How To Open The Channels For Money To Manifest Fast (Series 11 / 12)
Written by Scott Haug on August 4th, 2021
How To Open The Channels For Money To Manifest Fast (Series 11 / 12)

In this series, you will learn how to open the channels for money to manifest fast by believing that the Universe is YOUR source of supply!

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Full Transcript

How to open the channels for money to manifest very fast in your life series 11 of 12. Hey Scott Haug here And in today's video, we're going to be going through the universe is your source of supply everything, your job. If you have a job, if you have a business, you have clients who have sales. Those are all channels through which you receive your supply. Okay? So in this series, in this episode today, we're going to be covering how to open those channels, because if the universe is your source of supply, we just have to actually open up the energetic channels for you to actually receive the supply. What were we talking about? Receiving more money, receiving more goodness, receiving more sales, whatever it is. We just have to open up those energetic channels for you to receive the supply. Now, this here is video 11 of 12.

Definitely make sure you've watched all 10 videos before this. After you're done with this video, everything is going to really fill in very nicely with the techniques, exercises, and notes that we go through in all the videos. And this video here, all 12 in the series was filmed from a money mastery master class that we did for our manifestation accelerator members and clients. In our course, if you want to be a part of that, it's a great opportunity to do so. Going into the description below, click the link to get involved with our manifestation accelerator course, it will blow you away. It is the finest and greatest manifestation course in terms of money and manifesting what you want on the planet right now. You'll see. I'm just so excited to always show people this, because it gives you a systematic, consistent and predictable way of actually bringing in money manifestations and a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

We have thousands and thousands of members wins in our Facebook group posting on a daily basis that they're bringing in extra 500 bucks, extra 5,000. Some members believe it or not in our group have actually manifests upwards of $230,000 using the principles and systems. Now that's not usual. That was one person out of many members that we have. Okay. But it's possible for one it's possible for all. Okay. Jump into the course. You're going to absolutely love it. And you get all of our special events included, just like the one you're viewing as well. So today's video video, 11 of 12. We're really going to start to open up those channels. So go ahead and jump into our course and then view the rest of this video as well as the other 10 videos in the series. So we can start opening up your money world to a maximum let's go ahead and jump into today's video. How

Did that conversation go about you being wealthy? Let me know into chatbox, just like all the other results. How did your thinking go? Did your viewpoint change? Does your awareness shift? What happened? Ashley said that is amazing case as amazing. Adam that's freaking amazing. Robert said it felt natural in all caps for excited. It felt very real. Jennifer said, I feel wonderful Deseret. It was fun. And that's going to say, I got the chills. How other people, how we believe other people see us is how we see to ourselves. If you start seeing other people thinking you're wealthy, you're going to feel yourself to be wealthy. That's the name of the game? I can't these exercises. I can't say enough. Aren't that valuable? I mean, one little thing here. We'll start to tweak it all. We'll start to change the game for you. Share this with your friends and family shared on your social media posts.

You know, let people know about these tips and these ideas and direct them to our accelerated director, to, to our group. If you feel, you know, desirable for them, it feels good to allow people to share this knowledge and how impactful it can get. It will make that much of a difference if it is in your life with those others. So we want to serve, leads me into element number five. Of course, that's why I'm mentioning that element. Number five, if you're ready for that, let's put a number 12 into the chat box. We'll jump into it's our final element here. As we start to conclude this masterclass and conclude everything moving forward, stick with me here as we've jumped into it, because this element number five, you're not going to want to miss. It's very, very crucial as we go forward. All right, 12. So coming through here, many, many of them come through. That is great. How am I? Number five is open the outer channels. Now again, remember your sources applied as a universe channels are your clients, customers, business, and job bonus lottery gifts. Those are channels of your supply. And I would encourage you to rewrite that down here for element number or key point number one. So you have that, the university could change that word out with God higher power, whatever you'd like to call it. Universe is my source of supply.

My clients, customers, job, business lottery, et cetera are sources my supply. Now you want to understand that since those are your channels of supply, you have intuition trying to guide you on how to serve more people. If you can set the impression of increase with your customers, marketing and everything else that you do in your business, or have your employer. If you're the full-time job, increasing that company, then bettering giving it better work in serving better. You're going to get more coming in. So key point number two is find better ways to serve your company or your clients, prospects. If you're in business and what that's going to do as you serve more, allow you to attract more, okay? Because what you give out is what you shall receive. You want to come the number one client for everything. You're a part of. Okay? So if you're going to somewhere, you want to, you want to attract ideal clients.

You have to be the ideal client. First. If you want people to be financially responsible around your company, be financial responsible for others, right? If you want to attract very kind friendly, coachable students into your business, you want to be kind friendly, more coachable yourself with the programs and things that you are. Now, if you're trying to attract a greater job position, right? And you want that for your life, go ahead and increase your skill, increase your attitude, increase what you give and you shall receive that job increase, right? So it's always what you give is what you receive. Give more, serve more, find better ways to help the people you serve. That's going to click and that's going to start to move. Okay? So again, what you give is what you receive.

Now. We're not just talking about giving people a million things, giving people away, all the stuff and giving money away everywhere and doing all this stuff. Okay. It's what you give energetically. That makes the difference. And we're going to put that in caps, energetically. Okay. So no, we're not saying you have to go and give $500 to receive $500. That's not how this works. What you give energy and intention wise comes back to you. Tenfold, give out bad. It's going to come back to baker, give out good. It's going to come back to bigger. That idea, that core concept. Also key point number four, here is fine.

One way to increase your service today and do it right away. If you're in business, find one way to increase your service. It could be new marketing plan could be a new valuable tool you give out to your clients, customers, prospects, whatever it is. Okay. Find one way to increase your service. Just one and do it right away. One way, do it right away. And we want to have that habit every day of writing down. What's one extra thing that I could be doing to serve my customers very well. Thank key point number five. Again, it's the whole idea that the earning of money, the manifested income is all about the energy game. So if I want to open up more channels, find greater ways to put out more good and that good comes right back to you. So that's four element, number five here.

Now we're not going to actually apply this together here. And now you're going to want to apply this during our 10 day accountability. And the reason for that is this actually implementing an idea. Your business is actually, it can take some time, right? It takes some time to implement ideas might take 30 minutes. We're not going to pause masterclass here for 30 minutes. But what we are going to do here is we're actually going to find one idea that might inspire you to serve and go out there and help more people. So go ahead and take a screenshot of this so far, the key points. And then what we're going to do is transition and putting some music on. And you're going to find one idea that you could go and serve more clients, more customers, more prospects, help your, uh, the company you work for, help them in a greater way.

Um, if you don't have a job or you don't have a business right now, they can really focus on, then go ahead and find one way to help somebody in your life. Okay. And that's really the, the idea here is getting an idea of that. All right. So we're going to stop the screen share here again. What you're doing is we're going to put on music for 60 seconds and find one idea they can, they can do in your business, doing your job, doing your personal life. That will help increase people that will help them be happier. That will help them with something in their life that will help them with whatever you do. One idea, 16 second, some music we'll be back on, and this will be our final exercise for today.

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