INFINITE Possible Futures - If You Can Think It You Can Manifest It (Episode 1)
Written by Scott Haug on August 16th, 2021
INFINITE Possible Futures - If You Can Think It You Can Manifest It (Episode 1)

This is Episode 1 of the INFINITE Possible Futures you can manifest at any moment of your life!

In this video, Scott shares a motivational message that you will definitely want to listen to because if you can think it, you can definitely manifest it!    

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Full Transcript

This is really the idea of asking what life is and how things really, really work

There's a movie. I can't think of the title, but it describes this very well. And if I can look at the title by the end of the call here, we will cover what that movie was. And what it's about. The idea here is there's infinite possibilities. So I'm going to say, this is us here in this moment. And each person can say, this is individually me. That's my moment here in this orange circle. There's infinite amount of possible futures in this person's life. Okay? Every person, all the 8 billion or whatever number amount of people we have in this world. Now all have this going in. It's a tremendous thing. All these routes here are possible futures for any one human being they're all possible in an energetic sense. That's almost incredibly difficult to even become aware of how it actually works as a physical human being, all the energy that ever is or will be, is already created.

Now it's hard to comprehend as a community, and we just have to dabble with the idea that we understand scientists and religious, any nature theology. Bob always talks about energy is needed to create an or destroyed, which is is, and it changes forms. All the human race has already been created past present and future energetically. Again, very hard to comprehend. So we're going to go through this. Why this actually is important to manifestation and getting results. Let's go through an example and we'll, as we go through this, you'll begin to understand a lot more simply and easily. When we're talking about character, I have a possible future where I make $10,000 in a year. That's possible. Another possibility is I make $50,000 in a year. It's possible. That's another route. We're just talking money because it's very easy to comprehend. What we're talking about could be with any area of life, any situation or anything.

There's another possibility where I earn a hundred thousand dollars another where I'm making 40 million, another one, I'm making a million and yes, I'm going to fill all of these ends. So you can really see what we're going after here, if you will face. So maybe another one is 2 million and another one is 4 million. Okay? All of these are possible futures for any human being on the planet. Now, this sounds kind of crazy for somebody that's in a third world country, and maybe doesn't even have anything right now and struggling to actually get water, but it's still possible for them to the physical eyes. That is incredibly impossible, right, though, if they put their mind in the right direction, over maybe 40 years, time, 20 years time, the person can do it. If they can think it, if they can't think it though, it is not a possible reality for that person.

You have to be able to think all of these possible paths from this moment. And if everyone can kind of gear into the moment here, so be helpful. So just take a deep breath in deep breath out. I remember hearing that was the moment that's all we ever have is a moment yesterday. Some moments yesterday, you can't get back yesterday, you can think about it. You can go to memory and see it, but you can't get back there right now is a moment. No, that moment's gone. Now. It's another moment. Now that moment's gone. Now we had two or three moments gone. Now it's a moment again, right? So we're always in this moment by moment timeline, we're experiencing. So all of the energies though, of possible paths from this moment, onward is possible. We're just not there yet and consciousness. And so we have this timeline going, but we have this energetic world.

That's all created now. Okay? Now there's a lot of setup for this. I know, but let's now get to what's happening and why this matters in the quote, based on the concept of myself, I experience one of those timelines with that. So you might want to reference, and you already mentioned creation has finished chapter 10 in the book as well. It mentions what determines your time track. And he says, concepts, concepts are everything that we let's break this down. Concepts are what we believe and accept to be true about ourselves and our world. This is about to go a little deeper, but again, it's going to be very simple to understand, and everyone's going to get this. Our free will is only tied to concepts. The only thing that we can do as human beings in this physical, the spiritual being in this human physical form is determined.

What concept I believe about myself and my world. That's really from concepts. That's how you feel from a concept. That's where you're going to act today in your business from a concepts. That's how you're going to behave in your relationship or your personal life or whatever it is. If you believe fitness. If you think about, I have a concept I'm healthy being you'll automatically do healthy actions. If I believe in, except that my world is a good world, I'll be very nice to people by believes the world around me is full of hate. I'm going to always think experience hate, right? So it all boils down to one thing it's concept. So let's really get to a conclusion here. Okay. If I believe and accept my world, I am only a hundred thousand dollars per year earner. I know it. I feel it. I expect it.

It is my standard. That is where I'm at. If I believe that all of these time tracks are literally erased from the human eye, they're all erased. Doesn't look possible, but guess what is all those things in the purple boxes are still possible, but in my human form, what I can see and I can hear, and I can sense and experience. I only experienced one time track. I experienced a hundred thousand dollars and I can prove it. I say, here's my data. Here's what I am. I am a six-figure. And I told you I can earn seven figures. I don't believe that it's still possible, but they believed and accepted. I am a six-figure earner. So that's why they earned on a thousand dollars. Now, uh, I'm not going to go ahead and me race, all that, but you can change that. You could say, if I, if I believe I'm a seven figure earner, my life's going to go that direction. And instead of that way, it would go this way. But the same thing applies that if I start thinking I'm a seven figure earner and I believe it, and I do the internal work to fuse with it and expect it and accept it as well. It's going to erase from my experience. I'll no longer experience, a hundred thousand dollars a year. I'll accept and expect to seven figures.

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