have it recorded, but try to do your very best to be there in spirit tomorrow and Thursday, at the exact time we're going through this, it's going to be totally about the exercises and the improvement of your consciousness was just going to become a magnifying state for your customers and clients that you want. By Friday, this month, April, all the rest of 2020, you're going to experience something.

I promise you. You've never experienced from any other coach personal development program, YouTube video. It is. We're going to give you the answers and that's what this is all about. That's why I love what I do here, because I want to, I want to show an experience. Something that I've been able to experience in my life. Okay? It's going to work for you. Okay? Believe it. Except the idea that you're a magnificent being, you got so much good in you. It's time to fulfill that potential. It's time for your time to shine. It's not a time to struggle. It's not a time to say all of these challenges going on around you. It's time for you to thrive in time for you to go to the next level. All right, I'll see you there tomorrow and Thursday. Again, we started at 3:00 PM Eastern. And again, if you still need to join in the membership site, I think most of you already joined in.

We have over 65 people that have joined. So you're good to go and ready to rock. Um, but if you have not joined in yet, don't overthink this. Go for it. It's 50 bucks per month. It's not a big deal. It's not a big jump. You're not spending, you know, eight grand right now or anything like that. Just get involved to be with us tomorrow on Thursday, except the calling. If you feel it, let's rock this together. I'm here along the journey with you. All right, sending a light and blessings to all of you. I hope you really enjoyed today. Today was just day one of the magnificent three days. We're unfolding here as well. And as we unfold this your higher alignment's going to come bigger and bigger than ever. You're going to really start to see some quantum leap results moving forward, sending a lot of love, a lot of goodness, a lot of joy stay healthy and perfect. During this time stay aligned. I'll see you tomorrow at 3:00 PM, Eastern as well.

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