What if you could? BEST thinking to attract what you want NOW!
Written by Scott Haug on August 27th, 2021
What if you could? BEST thinking to attract what you want NOW!

WHAT IF YOU COULD? Are you consistently asking yourself this question when it comes to your goals or desires or are you doubtful?

This question is one of the BEST thinking to attract what you want NOW, you'll definitely want to listen all the way through this video!      

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Full Transcript

What if you could, it's one of the best thinkings around manifestation and law of attraction to bring in the results you want. Hey, Scott Haug here with the manifestation accelerator, where manifestations and results are made easy in today's video, we're going to be going around accurate, empowering thinking to bring in the results you want. Now, one of the greatest questions we cannot ask ourselves, or what if I could, I want you to write that down, keep it on no card, keeping your pocket, whatever it is. If you have a gold card, put it on the opposite side of that, or just keep a little note card and index card in your pocket all day. Keep, keep pulling it out. Good. What if I could most people, when they're going after what they want a quantum leap, bigger results attracting and clients, business success, money, success, whatever it is.

They've chronic thinking of thinking all the reasons why they can't do it, why it may be so big that they have no idea how it's going to come. Their mind is filled with how, where, and when how's this thing going to come, I can't even figure it out. Where's it gonna come from? And when is it actually going to come? Those questions are keeping themselves when they ask themselves that, keeping it in chronic doubt patterns or worrying about the effect, worrying about the results instead of really being in alignment with the results they're looking for. Okay. And the other side of the spectrum is focusing on the what and the why you focus on what you want. Okay? What is it that you want and why do you want it? So for example, if you wanted to quantum leap your business to a hundred clients or whatever, or one client a week, high ticket client, for example, maybe you want to a new job or a bonus in your job, or just an extra side income, whatever that is, or, you know, whatever the circumstance is, focus on the what the, what is more clients.

So what is more money? The what is more love, whatever it is and why you want it. You might want an extra $10,000 because you'd like to be a little smarter with your money, be a little bit more investing. So you're starting to invest a little bit more, pay off some of your debts. Also take your family on a great vacation in saving the money in some sort of capacity, right? So that's why you want it. It's exciting to you. It jazzes you up to be in a better financial position and keep your family going even better than ever and bringing them all on a grand vacation. Right? It's part of your, why it's part of what jazzes you up and why you want to do what you're about to do. Okay. So you focus on the what and the why, and then you ask yourself the question.

What if I could, what if you could, so, you know, whatever it is that you want, you know that money, okay. Again, you go into go inside your mind and many times a limiting thought patterns want to come up. There's no way it's going to happen. There's no, I've never done anything like this before. Where's all this money gonna come from. I don't even know anybody who has that kind of money, right? So their mind is in this energy, that's doubtful and worried and all these fears coming up for them going on the other side of what if I could, what that's really doing is keeping your thinking on a higher frequency. It's keeping in what we call accurate thinking positive thinking. Now it's not just positive thinking, just saying, what if I could have, what if I could? And then you're feeling like, ah, you know, it's BS.

I can't do it right? You want to really ask yourself what if I could? It's a feeling of motivation, inspiration, encouragement to oneself, or what we call self love. So this, what if I could statement is putting yourself on that higher frequency and starting to change your overall energy? How love attraction works is the first thing you attract in is like thoughts. Second attraction is like feeling third attraction is like action. Behavior. Four is the actual results attracting into your life. So we want to work first on changing that first part there. And that's like, thoughts. If you start asking yourself a better empowering question, what if I could, you're going to start to attract thoughts, telling you why you can, okay. And set it down to say, what if I could? Yeah, that's right. What if something miraculous happens? What if somebody who reached out to me out of the blue, there was a prospect that's ready to buy.

What if I had great thinking or a great ideas one day to do this thing? What if I got a mentor to help me, whatever it is, right? Asking a better question. Your answers are going to get better, your answers or thought energy. That's what you're putting into your life and sending out to a lot more people. Okay. Keep asking yourself. What if I could focus on the what and the why? Not the, how not the, where? Not the when. Okay. You focus on those. You're going to get in doubt with thinking you focus on the other side here. You're going to get empowering faith and belief type thinking. And that's going to really change the game for you. Keep in your car, keep that in your pocket, pull it out every day. What if I could, what if I could, if you want any help on this as well, make sure you go in the description below and join in one of our courses right away. We have all the manifestation, coaching, mentoring, and system. You will ever need to attract anything into your life. What if you could, I know you can. You're an infinite powerhouse of energy. Living this physical body with a mind that creates your reality. You've been gifted, the ability to shift and create a reality. As you see fit, it's not magic. It's just a processing cosmic system, allowing you to change the fabric of the universe, into what you intend and desire,

What you feel called to do within yourself.

That's why you can very important to remember that for yourself, that you are much more than this physical body. You are a spiritual essence and energetic essence living in this energetic world. If I break a reality that you can change, you can shift. You can help him move forward into this world and change what you see around you. Okay. What if you could remember that always keep that in your mind, keep it in your pocket with a note card and allow that to saturate your being.

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