How To Get Clients Using Law of Attraction [Step #1] - The Universe Will Deliver - Part 2 / 6
Written by Scott Haug on September 1st, 2021
How To Get Clients Using Law of Attraction [Step #1] - The Universe Will Deliver - Part 2 / 6

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Full Transcript

How to get clients going and to manifesting right now, the universe is delivering to you, whatever energy you are sending out, which is basically your intention. That's emotional realized, okay, whatever you're sending out to the universe, whether I can't get clients or I can't get money, or where's this so many in my life or whatever it is, if I'm constantly putting that energy out, the universe is impersonal. It's just actually matching energy. I'm sending out. But on the other side, if I could start to live in imagination, which myself and all my clients and customers do, and everyone here listening into this video, you want to focus now in your imagination saying, I have clients might be a physical lie, but that's a spiritual truth. You're going to start focusing on what you do want. So in today's video, it's part two of our six part series of a supercharging, your client and customer attraction manifestations into your life.

If you haven't watched part one, make sure you go over to the video link right above, and it's going to bring you to part one of our six part series here. Part two here is all about step number one in our five step manifestation process. Step number one is all about getting clear on what customers you want, getting clear on your desires and intentions, and then getting clear on how you want the universe to deliver to you. It's all about energy work. This video is going to make an immense difference in your success and levels of success in your career. Now this week, this month in this here, it's going to be a huge jump for you as you jump into this. Okay. Make sure you subscribe to the channel and also comment below once you watch day. Number one, if you're looking forward to day, number two here in our six part series, go ahead and make sure you comment below in the comments as well that you're excited. You're enthused. You're ready for this six part series. All of them to come out during the next couple of weeks here. Okay. So as we jump into part two here, okay. Be consciously aware of where your thoughts and intentions are. And we're going to start to really take this forward with step number one, let's jump into it right away. Slide

Here. So five core steps that we're going to be covering throughout the next three days and applying, but I'm going to go deeply with you throughout these five steps today. So number one is choosing a definite goal and clearly asking for it. Now that's very important to realize this is not goal setting and we're going after. Okay. A lot of people have seen that before. This is very, very distinctly different. You're actually literally going to go to a higher power, this universal side of you, and you are going to clearly get into the consciousness of asking for you. Want that ask believe, receive, if you will, number two, we're going to activate that desire. Manifestation. We're going to go through steps on how to activate number three. We want to start developing and maintaining a client possession consciousness. That's a very brand new topic. A lot of people who've never heard before, or actually even know what that is or how to apply it.

I got you covered. We're going to explain that whole thing as well, going through this number four, open the channels for clients to find you and number five, using an ongoing manifestation system. So go ahead and write down these five steps here. As we're going through, uh, into your notes, this will be great. So you can also take a screenshot or take your camera out on your phone. And also I take a picture of this as well, but these five core steps we're going to be going through in depth. And like I said, tomorrow and Thursday, each one of these steps, I'm going to do a set of exercises. So we're going to be together, actually activating what we want. We're going to be actually changing our consciousness. We're going to be applying the material. We're going to be walking the walk in where I can be just talking the talk.

We're going to actually do it together. And that's a really cool thing. So these five steps you want to take down into your notes just a little bit and start filling some of these things in as I express and explore this as we move forward. So go ahead and take a screenshot of this and fill this into your notes. Okay. As we go forward, if you missed anything, that's okay. I'm going to definitely cover this again. As we go through. So going into this many people are in chaos mode around their thoughts and feeling completely absorbed in today's challenge, especially in today's world house challenge, going on, a lot of people are there in thought and feeling and always looking for answers in the next book or YouTube video, but to get desirable results today. So you can start manifesting those customers this way of living.

Could it be further from the truth? The truth is we want to learn less, not more. It's all about applying the five core steps we just saw every day consistently, if you've ever wondered why some people are doing so great in life and most others are struggling all the time. Those people who are winning almost always are winning so easily. How, how are they doing it? We transcend our consciousness. That's what we're going to be doing throughout today. I'm going to help you transcend your consciousness. There's so many people struggling right now. I have to they're struggling because they think that the challenges of today, the world health challenge going on in different challenges in their wife, they're thinking only according to what they see outside of themselves. But today during our master class, I'm going to help you start taking possession of your or power it shifting and transcending your consciousness.

This is a very deep truth is run rampid throughout the entire idea of personal development, speakers, books, religions, you have to transcend your consciousness. It's not about learning more in books. Sound about learning more about the law of attraction or loves the universe or whatever it is. It's about transcending lifting, elevating your consciousness to meet the consciousness of your client and customer attraction. Now you may have no idea what I'm saying. You may have a lot of sense about what I'm saying here, but I'm going to show you how and what this means moving forward here. But this is a great thing to write in your notes. In fact, this is three and that little list of PDF action items. You want to go ahead and write this in. We transcend our consciousness. That's how you're going to get better results. Now through the other next book on your bookshelf, if you will, what does that mean?

