Use THIS to Increase Your VIBRATION to Attract Money & Clients [Step #3] - Part 4 / 6
Written by Scott Haug on September 6th, 2021
Use THIS to Increase Your VIBRATION to Attract Money & Clients [Step #3] - Part 4 / 6

Nikola Tesla knew what he was doing by using energy vibration in all of his inventions! 

This Step #3 with help you increase your vibration to attract money & clients effortlessly!

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Full Transcript

You use this in order to increase your vibration around money, clients, sales, success, and everything. Hey Scott Haug here with the manifestation accelerator, where manifestations and results are made easy in today's video, it's part four of our six part series. Hopefully you've already watched part one part two and part three in this video series. If you haven't already watch video four here and then jump back and circle back to one, two and three, as you do. So you're going to get this complete series. And I mean, this is the six part series of all series you're ever going to find on YouTube, allowing you to manifest a lot more clients, sales and customers, and literally the exact, how to directions of what to do and how to do it. Okay. This is really going to be a miraculous shift in your life, whether you're in a great business that you're doing full time, whether you're doing a part-time business or even if you're in a full-time job of some sort, and you're ready to transition in a business, or just to get a new job or more salary going, this will help you immensely.

Make sure you're subscribed to a channel. Also click the bell icon. So you're notified when we send out the other parts in this six part series that we have here, make sure it's all like on the video as well. It's going to send out to a lot more people as you do so, and together we can raise the consciousness of this planet. Let's jump into part four here. You're going to absolutely love it. It's step number three in our five steps to manifesting everything you have ever intended and desire around success and accomplishment. Let's go ahead and jump into a right now.

So if you're ready to go into number three, develop and maintain a client position consciousness, give me a number five into a chat box. If you're ready to rock and roll so far. So basically we've been moving things along. We've been moving the things along in this five step process so far, and to what we've gone through so far is number one, we're starting to find what we want. We have to have a clear consciousness have been, uh, order is heaven's first law. So we start to really get into an ordered space. Number two, we start to activate that desire. We went through the process of what that is activating the possibility. Now we're getting into developing, maintaining a client possession consciousness. So again, if you're ready to rock and roll, let's go into a number five. So by the end of this masterclass, you'll have the entire game plan awareness shift and everything.

And then tomorrow we're going to start with step one and step two, to apply that we're going to go into step number three and apply that. Then at Thursday, Friday, we're going to go really into some advanced key exercises on actually magnetizing yourself two, four, and five of the process as well. So if we're ready to rock and roll, give me a number five. I see lots of fives come through. That's perfect. Just going to get a drink of water here. Okay, great. So going into this, so a lot of you have heard this quote before from Tesla. Okay. Tesla is a famous scientist, almost like an Einstein, if you will. Um, but go ahead. And so let's read this all together. If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration, this was from a scientist.

That's huge to remember a lot of times people will say this is woo-woo metaphysical stuff or whatever it is. The, the best scientists in the world all agree that this world is energy. You just can't see it. It's like the sun giving you a sunburn, right? You can't see the radiation coming from the sun. That's going to burn your skin. You see the effect that how about electricity? You can see the effect of electricity and a light bulb and moving parts in, in a, if you turn on a fan using the electricity, can you see the electricity? Not exactly. Lightening is a form of the clash of an energy, but it's not just seeing electricity. Can't see it in the invisible. If you look at your wall, ally, do you see electricity? You'll see it. You see the manifestation of electricity, water boiling. If you heat it up, heating is changing the energy of the water. You change the energy of the water. It goes into the steam and evaporates and you can't see it anymore. There's so much that's going on in the invisible. Same thing goes with manifestation, the clients and customers you want to manifest by Friday, you're already connected to them. Energetically that might give you goosebumps, that clients and customers you want to manifest. And we're going to manifest by Friday. You're already energetically connect, acted to them.

Sometimes it gives me, I could just feel it right now. The goosebumps kind of the energy. It goes through my body. You want to talk about that's where the idea in quote comes, whatever you're seeking is seeking you. Look, you gotta be on the wavelength of those people. If you're saying I'm in a sales slump, you're off the wavelength. You're not connected to those customers, but it's like, you're looking left and the customer is over on the right. If you're saying I'm in a sales slump, I keep going this way. The customers over here, if I say, I'm going to sail, soar, I match with frequency of pulling those people towards me that I'm already connected to. And that's when it happens. I'm going to go through a visual of what I'm talking about here. As we go through, these are levels of vibration. So in our energy based world, there's vibrates.

There's an infinite amount of vibration or what we call levels of vibration are frequencies. We're all things. Thoughts on most of our S our thinking thoughts on this lower frequency. And it's in this alignment with our goal. We want the objective of manifesting a certain amount of clients by Friday. That's the goal. That's the gold star, but most of us are not thinking there. We're thinking, according to the physical, as we've already talked about today, it's a completely off or disaligned from the good that we desire. We're thinking on the wrong level. We want to go there with the number of customers. We want to manifest all of these customers. But again, we keep going sideways. People want to go there, but they're thinking and feeling acting from here. They're thinking about, I only have 10 customers. How's it going to happen? If I want 10 customers to manifest by Friday, this is a common one.

How's it going to happen, Scott? Where are those people going to come from? I don't know how that's going to happen. They're thinking about this frequency. That's where we say faith to induce faith. We have to believe, instead of thinking, this is a great thing to write down, instead of thinking about how, think about why, if you're in a self-imposed trap, thinking about how's it going to come? How's it going to come? How's it going to come change the direction of your thought to why do I want it to come? It's a great thing to write down and say one more time. This could change your life during the course of this week, even though that sounds cliche sounds generalized. Instead of thinking about how it's going to come to you, start thinking about why you want it to come to you. You want freedom.

