Manifesting Money & Clients FAST & EASY - Open The Channels [Steps #4 and #5] - Part 5 / 6
Written by Scott Haug on September 8th, 2021
Manifesting Money & Clients FAST & EASY - Open The Channels [Steps #4 and #5] - Part 5 / 6

Once you open up the energetic channels from within, manifesting money & clients will always be FAST & EASY!

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Full Transcript

One of the greatest things to multiply your business, success, your money manifestations in your client, manifestations is opening channels. Now, what does that even mean? Is opening channels for clients, customers, and sales to come to you? That's essentially what all marketing is, whether organic on the free side or paid marketing opening channels to provide service, to have clients come to you in our, you know, business or job or whatever it is that you're doing right now. And part five of our six part series here, we're going to be starting to open the channels, the flood gates for the universe to deliver so much good to you. A lot more money, a lot more clients, a lot more customers, and a lot more sales into your business or for your full-time job, increasing your salary, increasing yourself with a bonus, whatever it is, even if it sounds impossible right now, part five or six part series here is going to provide you steps.

Number four, number five of our five steps and manifesting everything you intend. Okay. So definitely make sure you've watched video 1, 2, 3, and four so far in a part six, six part series here. This is video number five. And as you do, so we're going to be putting out video number six very soon as well, just binge watch them all, all of them chain linked together. Each one takes a step up a staircase and to get the entire information on how to manifest everything you could ever want and involving success and accomplishment and all the good that you desire. Make sure you're subscribed to the channel to make sure you're notified when we send out other great series like this as well, let's do it. Let's jump into part five or six part series here. You are going to be blown away by what this really means. Opening up the channels to you. As we discuss it,

Opening up the channels for clients to find you, which is really all about energy work, opening up your channels so that people can come to you effortlessly with a lot more ease, a lot more effortlessness and how that's going to move forward. Okay. So number one, number two, number three, and number four, we've covered so far, and this is all a complete sequence that we're going to be applying over the next two days as well. So give me a quick, a number five, if you're ready to rock into this. Okay. Number five, coming up number five. Great, great, great to see a number six, six coming up as well. Try and throw a number five if you can, if you're ready to rock into this. Okay. Good. All right. Let's keep rocking here. So Earl Nightingale, Dean of personal development, your rewards will be determined by the extent of your contribution.

That is your service to others. Success is in direct proportion to your service. So basically we're going to be partnering up our energy work, our alignment work with this actual service and what that's going to come from as well. So as we move forward, we want to open up the energetic channels now for customers to find you. And that's essentially what marketing does in every single business in the world. They start to open up the channels. Now we're going to represent those couple of words at the bottom. There just it's you. And we're going to that once you're in alignment, once you're in that place, it's what Abraham Hicks calls inspired ideas. It's what Bob Proctor calls intuition. You're going to start to receive ideas on how to actually be of more service to your customers or clients, whatever idea that is as you implement idea.

Number one, idea, number two, number three, number four, number five, you're going to start opening up the pipeline. You're start to open up the energetic field for you to receive so much more good. And as you can tell, some of those pipelines will bring in a lot. Some of them are skinny, so we'll bring in just a little bit, whatever it is, you're going to start to find new customers, finding you by Friday through the ideas that you're actually manifesting forward and actually putting into action. Then one day you wake up and I serve as idea. Number two brings you a truckload of new customers in that is by Friday of this week that we're looking to do it. So you start to really manifest more and more clients coming towards you. And what this is, is opening up the fields using your intuition universe is showing you ideas every moment of every day.

If you're listening in and we're going to get really great at listening in on Wednesday and Thursday this week, when we actually go into the, how this is going, but I hope you see this, how and how important it is as you open up the energetic channels around, you're going to start to really move these ideas forward. So action is absolutely a part of the process. You hear this all the time where people says don't, you don't have to take action. You can send your couch. Absolutely. It comes from an aligned place though. So you have the right idea at the right time, or somebody calls you up and says, Hey John, Hey Bob, Hey Barbara, whatever it is. And they say, if you ever thought about this idea for your business, you say, I never even thought of that. And Bowman happens like the five day masterclass last month.

It wasn't even my idea. As somebody gave it to me, I'd even ask for it. Somebody called me up and said, Hey, why don't you do a five day master class for your clients? That's a great thing to do for your service up. A lot of people manifest money. I said, wow, that's such a brilliant idea. Let's put into action. So where you're going to receive ideas. And that comes from you being aligned first and following the core steps. And as you're aligned, things start to move forward at a very rapid pace and the channels you open, allow the university to deliver more customers and good to you. So you have to open up those channels. And that's why action is indeed part of this entire process. But it's from a place of alignment and inspired action, not just exhausted hard work, and we're going to go through those exact exercises on the house.

So those are short step there, but on a day, number three on Thursday, we're going to go through an exact marketing game plan as well, and how to open up those channels just a little bit more so you can manifest everything as well. All right, going into the final step here. This is very important is to keep staying tuned in. We have a lot more of good to cover. I'm going to cover an advanced exercise for you to cover from between now and tomorrow. So masterclass day two as well. Again, today is the unfoldment of your awareness, your awakening period. Then we're going in no story, no nothing. Tomorrow. Tomorrow is only like 10 slides long. We're just going to go. Here's extra. I'm number one, I'm going to keep my video on the whole time. Here's action item number here's number 3, 4, 5. Okay. Uh, but we definitely want to have this awakening awareness shift moving forward.

