Money Manifestation Accountability - 10 Day Plan (Series 12 / 12)
Written by Scott Haug on August 6th, 2021
Money Manifestation Accountability - 10 Day Plan (Series 12 / 12)

In this FINAL series, you will be given instructions from Scott on how to track your money manifestations accountability!

By holding yourself accountable, you'll be mastering your money manifestations FAST!

This is Series 12 of a 12-Part Series! Make sure you subscribe now and also watch Series 1 to Series 12 to receive the complete training!    

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Full Transcript

Money manifestation accountability, 10 day game plan. Hey Scott Haug here And in today's video, we're going to be going through some accountability so you can actually get your money manifestations going and cruising along at rocket speed. We have 12 videos in this series, and this is the final video in the series. Make sure you've watched all 12 videos. We have two seasons of mastering your money manifestations. You're going to want to watch them on in the comments below track your accountability. Watch this video video number 12, and then in the comments below actually coming out day. Number one day, number two, all the way through day. Number 10 in the comments below tracker accountability, make sure you're doing the exercises that provide you on a daily basis here. This is some of the most valuable information you will ever get on money manifestation. Make sure you subscribe to the channel.

Make sure you get notified when we send out other great manifestation, how to content because you get your hands on this information. This is exclusive only to my channel here. Literally giving you every little puzzle piece, every little detail, every little thing you're ever going to need. I'm manifesting all the greatest things into your life, including a lot more money, a lot more income, a lot more sales into your life. Okay. As well as joining into our courses, if you're looking for a little bit more systematic way of approaching manifestation, this accountability is huge. You know, it's not enough just to know personal development or know about self-help or know about different knowledge pieces. You have to become the knowledge and in today's video, it is the accountability you're going to need to allow yourself to actually become the information, to get the results. Okay, so again, video 12 of 12 here, watch this video and then make sure you watch all 11 other videos as well. Even though it sounds like a lot, do a little binge watching, watch all one in a row until he gets to the 12th video here to really absorb the methodology, the system, the ways of thinking and creating them money consciousness. Let's go ahead and jump into our to game plan here, giving you literally step-by-step directions on what to do from here and then keeping her accountability in the comments below.

All right. Were you able to come up with an idea now I saw in the chat box, some of you missed point number five. Robert actually did a great job putting in there. Point number five was finds more ways to put out more good, find more ways to increase people in your business. Your personal life find ways is the science of getting rich says with the impression of increased leading people with the impression of increase, finding more ways to put out good, then the exercise was find one idea that you could apply right away in your personal life or business to allow yourself to serve and increase more people. Just one way it could be going out there and providing a greater, a valuable tool to somebody, a webinar. It could be, uh, providing in your personal life. A thank you card. Somebody know it could be sending out a thank you text to somebody.

It could be offering helping somebody, whatever that is, right. So providing one idea to increase people in your personal life for business is the exercise there with element number five. All right, we're going to glide this thing to a conclusion as we are at the two hour mark here. And we're going to just go briefly through our 10 day accountability. You're doing an amazing job, great work so far. We have 10 days of countability as an added bonus. This thing again, I want to give you everything you could ever need and ever desire to allow yourself to manifest greater than ever before. And it's always free to our members here. All right, day number one is we are already wrote down here. Accountability is October 1st, 2020. If you're watching the replay make your own day one tomorrow, we're doing it for 10 days and our accountability group.

You should already have the link you should already be in there. If you're not definitely just reach out to us, uh, resend the accountability link. Uh, so just go ahead into the chat box there and say, Hey, I don't have that Facebook group. Where is that? My support team will go ahead and post the link to the Facebook group, just to make sure you are there and joined it each day. I'm going to be posting in the group. And what you're going to do is do the action item for the day. Then post done. You're going to comment on the posts done. I've given very clear directions here on what we're going to be doing for 10 days. Day. Number one tomorrow is we're going to be reviewing element number one, then applying element. Number one, we already went through what the notes are and we already went through how to apply it.