Exactly? We live in imagination. What we want to experience physically today in the fourth dimensional side of us, it's called imagination for attracting many new customers. We must live now and imagination and invisible world full of those customers. We want to attract now. And years ago, I was my own worst enemy with this. I kept saying, I already know this stuff. I've already heard of law of attraction. I've already heard of manifestation personal development, but can never really truly see. They never became the material. I kept thinking in terms of what was physically real today, results-wise I kept saying, I'm going to sales slump. I'm attracting the wrong person. I kept talking about. I kept thinking about a cup, feeling it low sales, low-income low, desired manifestations. That's all I would think about is I'm not good enough yet. I'm not making it happen yet.

And that's all that was on my mind, which made me more frustrated, which has a lot of, you know, you send out an energy through emotion. It caused more undesirable manifestations to come and it was an endless loop. But then I broke the loop through using the five core aspects we're venturing into and it's going to be in the next two slides. We're going to start venturing into it. Okay. So basically I was in this endless loop. You might relate that you feel like you already know personally on development. You feel like, you know it, and sometimes we just don't do what we know. We just don't actually apply it. Good enough. We don't really get into alignment for me. It caused so much frustration in my life. I knew I had so much more financial potential. I knew I could be more successful. It was an endless loop of agitation and frustration until I started to only use these five core steps that we're about to go through.

Step one. Once I did that, everything started to change and the game change immensely very quickly immediately, if you will. So let's venture into the steps right now. So again, number one, choose a definite goal and clearly ask for it. So on your PDF there, you want to go, go ahead and fill in step number one, choose a definite goal and clearly ask for it. Now, as we go throughout the next coming slides, you're going to get some contents, some words, and I'm also going to visually show you every single step of the way, what we're going to be doing. Then again, tomorrow, we're going to take an action step of what we learned today and actually apply it so that you can become an attraction magnet for what you truly want. So let's jump right into step number one here of the five steps, choose a definite goal and clearly ask for it.

We want two things defined for this step. And this is a great thing to write down a, the exact number of customers you want written in present tense form. Most of you have heard this before. It's not a brain Buster. You will get some brain busters in step two, three, and four of this. But first and foremost, this is basically the fundamental of everything. It really want to be clear on how many customers you want. How many customers do you want by this Friday, March 27th, 2020. Do you want 1, 2, 3, 5, 10. Do you want 35? Do you want a hundred? You have to really ask yourself, what do I want? I have a lot of clients like I've coached clients for a long time. And some of my $20,000 clients that I have will say, I want a thousand customers Scott by Friday, but then I ask them, do you really want that?

Or do you want a hundred customers with time? Freedom? And they'll say actually, yeah, I kind of want only a hundred customers by Friday with time freedom. They don't really want a thousand because it feels overwhelming. It feels like, man, the thing that's on my mind is I want time, freedom. I want energy. I don't want to work 18 hours a day. Right? So they actually want a hundred customers. So I really want you to think today, especially as you kind of, what do you want if it's high ticket sales, you're in, maybe you only want one client by Friday because it's a lot to handle, but it's a $10,000 client. So a great thing to write down and start brainstorming. We're going to do this very in-depth together and asking the universe for these clients. But you really want to get clear on a, how many customers do I want by Friday of this week, I'm here to help you do it.

Okay? So stretch your mind, inspire yourself, encourage yourself to go for it. You know, go for a big number though. Don't go so big that you don't actually want it. Okay? You don't need a trillion dollars by Friday, but maybe you want an extra $20,000 by Friday that might do a great justice. So really seek within what's in your heart and to keep accountable, you can actually throw it into the chat box as well. If you'd like to, if you prefer, you don't have to, of course, let her be there. The exact ideal customer you want. A couple of my clients were asking, Hey, are we going to do this masterclass and manifest a lot of clients? Or can I also manifest who I want the quality client, right? Absolutely can manifest a quality client. They got to write down those qualities and characteristics of the ideal person you want.

Do you want an unhappy client? That's always complaining or do you want a very happy, grateful client? Do you want a client that's really, really down financially and struggling to try and find the money? Or do you want a client that's doing okay and can provide some money for your product or service, right? You want to really get defined on these qualities and characteristics. And again, I know I'm going through this pretty quickly. We're going to go through this tomorrow. I'm going to literally give you a complete list of qualities and characteristics of ideal clients for you tomorrow. So I just want to get your brain moving. I want you to start thinking that's what we're doing here is the art of thinking. So kind of consciously think about what we're covering here as I go forward into the visuals. Okay? So we have basically thoughts on the left-hand side in universe represented on the right-hand side.

Now, most people are thinking according to their physical results, they tell themselves physical evidence. I don't have enough clients. They're talking about it. They're thinking about it. They're feeling about it. Guess what? They're sending out to the universe, the universe, I don't have enough clients. Guess what the universe does right back to you. Okay? Here's another situation for no clients. We live in exclusion based universe. The universe just has to send you the energy you're sending out. Other people are thinking, I have a guy in sales in four weeks, right? They're thinking about it. They're talking about it. They're feeling in a sales slump. Guess what? They're sending to the universe, the universe. This is what I want universe says. Okay. Here's another sales situation of no sales. Another person might say, I just need more clients. I know. I don't care who the clients are.

