How To Attract $10,000 To You [Quick Results!]
Written by Scott Haug on August 18th, 2021
How To Attract $10,000 To You [Quick Results!]

WHY NOT? Why not attract more money into your bank account? 

We all know money is energy but do you really know HOW you can attract $10,000 to you? 

In this video, you will know exactly what you need to do to become the desires you want to attract quick results!      

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Full Transcript

Let's attract $10,000 into your bank account. What do you think now, if you're like me, why not? Why not bring in a lot more money into your world and you could pay for the things that you want live in a little bit more luxury, pay off some debts, save some money, do some great things, because money is just an expression of who you already are. If you're a great person money's going to magnify you and you're going to become an even better person. If you are a bad person, money is going to magnify the bad already within you. So in today's video, let's get you attracting another $10,000 into your life. Now, like with all the manifestation content on my channel here, or any other channel manifestation is a magic. We just want to get that right out there. And a disclaimer, that $10,000, even though you think about it and you set the intention for it, it doesn't mean it's just going to land on your table tonight, or it's going to out of thin air and to be in your office chair the next morning, okay, it's going to be a steady process or we're going to go through in this video.

It's going to be really simple. It's going to be easy and it's going to be very effective for you. So let's get to it. Remember that money is an energy and that's what you have to really believe at your core, that money. Is it just something that should be frustrating or a bank account number or a cash actual representation or a piece of gold or jewelry or something like that? Money is purely an energy. And when we remember that we can really tap into the abundance frequency to allow us to attract a lot more good in.

Now when I was first starting off, I had so many Negative emotions around money. I'd be frustrated. I'd be irritated. I would be very impatient because I wanted money now, but it wasn't coming as fast, right? So I had so much energy or negative emotion built into money that it seemed to always be hard and a struggle to get. That was my constant story for myself.

Money is hard. It was not enough money to go around. How, when and where am I going to attract an extra 10,000 hours? Right? I doubted I didn't believe. And as I started to progress and transform my life, I started to change that and have more positive emotions around money, positive expectation, hopefulness. And that's the energy I'm in. That's, what's attracting into my life. That's where I'm at energetically. So if I start to change what I expect, my standard, and I raise that standard, not in this physical world, you see the water behind me, the place you see, right? Not physically, but mentally, psychologically, you start to see yourself in your imagination with more money. You're going to start to become it. And whatever you think about for a long enough time, duration wise, intensity wise with enough power, okay, you're going to actually become that. And that's how the law of attraction actually works.

Not just a simple, like attracts, like it's what you become energetically that you attract, right? So how do you become something? You see yourself becoming in imagination, that's it? So you start to really be that in essence, every night, I encourage you to start seeing yourself for an extended period of time. 14 days straight, every single night, make a little checkbox, make a little diagram on a piece of paper, hanging up on your wall before you go to sleep, make a check, mark, check mark. You know, say Dane, number one is this state day. Number two is this day, whatever it is and make check mark. Okay. 14 days straight. See yourself with your checking account with having $10,000. Now, most people will say, Scott, I have a full-time job. How is that going to come? Forget about it. Don't forget it. Don't worry about the how, because the how isn't associated with this process of manifestation, you and the universe are co-creating now it's whether you believe that or not that it's actually going to happen the way you want it to happen.

Right? But we live in a world that's much more, much more invisible than physical. Okay? You look around me right now on this video where the oxygen that I'm breathing, can you see it? Can you smell it? Sometimes you can smell different things in the air, right? Can you hear it? You can. Right? So there's something invisible going on around to me. That's actually more invisible than physical. What about the thoughts I'm having right now? Where are those? Are they in my head? Or are they elsewhere? How does wifi work? You're watching a video right now. Maybe have it downloaded or maybe you're watching it, you know, off your internet right now. Where's the wifi, right? There's numerous examples all the way from radio. How's the TV work, right? There's all these different ideas going on. When we talk about wireless devices and things, right?