You want to help more people. You want to fulfill your potential. So you want to increase your income. I want to provide better for your family and yourself. You want to express your message and legacy with the work world, immediate shift from fear and doubt over to complete faith. Not how well, why. Okay? Sure. Very important techniques that we're going through. I'm going to show you as we go throughout this vibration, what that's going to change. We start thinking on the frequency above. If we start thinking about why we want it, what it's going to do for us, we're starting to think on the level of our goal. We're starting to think of it as a real reality. Why do I want it? I'm living in the why right now, I'm starting to think and feel from that place. If we're thinking about how I'm thinking about, I can't see how it's going to come.

Well, where's it going to come? Guess what? Angie, I'm sending out. It's not here. I don't know where it is. Uh, this feels frustrating, right? That's that's at the bottom there at the very top though. I say, why do I want it? I get my mind off doubt. And I put my mind into faith. I put my mind into an energy field. That's going to allow me to magnify my vibrational level to match the desired result. And I must think and feel an act from this level in imagination before things change. And I also put this as a visual in your PDF as well. So go ahead and take some notes in step number three, there in your PDF. You'll see this visual as well. So you can take this for your notes. And I encourage you to write this down feeling is your conscious awareness of the vibration you are in.

It's a very huge, important idea that can really change everything with your understanding. Okay? That's why we shift from how to, why, how you feel today around money and business is going to dictate what you're going to manifest. If you're business, it's frustrating, your inner vibration, it's your awareness. You're in the vibration. That's wrong. That's in that lower one. You can't manifest from there. It just won't happen. Okay? We can want things, but we just won't manifest. If I'm feeling ease, I give myself reasons of Phillies. By the way, I'm going to go through a very deep process on how to do this tomorrow. Like, how do I feel ease when I'm in struggle? How do I feel good when I'm in stuckness? If you will, we're going to go through that. But if I can find any reason to feel ease around client manifestation, I'm in the vibration to guess what manifests, ease of client attraction.

Very great stuff. I'll give you this slide just for a moment here, take a picture, write down in words, whatever it is, feeling equals vibration. Very important feeling equals vibration. That will kind of be in simple terms. If you want to, you know, do a little, a couple of words instead of writing this full thing out, feeling equals vibration. Okay? Next one here also vibration precedes to manifestation. I have to be in that vibration before I can manifest the thing. Vibration comes before I can manifest it. Doesn't come after most people hear them all the time. Once I win the lottery, I'll be happy. I'll feel good around money. Once I have 2 million in the savings account, I'll feel good around business. I'll feel successful. When I manifest the clients I'll feel accomplished when blank I'll do this when blank. That's why it never happens.

That's why some people stay stuck for one year, 10 years. I've talked to some people that have been stunning in this personal development information for over 20 years. And they don't have more than a thousand dollars in their savings account. Why, how has this, how has that happened? Because they're not becoming it. They're thinking according to what is real today, the major difference here is we've got to really, truly believe this. We've got to say I have to be in the vibration before it happens. I need to find ways to feel, feel success before it happens. Physically, you need to find reasons to feel that climate attractions easy before it actually happens physically, then you cause the activation of that moving forward. So again, one more time here is let's go back is feeling equals vibration. And if I break it in preseason manifestation, that therefore means feeling comes before I can manifest.

I got to feel happy before things change. I got to feel it's easy before things change. Now I know most people always tell me right away that Scott, you don't understand how hard it is. Again. I do understand that's why tomorrow. We're going to go through how and what are some simple, easy, and fun techniques that will allow you to feel good before things change. We're going to go through an entire whole half hour on that tomorrow, and we're going to do it together. So you're going to start to feel good. I'm going to help you do this. Not going to keep you hanging after today. I'm going to really zone in with you. I'm going to become aligned with you so you can really magnify it. This is everything. These answers here. I hope you're getting goosebumps or feeling aligned, whatever it is, fire going through your body.

These are the missing links. Again. If you could just put all the books away just for maybe for two weeks, you could put all the YouTube videos, just shut it off. Just for a moment. All of the audio books, all the notifications, all this stuff, social media and all this stuff. If you could just apply some of this for the next 14, 18 days, you'll have more money to come in and more business success than you could ever possibly imagined today, but it's not talking the talk it's wow. Walking the walk and it's actually being in that vibration. And again, we give you the exact stuff to do it, and we're going to do that tomorrow and Thursday together. So it's really good. Okay. So as you're taking notes here, we must live in the consciousness of already being in possession of the customers. We desire.

And again, day number two and day number three, we're going to do these exercises together. So I hope this is making sense or bridging all of this together. Again, these ideas, people pay me 20 grand for just to help them do what we're about to do this week. Uh, this is very, very high level elite, uh, content simplifying and put into an easy to understand manner. I really want you to understand this stuff will change everything as long as we do it. If you attend day two and day three, as long as we're there to gather, and we're aligned to new finish out today, you really live this in awareness. You have the awakening and day one day. One's about awakening. It's about awareness. It's about saying, oh my goodness, I got it. I got it. I got it. I got it. Then once you got it, then day two and day three is how I know a lot of people, including myself.

I always wanted how, I just want to say, stop doing all this stuff. Just give me the technique. Now, the only, the only why, why the reason why we're not doing it now is we have to really get that. So we have to be in that place. And that says, I'm awakened to the ideas. Then I can actually do the techniques from there are also techniques, still work as shown by a lot of people doing affirmations. Some are winning, some are losing why? Because they don't got it just yet. And really understanding that feeling is the key. All right. So I hope this make sense to you. Let's keep cruising along here. We've got a very, very important one coming up next. So if you're ready to rock and roll, let's put a number five into the chat box there as well.

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