Do THIS and You Will Manifest An ABUNDANCE of Money & Clients [Step #2] - Part 3 / 6
Written by Scott Haug on September 3rd, 2021
Do THIS and You Will Manifest An ABUNDANCE of Money & Clients [Step #2] - Part 3 / 6

Once you have heard Step #1 in Part 2 video then you will want to hear this Step #2! These are all connected to help you increase your manifestations in your business.

Watch this video all the way to the end and you will manifest an Abundance of money & clients!

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Full Transcript

Abundance is your birthright. You look around to me, you look behind me, you see the vast ocean behind me. This earth that we live on, this physical plane is all abundant. You're looking at an apple tree. How many apples is an apple tree grow as many as possible, right? You don't see it lacking. You don't see just one apple on a tree. And most likely you're going to see many apples on a tree because it can fulfill abundance nonstop. If you look at around us in different areas, and there's an abundance of oxygen, there's an abundance of clouds and abundance of rain and abundance all over nature has an abundance principle. And that goes for you and I as well, because we are energetic beings living in this energetic universe. There's a couple of things that you could do right now in part three of our six part series to attract in a lot more abundance of clients, sales and money into your business.

If you have one, or if you're just in a full-time job or a career of some sort, these techniques and these manifestation methods will help you out as well, knowing that you can attract bonuses, you can attract salary increase, even when it seems impossible with your current scenario and opportunity, it's all about becoming better in oneself, becoming a greater version of you, increasing your skill and ultimately increasing your energy to manifest a lot more into your life. This is step number two in our five step process here of manifesting what you want. Step number two is activating what you want and you're going to absolutely find a profound shift in transformation going through the five steps we have here. Okay. Again, this is part three in our six part series here of manifesting clients, sales customers, everything you could ever want success wise. So make sure you go back to video part one and two to make sure you get the complete series as well as we put out the other three parts after today's video. Okay. Let's jump into a here in part three of our six part video series here and helping you manifest the level of success and accomplishment you are looking for. Let's do it. Number

Two. Do you want to fill this out in your PDF as well? Activating the desired manifestation, what that looks like? So we've got number one and then number two, there activate the desired manifestation. A great thing to write down is that word activate. It's a very different perception about what manifestation is and how you're actually going to get these new clients by Friday of this week. This is the most powerful process myself and my clients have ever put into practice. Okay. Now some of you have seen similar drawings like this before, if you are in any of my courses or have been to some of my masterclasses before that's okay, you're going to see in a different light today. And if you happened, I also actually took a screenshot of the final product. Put that in a PDF for you. You just want to fill in the blanks, influence some notes as we're going through this.

So basically this is going to represent you. I know it looks like a man, but you can do man or woman. It doesn't really matter. It's just a picture there physically. We see in three dimensions, we experienced life as yesterday, today and tomorrow, basically past present, future and imagination though, we could see four dimensions. We can see space and time now. So what does that mean? What are these little squares are popping up as well? Basically on the left-hand side, you can only see one possibility happening right now. That's like viewing my screen, viewing the screen here, that your screen that you see, uh, that I'm broadcasting over to. You can only see. Now you can only see what's in front of your eyes now, but if you can read the words on the right hand side, there in imagination, all possibilities exist right now.

I think about it. Think about yesterday. What did you have for lunch yesterday? You're thinking about it, but it's not happening right now. It's happening now. If you close your eyes and seeing memory, memory is happening now in your imagination, think about what you're going to maybe eat tomorrow for breakfast. That's a possibility that you're going to see tomorrow in your mind tomorrow. Isn't happening yet. We're still now physically. You're only seeing me right now in this moment on Tuesday, March 24th, 2020, right? But tomorrow is a real now possibility in your mind. So if you're thinking of tomorrow's breakfast and you're seeing in your mind, it's now in your mind, but it's not now physically help them make sense of, it sounds like a little tongue twister. You're going to begin to understand it. As I keep rolling through some of these slides here as well, many people are activating one thing that they want or don't want it right now, that screen, they can only see what's going on on the outside.

