The Most Powerful Technique To Increase Belief [WORKS INSTANTLY!]
Written by Scott Haug on August 23rd, 2021
The Most Powerful Technique To Increase Belief [WORKS INSTANTLY!]

Do you often wonder if manifestation is even real? How is it that manifestation is even possible especially if you can't SEE it?

In this video, Scott shows you the most powerful technique to increase your belief and it certainly works instantly!      

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Scott Haug

Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Full Transcript

I remember a time when I was getting into this manifestation law of attraction and really being more awakened in my consciousness that I was trying to get better results in my life, but it seemed like a chronic doubt, right? And doubt is basically disbelief. I knew this stuff worked and I knew the laws of the universe were a real thing. I felt in my heart that this stuff was real. But for some reason I would have doubts and I would have worries about whether I could actually manifest the physical results I was looking for, whether it was financially or whether it was in love or whether it was any material, object or business success. Doesn't matter. I would have these chronic doubts when I was really looking at it. So what would happen for me? I was constantly doing affirmations in the mornings, right during my pages and pages and pages of affirmations.

And I would believe while I was doing those affirmations. But then as soon as I stopped reading, my affirmations stopped doing my visualization, my gratitude, whatever the technique was at the time I would go into this disbelief mode. And I'm sure you already know love attraction stuff very well by now that when you disbelieve and you put a lot of energy of absence into the thing you desire and intend to bring into your life, you will attract more absence circumstances, absence situations. So there was a critical moment for me that I knew I had to increase my belief and intuitively it came to me one morning, I woke up and I assume affirmations. I said, that's it. I have to increase my belief. That manifestation actually works. So I went down a series of ideas of how could I increase my belief? And sure you could do affirmations around.

I believe manifestation is so good. And you know, you could affirm it and he could visualize it, but there was something else I took it to. And that was actually studying the invisible forces around us because that's what I couldn't wrap my head around how a manifestation is actually possible. Right? So if I intend to manifest an extra $5,000 or 10,000 or a new client or a partner or a house or whatever it is, it seems ridiculous. It's even possible. It seems unfathomable that that can actually be a thing. And there's actually a so-called universe helping you out because he can't see it. Right. You can't see it with your eyes. So we are programmed as a society that if you can't see it, it's, it's BS. It's ridiculous. It's not actually real. Right. And that's how I was constantly feeling on a daily basis when I was being honest with myself.

So I started to study a little bit more, like I mentioned, around the invisible forces of the universe. I start to study how a radio works now, how does that pertain to manifestation at all? Well, what does a radio do? Radio is basically you're working invisibly, right? There was a time in age, not that long ago in the grand scheme of history where the concept of a radio would have been ridiculous and pub postrace to an everyday person. I think about people in the 18 hundreds. For example, if you told them that you're going to build a box or have a box, uh, that can actually tune into a frequency called am or FM or whatever it is, it can actually tune into a frequency and there's waves in the air that allow us through a station over there, allow us to actually change this energy that you can't see into something you can hear. And it's what we call music

The person would be like, what where, what Earth are you coming from? Your ridiculous to go lock yourself into a mental institution, right? You're crazy. You're insane, right? Why wouldn't they believe that? Because they've never seen it before. It seems ridiculous. It seems so out of this world, same thing goes, if you showed somebody a cell phone, right. In a long time ago, before cell phones were a thing, really? Not that long ago at all, you show somebody a wireless cell phone. That's not plugged into the wall, right? We all remember those phones. They were connected by the wires. And some people still have those landline phones, right? That's all connected based on wires, which still is kind of ridiculous. Okay. Wires plugged into all ridiculous, meaning, very hard to comprehend how even do that. But then you're going to have this telephone that has no wires, and it's just a single little device.

And you can actually call anybody in the world around the entire globe. Doesn't matter how far away they are. You can call them wirelessly through this ether and be able to talk to somebody in China. Talk to somebody in India, talk to somebody in Europe, talk to so many United States. If you're living elsewhere, south America, you name it. And near instantaneously, when they talk verbal words, you're going to hear on the opposite side of this device, their words near instantaneously. Now, again for you and I we're used to the world, we're programmed with this world that we have wireless device all the time. And we take it for granted, right? It's just a part of our society, right? But to people long time ago, they would have said, you're Riddick. There's no way that could actually happen. There's no way there are great scientists throughout history of time, including Tesla that was labeled ridiculous for so many ideas that the invisible side of physics, because classical physics always said this stuff is the only thing.

That's real, this physical body, the material objects, the books behind me, the bookshelf, this dragon statue, all of these things are considered the only real thing in this world, right? But when we start to study things like quantum physics and other signs of science that allow us to study invisible things, we start to really see how vast our universe is and how much it actually works with the things we cannot see. So why was I going down this whole area of studying this stuff? Because manifestation works the same way almost as a cell phone or a radio or other things that are invisible, like the wifi, you know, you're listening into this video right now on YouTube in some sort of way that says, you know, you're watching it through wifi or data from your phone and whatever the connection is for you, right? Your mind works nearly the same way.

Okay? We are in receptivity to these electronic waves. If you will. Now, nobody really knows what thought waves are. I like to consider it a form of electricity, but you consider whatever. You'd like, whatever you study in, whatever you believe. Okay. So we have these thought waves all around us in what we call this ether universe. Okay. And in this universe, we have all of these waves are invisible, right? We have these thoughts that you can not see. And we attract thoughts that are like harmony with where we're at. And that's how our brain works. Right? It's an electronic place that allows us to receive through our mental capacity, our mind, our mental side. So that's how this stuff works. And all of us are connected in an energetic sense, a deeper sense that you can see, okay. So what we call a subconscious or unconscious or a universal mind, we're all connected, right?