So if you're ready to go, let's go into number six. This will be a quick one that will go into our last concluding exercise, starting the exercise of actually the how to, and what that's going to look like for you. So we can start being in the vibration of what we truly want to attract. So really remember on this scale here, as we go, think about what tomorrow is going to bring, as well as the conclusion of today, we're going to start to really get into the goal. We're going to clearly define it. We're going to ask the universe for our, we're going to start flipping on that frequency. We're going to start to activate the desire and manifestation. We're going to get into feeling because feeling is that vibration. So we're going to start activating the possibility in imagination, or we call fourth dimensional space, bone number three, we're going to start living with those clients in your business.

Now, before they actually come number four, we're going to do some external work on the actual physical plane to open up those channels. That's what many people call marketing number five, we're going to start to use this ongoing manifestation system. A lot of you also, already involved with as well. So now, as, as you can tell from here, there's a lot going on, but it's all broken down. It's so simple five core aspects system. So we're going to be in the zone where you really are awakened to these five steps. Only in day two and day three of the masterclass is so important. It's really where the results are going to come into play. It's where things are going to really move for you so that you can start to get into how to tomorrow is going to be about an hour, hour and 15 minutes long.

So I based on that, Thursday is going to be about the same as well. Cause I'm going to do an extended Q and a. I'm going to do some Q and a as well today. Okay. So hopefully you got a bundle of notes. You've got all the core steps so far again, we're going to finalize a couple of things as well within advanced exercise. Um, I just want to make sure everyone's ready for day two and day three as well. We're going to start doing the links, make sure everyone's registered and good to go. So keep sticking with me here as we move forward. Okay. So after we apply everything together, it's going to become easy, simple, and fun steps. We're going to start to do these things. I'm going to send you that PDF by tomorrow morning and you're going to have all those action steps.

Once again, in very easy, simple, and bundled up fun type of atmosphere. And we have more to cover today. But before we do, let's make sure we're prepared for day number two tomorrow. So if you're manifestation accelerator member, and a lot of you are here now to links for day number two and day number three were already sent via email this morning. So go to your email now and make sure you're registered. Cause it's going to close out the zoom webinars. So go ahead and make sure registered. So if you need to open up another tab, stay here with me. Cause we got that advanced exercise to finalize as what we're going to conclude with today. It's very crucial that you start doing that tonight. So you can manifest 5, 10, 20, 30, more clients customers by Friday and that chunk of change as well, moving forward. Okay.

So if your manifestation accelerator client, make sure you go ahead and get those links right away and make sure that's good to go for you. That you're registered. If you're not yet a manifestation, excite or membership program member you'll want to join in right now to get access to day. Number two in day number three, the manifestation excited membership program is the exact system that's going to help you receive what you want. So in order to get access to day two tomorrow and day three, you're going to need to become a manifestation accelerator member. And that's great. This is a proven process in number five. That's why number five, one so quickly for the core aspect. After after tomorrow and Thursday, you need a system to keep this going so that you can start to manifest all the client's customers and all the money that you truly want during this time.

And things are going to really start to move forward very quickly. And that's where our manifestation accelerator is all about as we go through this as well. It's really, really good. So go ahead and go to this link right here. If you're not a part of the accelerator so far now go ahead and put that link right into the chat box there. Um, but everybody on the call here that is part of the, the actual accelerator so far, um, they'll give you the exact idea that, I mean, this will be the system to use right after we're done with Wednesday and Thursday as well. It's going to really blow you away with a lot of very unique, very in-depth content and all the people that you've been seeing that we've been showing screenshots from. They just apply this within 24 hours, you're going to earn a lot of money.

Uh, it happens to everybody and not always within 24 hours, but it's usually within seven days, you'll manifest an extra 200 bucks, 500 bucks. We've had people, uh, manifest an extra 6,500 bucks within the first seven days of being there. So this is going to be the system you're going to follow. It's kind of a plan for Friday. Onward is becoming involved with the membership site as well. And it's really pretty small, um, but very in-depth content that you're going through. So I put that link right in there. It's a Bitly link as well. Um, you should see it right there, Bitly manifest with ease. And if you're a member as well, uh, just go ahead and make sure you have links if you don't have them. For some reason. Uh, I see Donnie said, uh, you couldn't see the registration for tomorrow. If you're a member as well of the accelerator, I'm going to rescind the links after this as well.

Just so you got them for some reason, if you don't, I'm going to put those also, I can just go ahead and friends friend request me on Facebook. If you're not already a send me a message, I'll make sure you got those as well, but I'll, re-send the links out to you. So it really quick, if you're not a part of this manifestation accelerates a complete system and structure about what this actual program is and what our aim is to help you manifest anything in 14 days or less. So as we start applying all of day two and day three masterclass, again, it's only going to be exercises on day two and day three tomorrow and Thursday. The system's going to provide you a way on Friday onward as well to manifest anything you want. Step-by-step content that builds off of each other every week.