So just we'll start believing that this world that you see yourself in is much more invisible than visible. Okay? There's a lot going on here. If I stood up in front of the sun, the ultraviolet radiation, the energy is going to, if I don't put sunscreen on, I'm going to turn into a lobster, right? I'm going to get red. I'm going to get some burn, but I can't see that energy that's going between the sun and my arm. Right? So even though you cannot see manifestation, it doesn't mean it's not happening. It doesn't mean these crazy things that people call manifestation, frequencies, vibrations. It doesn't mean it's not happening. If you can't see it, right? So we want to open up our world to possibility and saying, well, you know, it might be possible. And when you step in today, you're going to feel even better. So absolutely start having that confidence. Another core fundamental principle in this is when you start seeing yourself with 10,000 hours, you might get intuitive ideas

To start a business, to do a side project, to start buying and reselling something to a call, somebody, to text somebody, to send an email to a you're on Facebook scrolling or Instagram or something. And you see an ad or a YouTube ad clicking that ad because it's your interest of something that right. Help you get the money. So it's part of this process as well is you want to start hearing for ideas. And it's what we call intuition. No, except that calling people have their ego mind saying, well, my kids are a business right now. I have enough time. I'm too old. I'm too young. I only have enough money for this. I don't have this, whatever it is. Right. They calm themselves out. But you want to just come with the Senator mindset? Yeah. Well, do I want that? That's it not yet. Prerequisite of your age, your gender, where you're from the educational level, you just ask yourself, do I want that?

And if you want it, you start taking steps to making that a reality. Very, very important principle, fundamental. Number three of this entire process here, okay. Is acting on things to serve people. Okay. Now, absolutely. There's no free lunch. People call it, write that quote, that phrase, whatever you want to call that thing, right? We have to give something in exchange for receiving now manifestation. It doesn't mean you have to go give work 10 hours of hard work just to get the money in. It's not what we're saying, but when you actually pay thought attention, you're giving, okay. That's a giving act in itself. Okay? So go out there and be the beacon of light. Go out there and increase people and serve people. As you serve more people, find ways. If you have a business, serve them better, your clients serve your prospects better.

If you're in a full-time job, how could you serve your employer better? How could you do a better job? Even if your employer doesn't care, even if your company doesn't really treat you well, I don't care. Go ahead and just increase that company. The best you can, because two things are going to happen. Number one, that company is going to pay attention and you're going to earn a bonus. You're going to earn a raise. Now, most people say, yes, my company doesn't do that. They don't do raises. They don't do salary increase or whatever it is fine. You're going to get so good that you're going to increase your skill and energy so much that another employer or business will come and pick you up. It's inevitable. It's energy. It's, it's this manifestation where will kind of call. You're gonna attract a new opportunity to get the money.

It doesn't matter what channel, what place you're in right now. You can have it work for you. Okay? Manifestation is not limited by your job. It's not unlimited by who you are or anything like that. It is only limited by your own thinking, whether it's possible or not, right? Take these three fundamentals practice on for the next 14 days. I am telling you every client, every member, everybody that I've ever coached, every, everybody that goes through all my courses, we give this exact process and people are blown away. They get money through the door. That's so unexpected. It's like crazy is what people call it. It's not crazy. It's just an energy you're putting yourself into. Okay. Try it out in the comments below, stay accountable, go ahead and write day. Number one, complete day. Number two, complete whatever it is. Go ahead in the comments below and make sure you're also subscribed to the channel.

If you haven't already click the bell icon to get notified as well, because we have everything ever going to need in a manifestation on this channel, we got meditations, we got methods. We got courses. We got coaching. We even got different things going on involving business opportunities and things in manifestation. So check out the channel here and make sure you subscribe to get those updates and click a like on the video as well. Because as you send that like out, we're just going to send the video out to a lot more people as well. So make sure you throw a light on the video. Go ahead. 14 days, I look forward to hearing your progress in the comments. Let me know what you're able to manifest using these three fundamental techniques to attract into your being into your life, into your business. If you have one $10,000.

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