We already did that together. So again, this was recorded. I'm going to have it upload as soon as possibly. So you can always go back to each element. Remember what the notes were and then remember how to apply it as well. Okay. So remember we did our five step manifestation process problem at one. You're going to do that in October. First on October 2nd day, number two, you're going to re apply element. Number one, review your notes. Apply our five, seven manifestation process on day. Number three, we're going to go through element number two, review your notes, apply the knowledge.

We're going to reapply element number two on day four. So UCL is working each element we're going to do for two days. So did he want to day two is element number one day three and day four, almond number two day five day six, element number three day seven day eight element number four day nine day 10 is all about number, element number five. So you have to remember that that may sound confusing. That's all you need to do is read the directions each day. I have it right there for a day. Number four, reapplying. This day, number five is applying element number three, review your notes, apply it. Those inner converts, those outer cleaning, the inner cleaning. We already went through that today.

Day number six, reapply element number three, day number seven, applying element number four, the number eight reapply element number four day number nine, applying element number five, data and reapplying element number five. And that's it right there. Okay. So again, this is very self-explanatory every day. Just open up the page for the day. We're going to do one exercise every day for 10 days straight. And the accountability again is about applying this consistently for 10 days straight to allow your desired manifestations. You wrote down at the very beginning of semester class to come into fruition. All the exercises should only take about five to 10 minutes daily. That's it. So you still want to do your manifestation accelerator module and then apply your 10 day accountability. Still do your manifestation accelerator module. Then apply the 10 day accountability. A lot of these things are only going to take five minutes to apply, but it's going to make all the difference in your money manifestations.

All right, hopefully that makes sense. If you need any help, just go ahead and post in our accountability group right away and allow us to we'll. We'll help in showing guide you and support you during the next 10 days in our accountability group. What that's going to look like for you as you move forward, it's been a pleasure serving you today. It's been a pleasure hosting this two hour live money masterclass, all about really tripling your money manifestations. In the next 10 days, you've been doing a rock and job. I am so glad you were able to make it here live. And if you're watching the replay, I'm glad it's divine timing for you to find this two hour event, to allow yourself to apply it and really move things forward. You're doing an enormous job and keep sticking with the manifestation accelerator as best he can keep applying it.

And as you go forward, remember your manifestation starts to get easier, faster and bigger than ever before. That's why all of our members stick to it for life because it's a toolbox for you to refer back to and be with for the rest of your life. A process to follow things in tools you'll need for forever. For manifestation. The same thing goes with all the bonus events. It's always going to be included with your membership. So as you stay there, you know, people will start to, you'll start to get more of those free events on a monthly basis to allow yourself to expand your consciousness, expand your money world, and really make things happen at a greater wavelength. You're doing a miraculously great job. And if you ever want manifestation coaching, just let me know. We have a VIP program where I can actually literally help you out through your manifestations as well.

Just reach out to our support team support. It's got how'd that kind of, and we can guide you to what that might look like for you and see if it's a good fit. All right, we're going to go ahead and wrap up our two hour event here. Amazing job, applying everything. I mean, two hours of focus. Time is a lot of time. That's a lot to do in two hours. It's a lot of knowledge. It's a lot of applying, but you're doing a mega great job on your money. Manifestation mindset, really, truly putting forward what you want and keep it going. You're an amazing individual. That's why you're here. Keep your dream in the forefront of your mind. You're born with a purpose. You are very special. You're a very unique person and you have all the talents and gifts and possibilities within you. Share those possibilities with the world.

Bring your gifts farther and farther moving forward and allow yourself to enfold that beautiful purpose. It's been a pleasure serving you. I'll see you during our 10 days of accountability starting tomorrow, October 1st, 2020. If you're watching the replay, I look forward to seeing some of your manifestation wins in our Facebook group. All about how you did during our 10 days of accountability and masterclass here. Now take care, everyone. I wish you always all the best sending light and blessings your way. And I get to see you tomorrow during our day. Number one of accountability, take care, everyone.

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