Secrets To Manifesting MONEY FAST 2021!
Written by Scott Haug on August 25th, 2021
Secrets To Manifesting MONEY FAST 2021!

Would you like to know some money manifesting secrets that if you apply them into your life right now, you'll start manifesting money FAST!

In this video you'll learn a very quick simple technique and system that will allow yourself to turbocharge forward in your manifestation journey!      

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
He is an expert at helping people make permanent changes in their life and making things super simple to understand.

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Full Transcript

Secrets to manifesting money a lot faster. Hey Scott Haug here And in today's video, we're going to be going through a very quick, simple technique and system to allow yourself to turbocharge forward in your money manifestations right now, before we jump into the video, make sure you throw, like on the video, it's going to send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness of this planet. Also click subscribe to the channel, make sure you subscribe and notified when we send out other great manifestation. How to content is this is your go-to channel for making all manifestations and results, easy and simple, all right, money and manifestation. It's a lot easier than what people really think and what people are challenged by. Um, really allowing yourself to manifest the money you want to is all in mental game. So a couple of quick notes here, and again, this is going to be a shorter video, so we can really have, you know, exactly what to do here every single day.

I want you to start counting money in your mind before bed, first thing in the morning, whatever it is, I want you to literally take those hundred dollar bills and count them over and over and over. Watch your hands in your imagination, counting these hundred dollar bills over and over. And while you're doing that, I want you to feel the possession of the money. And it's very important because there's two sides of this. When you're thinking about what you want, you could be feeling the absence of it. And the more absence you're feeling, that's the energy and the circumstances you're going to be pulling into your life more and more. Okay? So I'm literally in the feeling of absence. That means I'm in the vibration of absence and I'm going to be in harmony with seeing results that are in harmony with what I intend.

Okay. So undesirable things into your life, okay. Feeling and vibration are one in the same. So if I feel it's not here, I am literally on a lower frequency than I desire to be allowing me to really see circumstances I don't want in my life. The other way is presence. If I can feel the presence of the money now, physically right around me, it might not be true. You might be counting a thousand dollars, $10,000, whatever it is right. And physically right now, it may not be true, but spiritually, it is true in your imagination and the powerhouse of creation. It is true. So we call it a spiritual truth, but a physical lie when you're counting this money. Okay. So feel the presence of the money. How do you feel the presence of money? We'll pretend you are literally actually counting the money in front of you, those $100 bills, right?

And how would you feel you would feel the money? So feel the money. Okay. And tell yourself, this is mine. This is mine. This is mine. This is mine. You want to match your inner speech with the ownership of the money, the possession of the money. That's going to help induce a lot more of the presence feeling for you. And it's going to really absorb into your body. So when you're counting this money and say, it's, this is mine. This is mine. This is mine. And as you do, so you're going to start to create what we call him, money consciousness. What a money consciousness really is, is you are in a consciousness in your imagination and your energy in the possession of money before You actually have it. Okay? So we call wealth consciousness.

What that means is you see yourself in wealth circumstances. If you're in a luxury consciousness, you're seeing yourself in luxury circumstances. Okay? So really the art of manifesting money as fast as possible is starting to see yourself in better money conditions, situations, and circumstances. Before that actually happens in this physical realm. Okay. It's a lot easier for you to manifest money than you think you can manifest an extra a thousand dollars within the next 24 hours. That is not crazy. Okay? I'm not promising anything that I've not shown my clients how to do. I've worked with hundreds of people, thousands of my members. Okay. And they've all been able to manifest something into her life, even better than before now. Some of them took, you know, literally hours to manifest what they wanted. So I've taken months because their money mindset was really, really limited. And we had to do a lot of internal work, internal healing around the money In order to get there. Right?

And ultimately that's What we do in our courses, as well as show you how to clean our money, energy, change your money programming to allow yourself to see more of you in possession of what you do want. So really what you're doing here is you're counting this money. It's what we call an end scene. And end scene is you in possession of the thing you want before you get it. Okay? So every morning, every night, like I said, in order to manifest money a lot faster, see yourself doing this every day, do it for 30 days straight while watching this video over every single morning for 30 days. So what it's going to do is you're going to actually be in the element of this video. You're going to absorb the feeling of the, of the video, the money teachings, the knowledge, then go right after, take one to two minutes, twice a day.

Really bad. If you do it morning and night before bed counting the money in your mind, do it for 30 days. It's a long time. That's how you make yourself accountable with that. As you take a sheet of paper or you print off a calendar, make 30 boxes, okay? Just make a little chart. And then every single day, put it by something. You already do. You brush your teeth every morning, put it by your toothbrush. You plug your phone in at night before you go to bed, you know, put it by your phone just so you remember. Okay? But every day you mark a check and I come back to this YouTube video, rewatch it, mark a check, keep yourself even more accountable by going in the comments. So watch the video, make the check mark and then comment, day. Number one, Complete day. Number two, complete. 

It's Going to increase your con your confidence and countability. Consistency is key to manifesting money. Very quickly count money. Every single day is one of the number one techniques to allow yourself to manifest money a lot faster into your life. If you want a lot more depth, like you'd like a 50 hour plus course on just money alone, go in the description below and join into our manifestation accelerator course. It's the number one manifestation course on the planet from money. You're going to be able to manifest every money, dollar amount that you could ever choose right there. And we have over 2000 member wins. They're just manifesting money alone. Okay? So literally people manifest a hundred bucks to a thousand bucks all the way, upwards of 50,230,000. We've had clients do. Now it's out of the norm for people to do, but you can manifest absolutely something even better. Try out the technique here, get involved in our course, if you feel called to, okay, it'll definitely help you out in a very long run. I look forward to hearing and seeing your comments down below for 30 days of accountability, of counting money every morning and every night, feeling that possession. Remember the feeling is the key. The present feeling is what you want. So you match your inner speech saying, this is mine. This is mine. Okay. And it will change your life so dramatically.

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