It's a complete manifestation system and we have about 50 plus hours in there of in-depth videos, worksheets, action items, exact answers, all that good stuff. And you can lock in anytime you'd like, and it's designed to change you your life, your business. And we have tons of bonus content as well, ready to go. So if five day challenge we did in February, if you're already a member, you know, it's in the bonus content there, you can actually do that next week. So you can do that five day challenge that you saw. All those people manifesting all that money. You could do that next week, Monday through Friday free. It's great during this time to thrive, especially if you're at home or you're in an online business, you can really start to use that to thrive and give you some direction as well after the masterclass, it's really something very different than most things.

Here's what it makes a difference. Number one is that proven process. So we spent many years putting this together as I was mentioning, you know, going from having that mattress on the ground to becoming one of the top coaches under Bob and with all these clients and different things as well. So this system's going to allow you to really start to be in that proven process manifest. So what you want to consistently, and I've really spent about 350,000 on my personal development seminars and ideas and everything that puts the system together. If, for Neville Goddard, fan Abraham Hicks, Napoleon hill, that's all incorporated in the membership site as well. And that's really good. Cause then it's been tested, uh, you know, that system over and over to really be in combination with Bob Proctor's work as well. So let's take a quick look inside. So I'm going to stop the screen share there really quick.

And I'm going to log login just so you can see this really quick. And as we go ahead and log in, you're going to get complete access to us as soon as tonight. So you can start this along with our day two and day number three exercises as well, moving forward. So I'm going to go ahead and share my screen just so you can see this. Uh, so you know exactly what you're going to get when you get involved here. Uh, so as you join in right during this, uh, manifestation, um, kind of day one, if you will, before we go into day number two and day number three, you're going to get this complete set up here. So if the welcome video and then you have each content module is going to be unlocked for you. It's all chain linked together. So as you can tell here, one a this magnificent world, you get a content video, that's all visual work.

Okay. As you can tell right there, as I'm scrolling, you're going to get the worksheets, the pinups, all the ideas and the plans on helping you move forward. So this is a huge thing to use as you move forward. Then in seven days, you're going to get the next one is chain linked together. Like you actually get this entire process. Step number two, you're going to get like, what do we do now on next week? What do we do now in the first week of April? What are we doing the second week of April? Literally, it's going to bridge together every single step of the way through this phase two, as you get into that, as well as all about money, money, magnifier, money, intensifier big money flow ideas from source, all that good stuff, as well as when you get into the membership site as well, you have access to all the materials here as well.

Private trainings from Bob Proctor himself, as well as five day challenge. They can start again next week after our masterclass complete this week as well. And all of this is hour long. Coaching calls, some are 40 minutes long, but you have the PDFs, you have the action items, everything to help you manifest that thousand hours or more next week as well. So basically you're going to have systems and everything from here and it's going to be really great. And I guessing you would agree if you had systems to use, even after three days are up this week, you're going to really kick butt. You're gonna really make some things happen. So all of this is incorporated with our membership site there, which is really, really great. You also get a community as well. And that's really important that you realize that you get a lot of help from me.

Uh, you can post questions, things into the Facebook group. Here's some more of what some people are doing in our membership site. And it's really pretty crazy. Uh, John right here earned 10 grant, uh, and it was in one weekend just from following what we do in the membership site. Margaret's, uh, you had manifested your dream job and that was huge. Came pretty effortlessly as well. We had Archer Ana as well and manifest that thousand dollars through our challenge. $2,500 shuts this morning from Chad. That was a couple of weeks ago during our five day challenge as well, which is really great. That's a big chunk of change just to come out of nowhere, as well as clients and customers coming in for Ryan during our challenge as well. Again, you're going to be able to do this as well. So as you get into the membership site, you're going to get the bonus of having the membership site and getting the program and everything like that.

Then you have day two and day three links. I'm going to send you, it's an automatic email, so you can go ahead and just make sure you're registered for tomorrow as well. And we'll start to really kick butt for tomorrow. And you're going to achieve more in three to four weeks. And most people have the 10 years it's happening. A lot of you are in our manifestation Facebook group, and we have posts every day of people just manifesting more money than they have in the last 10 years of their career. And pretty much everyone I've ever worked with because the process that we talked about here, just a science, it's a manifestation. It's going to work for you. It's going to work for your next door neighbor. If they say it's going to work for me, as long as you follow the process, follow the action steps in that membership site as well.

It's a very different format, uh, than most things as well. And things really are provided to you in PDFs and bonus content. And I'm going to be active with you. So it's important after three days here, they also get some personal guidance and personal mentorship from myself as well. So in the Facebook group, I may be able to chime in with you and answer questions. I get to everyone's questions as best I can. It's usually within 24 hours that get back to your question and provide you guidance, providing you support. That's going to give you something, a system to work on after the three-day masterclass. So we're going to get access to day two and day three. Then you have a system to use forever from here and you can always unsubscribe stay subscribed. That's going to be your choice. That's why I made it a membership site, tried to make it as easy as I possibly could.

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