So that's how telepathy works. It's how these different things work that you can literally connect to another mind. Invisibly. Now that's even shown that when you're standing in line or you're maybe in the mall and you're just standing there and then you feel like something on your neck, or you feel something like there's an energy, right? And then you look really quick and then somebody is looking at you, maybe somebody you knew, you know, so not something weird. So if somebody, you knew they're staring in there, like that looked like you from a lawn. So I was just staring at you. Right. And they have so much mental focus that you literally felt their energy, right? That's just a prime example. One tiny example that things are happening invisibly with our mind. Okay. So as we begin to study all of the invisible things around us, you start to increase your belief.

It's a number one technique on the face of the planet. It's going to allow you to believe more in this manifestation, believe more in your capacity to manifest your intentions, your desires, whatever it is. Because again, we are all connected universally. And what the, what happens really is when people say we're co-creating with the universe, really what's going on. And it's really unfathomable for a human being to understand fully, but we can at least generalize it, you know, around us here. Okay. All of these minds are working all together. And it's like, if you say, I want an intend to manifest a $10,000, then you put in a primary statement of, I now have it. Cause that's how you manifest. Okay. You instantly, when you feel it to be true, link up with the right mind, with the right person, with the right opportunity and over time.

Okay. There's no real art of manifesting everything physically, instantly. Okay. What happens? So is instantly, you're going to start to feel the shift within you. And that's the instantaneous manifestation are looking for. What starts to happen is you're going to be aligning to what the right thing at the right place at the right time. And it's what we call the bridge of happenings or bridge of events unfold between now and the receiving of what you desire. So that comes over time. It could take 10 minutes. It could take an hour. I've had many of my clients manifest literally within 12 to 14 minutes, the things because they were so in harmony with it, that they got a call unexpectedly, boom, they got the new client that doesn't always happen. Sometimes there's few hours for my clients. Sometimes, sometimes it takes a few months to a year to manifest specific things.

Even for some of my clients, I've coached for a long time because there are certain gestation periods and readiness energies you need within and without and the outside as well. Okay. We'll talk about that again. In another video, we'll go more in depth with that. But anyways, so you're, you're attracting what it is. You need to get yourself to that other thing, that intention, that desire now, as things unfold, there's what we call serendipitous things. Synchronicities, divine, timing that people say luck or coincidence, right? These things start to online to allow us to finally get to where you want to get to them. Okay. So, and the invisible side it's working the same way, nearly as a cell phone is a radio as a television, as wifi. Okay. Or even things like, you know, the sun a long time ago, you sat outside In the sun.

Okay. And after a while Your skin would turn right. You're right. It gets sunburned. Okay. People didn't know that though. I mean, how did we ever figure out that the sun is actually with ultraviolet light radiation or an energy. And if you sit long enough with whiter skin, right. And that darker skin, your skin will start to actually burn. Right. Can you imagine, I know we're programmed to decide to already know that, but can you imagine hundreds of years ago, for example, they had probably no idea. I mean, think about it. You're walking around, you're gathering food, you're gathering water, you're building a house or whatever it is. And then by the end of the day, your skin's red, you might think it's because you work too hard that day. You might think it's because you need to, you need more, uh, nutrients of some sort, or you didn't drink enough water, right.

Because you don't really know where it's coming from, but it was actually the sun the entire time. Another one of those invisible forces, that's always working every moment of every day. But sometimes you don't get to see it. You don't get to hear it. You can to feel it, taste it or touch it or smell it. So you don't really understand. It's what we call a five sensory person or what we're dipping into. Is it multisensory person, somebody who knows and can sense that there's something more going on than this physical world. We see. Try it yourself. Okay. Go ahead and write down a couple of notes. I encourage you to take a low note and say, manifestation is almost equivalent to radio cell phone, all these invisible forces and keep that by, you know, your business work, whatever that might be for you. If you have full-time job, keep it, you know, at a place where you could see it while you're doing your work, keep it in your cars and no car.

I know card always saying increase. My belief. Manifestation is invisible, but so is so many other things, right? Same thing with those light bulb, it's carrying the light, right? The electricity is helping this thing harness into light. Another thing that you can not see, all right, believe in yourself. Believe in this manifestation process. I want you to gain more traction in your manifestations than ever before. It really comes with more faith and belief in the process to start more faith and belief in yourself and things will start to rocket forward. Make sure you're subscribed to the channel year. We do so many great videos like this that are so important for your growth. So important for your spiritual development, elevating our consciousness to an entirely new level and make sure you also get notified. So click the bell icon as well. So you get notified.

It's very important because every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, we're putting out videos and it's a great for you to have a routine every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, you're watching a new video, allowing yourself to be saturated by us content. The more saturated you can be, the more you're actually going to believe in this process, which is a very real part of what we do here. Okay. Also throw like on the video, because when you do, it's going to send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the betterment of this world. We can increase the world by making sure more people are watching videos like this, rather than other videos. That really are not for anything in really disempowering videos. We got more empowerment out there. We want to do better for the world. And the more they you put out good, the more the good's going to come back to you as well.

All right. Sending peace and blessings over to let me know in the comments, what you think about this belief video. What do you think about the invisible forces as well? I always like to see those comments and then also let me know if you have a question on this because I'm answering those comments on a daily and weekly basis as well. Try it out. Number one technique here to really get your belief forward, make sure in that and make sure, write down your note cards and we'll see, and watch your progress in transformation in your belief around manifestation.

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