And that's making them again, think about what's going on in the inside. So they seen a green thing on the outside. What I mean by that as a current circumstance, say a sales are a little down sales or a low up whatever it is I see outside of themselves in their thinking. That's why it's green and green. Okay. They're thinking about what's going on outside. This masterclass is going to show you though, if I can start activating something different, that blue square, that's a possible realness for you. It's possible for you to earn an extra 10 grand by this Friday, whether you believe that or not, it's possible. I'm not saying it's going to happen. I'm not saying you're, we're going to win the lottery and everything's going to be so good after this. There's going to be parades marching down the street. Like how Eluvia you got your first seven figures or whatever, first six figures.

I'm not saying that's going to happen, but it's possible that you do attract a lot more clients by Friday. Following the guidance in these three days, it's possible. If you're a big brown fan, he talks about it all the time. The motivational speaker it's possible. Your dream is possible. Where is it possible in your imagination? That's blue. And if you get emotionally involved, that's activating. We're going to go through the steps on how to do that. You're going to start to see it actually happen. Physically. Now, most people are stuck in this. They see it. They don't want, they keep thinking about it. They're thinking matches current circumstance, green and green, but what we're learning here in the masterclass and what a lot of you have been used to in this personal development field is if you start thinking about something, you do want an activating that through emotions inside in your imagination, your wonderful imagination, that will start to change things to activate it coming in, physically you in control of you thinking yourself into your own desirable results.

If that makes sense, here's the five steps you're going to want to write down and we're going to go through this and apply it all together tomorrow and Thursday, this right here can help you earn more money this month. I know we don't have that many days left on March, 2020, and we only got about a week left. And then we're going into April. You can earn more money this month than you have all year so far using these five steps. I am not giving up a lot of details on every single one or else we'll have like an eight hour masterclass today. We're going to be zoning into that more and more tomorrow in some of your uses process so far, but you can always do it over and over and over. I've been doing it for years and studying it better and better every single day myself.

You're going to want to write down these five steps, take screenshot of this as well. Again, this right here is how some of my clients have earned 20 grand in a day while working with me. So some of my clients were only earning three to four grand a month. And then after working with me for awhile, earn 20 grand in one day using this process, it didn't happen in two days. I, again, I'm not telling you it's magic, but within 10, 11 months home, it happened 20 grand in a day. I mean, that's a gigantic change. Four grand every single month, 20 grand in one day, that person earns more in one day than they did in five months. One day, I'm not saying one month, I'm saying one day they turn their annual income into a daily income using this process. That's it. And I'm going to help you.

And I'm going to do this with you every day that we're here in the masterclass on Wednesday and Thursday together. It's going to be great. So you're going to start to really activate and unleash your potential within. So take a screenshot of this, write down the steps. This is it again. Remember when I mentioned I have, I stopped reading all the books I started. That's all I did was applied. This is how he's zoned into becoming a top 10 coach under Bob Proctor so quickly and so fast being in his inner circle five times in a row and attracting all these wonderful clients and customers. It was only because I do this every day, three times a day. That's all I do. I barely read anymore. I barely, I barely ever watch any YouTube videos. Occasionally I will listen into an audio cause I really love the voice of Jim Rowan and Abraham Hicks and various speakers.

I like it feels good to me. So occasionally I'll throw on, you know, quick audio to reminds me of their energies so I can be in their presence. Um, it's a very advanced level though, that I'm kind of going at with listening to her voice, but this is all I apply. And that's how you're going to earn and manifest everything you want to by Friday this week. So again, take a screenshot of this, write down as fast as you can. These ideas again, I'm going to show you more of this tomorrow and when our tour on Thursday, uh, today's just about getting some ideas, getting awareness again. If I put all this in one day on like how to do it, we'd be here for eight hours. It would be crazy how long would be here. So again, we're going to go through this deeper, but make sure you have this in your notes so far as well as we go through this. Okay.

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