I just need more clients, please, please. Yeah. Universe ever says, okay, here's another random client. Now, if you've been in business a while, whether it's real estate or online sales or network marketing or direct sales now, whatever it is, you might get that client that you really, really don't want. So all the time people are thinking, according to what's real today, they want to say it how it is physically. No doubt about it. We don't have to put a blinder up and say like, oh my God, this is a real, this, this cup of waters and real right. We don't have to put blinders up, but we really want to be very careful about what we're sending out to the universe. The universe sends everything right back to you. It's not, it's not a yes, no universe. It's a yes. Universe. Yeah. Yes, yes, yes.

That's how the universe works. It doesn't decide whether who you're going to win or I'm going to win today. It doesn't victimize anybody. It just sends back any energy you're sending out. So we want to be the people on the next slide here that say, Hmm, I just now received many new clients. And you can see on the top left hand corner there, they see it in their mail education. It's not real yet. That's the key to know what they're thinking. Thinking my dad be a real fact physically, but they realize there's a higher side. So we call it fourth dimension, the imagination, they realize there's a higher side. And if I think in my higher side and son that to the universe, I shall start to manifests and activate those thoughts to become real actually physically. And guess what the universe does. Okay. Here's another situation for new clients or another person might say every day, I'm going to sail sore.

I'm going to sail sore now physically and might be alive. They might actually be in a sales slump, but they realized the power of their imagination. The higher side, they're actually becoming the personal development materials and they say, I'm in a sales soar. I'm in a sales soar and they're starting to believe it. They're starting to see it in their imagination. And again, they're sending that out to the universe and guess what starts to happen? And universe starts to send situations to create more sales. Another person may say I have new ideal clients. Thank you universe. I could see it in my mind. I have ideal clients. Universe says, okay, here's another situation for an ideal client. This is what people call coincidence or divine time in one week, they just have a killer week. It's awesome. They got five sales and they're all ideal clients just because I've been thinking about it for the last month.

Manifestation is magic. It doesn't poop out of thin air. Sometimes it takes a day to see the result. Sometimes it takes a week, a month, whatever it is, but they keep focusing on what they want in their higher side, their imagination. And that starts to send out to you universe. And it starts to send right back to them as well. So truly they see in their imagination what they want and things move forward. That major differences, the people who manifest struggle are thinking in terms of current results. My and my clients think in terms of imagination and manifest what we see in our imagination. And it's a very key thing to remember. Okay. A lot of people that are struggling are not getting the results they want is because they're thinking I am struggle because they see struggle. They think struggle. But when somebody is really enlightened, so they'll say, I know physically I'm struggling.

I get it, but I don't have to talk about it. I don't have to put my blinder up. It is what it is. If I want better tomorrow, I better think better today. And as I think better today, that will start to activate this unfoldment of the invisible to the visible. And I shall start to see what I'm thinking. The whole idea is I become what I think about. So if I want to think tomorrow, I want better circumstances tomorrow. I have to think better today. And that's the whole idea behind all of this things start to move again. We want exact clarity of these two things, and this is a great thing to brainstorm between now and tomorrow. So take some notes on this, who you want, how many you want and really getting accurate with that. And again, tomorrow, we're going to go into a deep exercise and advanced exercise on actually asking and day two day three tomorrow and Thursday, we're going to go through how and doing the exact exercise together.

Like I'm literally going to do these with you with a manifestation music on ready to go. So the key today is to become aware of how we're going to unfold the next three days and really stay tuned into saying I got it. I can totally see it. If I do want to actually do the theme and objective of this three-day masterclass manifesting more clients. What do I have to do? I have to become aware of many more clients in my imagination. That's what we're going to be working on. And that's why your consciousness is going to start to shift. So if this makes sense so far, give me a number four and to the chat box, just to make sure everything's going well, you got it so far and you're ready to launch into core step number two, but really this core step number one is the foundation for your dream mansion.

You know, if you want a mansion, you want a cool house. You want a cool car. We got to set the design. We've got to set the foundation for everything to build off of. That's getting really crystal clear. Like I said, it's not a brain Buster, but even if you've heard this stuff before today, it might be said differently so that you can hear it in a different way and say, wow, what have I been thinking about? Have I been talking about my current results? Now, some people say, Scott, you don't understand my scenario. It's such a struggle. Sure. I get it. I showed you some of the pictures I was struggling. I was living in a place I didn't want to live in on a mattress, on a floor with a wooden desk. I couldn't even like it smell. It was like 50 years old.

Like I know I've been there, but the only way I was able to uplift my life was I just had to start telling my new story. I realized I was struggling at the time, but if I'm really believing yeah. Any of the personal development information, I just got to start talking more about my imagination. I got to start telling my new story. I got to start thinking that different way. And that's what will change the game for you, whether you're struggling or whether you're in a sore right now, you can still go then much bigger by talking about the bigger and seeing the bigger in your minds. Certainly something we're going to be doing together.

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