How to use the Electromagnetic Spectrum understanding to aid in the manifestation of your goals ⚡️
Written by Scott Haug on April 22nd, 2019
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Electromagnetic Spectrum & Your Goals

Much of this world is invisible... ⚡️

Until we create an instrument to perceive the invisible, we may believe it doesn't exist 🧐

But as many of us know, just because we can't see something with our eyes or hear something with our ears, doesn't mean that thing doesn't exist.

The known Electromagnetic Spectrum is pictured, and here is how to use it to aid in the manifestation of your goals:

1️⃣ Realize how vast the invisible is & question your beliefs

➡️ When you look at the diagram, it shows you the incredible amount of energy we don't perceive with our physical senses.

➡️ Think about your thoughts, are they energy as well on a certain frequency?

➡️ What if your thoughts were just as real, energetically, as your physical reality?


2️⃣ Understand that all things are energy

In Napoleon Hill's The Law Of Success:

➡️ "The “fluid” portion of all vibrations is the SAME for all things, the difference between all the levels of things is a difference in the rate of vibration only."

➡️ "The fluid portion of a thought is exactly the same as that in sound, heat and light, with a difference only of vibrations per second."

➡️ So energy is always in some sort of form, and physics tells us "energy is never created nor destroyed, it just changes forms."


3️⃣ Understand what our brain and nerves do

Alexander Graham Bell (inventor of the telephone) says:

➡️ "There must be a great deal to be learned about the effect of those vibrations in the great gap where the ordinary human senses are unable to hear, see, or feel the movement."

➡️ "Vibrations are given off by our brain and nerves cells when we think."

➡️ "If the thought waves are similar to the wireless waves, they must pass from the brain and flow endlessly around the world and the universe."


4️⃣ To change our reality, we must change the thoughts

Again in Napoleon Hill's The Law Of Success:

➡️ "Every mind is an electric field. The nature of this field varies, depending upon the “MOOD” of the individual mind back of it, and upon the nature of the chemistry of the mind creating the “field.""

➡️ "Every mind is continuously changing to the extent that the individual’s philosophy and general habits of thought change the chemistry of his or her mind. Any change in the chemistry will either attract or repel all with whom it comes into contact with."

➡️ "The act of concentrating one’s mind upon a given subject with intensity sends out thought waves which reach and blend with those of a related or similar nature, thereby establishing a direct line of communication between the one doing the concentrating and the thoughts of similar nature which have been previously set in motion. The dominating thoughts serve as a magnetic force that attracts the related or similar thought and matter waves from others and objects as they pass through the ether."


5️⃣ In summary, the main how-to ideas

➡️ In a nutshell, we must change our internal attitude (thoughts, feeling, actions) NOW, before we can expect things to change physically.

➡️ Technique 1: Concentrate on 1 goal every day, with emotional intensity of expecting to win

➡️ Technique 2: Change 1 general thought habit you have by thinking the opposite thought and affirming it out loud every day

STUDY this blog post / visual every day!


Sometimes when we see metaphysics + science together, we can more easily understand how to change our life 😁

Work on changing the way you think, change your point of view, work on finding the good and how things can work out for you.


Learn from this idea THEN implement the idea 💥

Scott Haug

Scott Haug helps people create financial abundance, make a massive impact, and unleash their true potential.  He is an expert at helping people make permanent changes in their life and making things super simple to understand. If you're interested in sky rocketing your own results or understanding of the mind then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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