Manifesting Inner Energy Keys - Law of Attraction (Series 8 / 12)
Written by Scott Haug on July 28th, 2021
Manifesting Inner Energy Keys - Law of Attraction (Series 8 / 12)

In Series 7 video, Scott talks about cleaning out your outer energy and in this series, it's all about manifesting Inner energy keys which is just as important!

This law of attraction technique creates RAPID RESULTS!

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Full Transcript

Manifesting inner energy keys, video, eight of 12 in our series. Hey, Scott Haug here with the manifestation accelerator where manifestations and results are made easy in today's video, it's going to be series eight of 12, allowing you to master your money manifestations better than ever. We're going to be talking about inner energy and we didn't video seven, just a bit. We're going to really dive deep into your inner energy. How do you clean that? What to do about it to a level, a lot better manifestations into your life before you jump into it, throw like on the video as you do. So it's to send out to a lot more people and we can together raise the consciousness of this planet. Also click subscribe, and then click the bell icon as well to get notified, or when we send out other great manifestation, how to content, including video 9, 10, 11, and 12 of this great video series, you are now a part of let's go ahead and do it.

Changing our inner energy. We talked about in video seven, if you have not listened into a video, make sure you go back to that. Watch video eight here and then go back to video seven and make sure you've watched all six videos also in our season. One of mastering your money manifestations. So let's jump right into it by cleaning your inner energy monies and energy gain, clean the energy around the money. Your money will start to soar results-wise into your life. And this channel is all about results. I want you to have a lot more money coming into your life as fast as possible. All right, let's cover some key points here in your inner energy change and allowing yourself to manifest a lab better

For a minute. And I want you to put at the idea here, key point number four, we're going to go back to the electronic environment, but I just wanted to make you aware of what's going on. You know, right now in your inbox, do you have more than a hundred right on emails. Now, now most people have about 50,000 emails or 20,000 emails right now. How can we possibly know and actually think about money. When we have 20,000 emails in our attention span, it's just not going to happen. Okay? So we're going to talk through, on what to do about that key point. Number four, here let's go internal cleaning. And that is gratitude. How do you do an internal cleaning around money? Okay. You change thoughts. So if you want to clean your internal environment, you have to change your thinking. That's the way to do it. That's that's all you have to do. Change the internal thinking. Things are going to shift.

Chris mentioned actually, what does paying thought energy actually mean? It means you're expending your thoughts onto something on your external states. So you're using your energy towards something. We all have a certain amount of energy now, and energy is infinite, right? But in our storehouse, in our physical body, you can only really think one thought at a time. So if I'm thinking one thought about my emails, guess what? I'm not thinking about abundance. If I'm thinking about, oh, I gotta answer this. I gotta answer this. I gotta answer that. That's what I'm not doing. Thinking about abundance, but I'm thinking about the 47 E uh, notifications that just came through and going through all those and clearing them out for the next 20 minutes. Guess what? I'm not paying attention to thought abundance, abundant type thinking. Right? So it's the idea that we're always paying attention.

We're always paying energy to one thing. And how important that is. We're going to go through an exercise in internal cleaning with gratitude, but it's really essentially giving a lot more credit and things. And what that's going to do is allow you to do a mental clearing. Once you have a mental clearing, everything's going to change as well. And we'll go through key point number five. So here's what we're going to do. I'm going to put on music for three minutes here, and you're going to go through your phone and find five things that you can clean out. Okay? So that could be, uh, taking out notifications, deleting five apps. If you don't use them deleting all the old text messages, uh, going through and deleting contacts, cleaning up your home screen, you know, whatever it is, cleaning up your background. As you can tell, I just have a black, black background here so that doesn't even influence where I'm at here.

Okay? So take five things and clean this thing out. Just five, five things, clean it out. I'm going to put on music. So you enjoy your time. Okay? It's going to be a three-minute quick exercise. You'll need to take three hours to do this. Finding five things in three minutes to clear them out clear amount right away. Let's get back together here. Okay. Five minutes on the clock. Definitely take a screenshot first of this, before we move, because once I cleaned the screen here, that's going to actually raise. So go ahead and take a screenshot if you choose.

Yeah. Then we're going to be going into our exercise for today with element number three, five things cleaned out on your phone in particular, okay, we're going to stop screen share here. The actual music is going to go on here. Let's get cleaning. How'd that feel? Now I was going through the chat box as we had the music on there. A lot of you said a lot of apps are gone and you've already feeling very liberating. You should feel free. Is the big word there. Feel free and liberating. Let me know how you feel in the chat box there. And we're going to be working on this throughout the 10 days. Now again, the thought may come that says, I mean, this is crazy. We're we're talking about money manifestation. I'm clearing out apps. I mean, am I really utilizing my time? Well, but just remember the world works by principles, by laws and as above.

So below, as below. So above, it's an energy based universe. Everything is energy. My phone right here and everything that I do on it is a particular energy. If I change the energy of this, I change my energy environment and your energy environment is crucial. I'm sure you've heard from the speaker before the five people you surround yourself with. You're going to have their level of income, right? Because it's an energy thing. It's association. Same thing goes with the things around us. If we feel stuck, we want to change something in our world, seek to change within seek to change things around your environment, on the, without as well, really great work. Now, if you weren't able to do a lot, that's okay. I remember when I first learned this, I said, man, I know I need to do this. I took a whole day cleaning out things and that can make all the difference as well.

One of my clients, Dina, she's worked with me for a long time. And every time she talks about she does an energy clearing. She has unexpected money coming in and we're talking big money coming in, you know, from unexpected easy sources. Okay? So this really works and it works very well. Now the internal game for gratitude, this is going to be really point number five here. As I mentioned, the inner game of cleaning is all about gratitude and appreciation. I want you to find three things that you can be appreciated of around money find, and think back a time when somebody gave you money as a gift or present. Think back to all your previous employers. If you ever received a bonus or just salary or paying by the hour. I want you to also think about if you have a business, the clients and customers that have paid you and invested with you.

I want you to pick three of those things. That could be three different customers. It could be three, it could be a job. It could be a customer and it could be a gift that you received. Pick three people. And I want you to send them appreciation. I want you to, in your thoughts and out loud, thank you for doing that. Whether it was a year ago, a day ago or 10 days, 10 years ago, send appreciation to that person. What you're going to do is ask the universe for more manifestations around the money. The more appreciative you can feel around money receiving, the more you're going to receive. Let's go on and take 60 seconds. I'm going to put the music back on here and go ahead within and appreciate three people who have given you money. A company is a person as well. So you could say, you know, this company two years ago gave me a boost in salary. He gave me this, give me that. Or even just a day's worth of pay, find appreciation. Things are going to change within, as you do. Let's take 60 seconds here, musical beyond finding appreciation for three people and a company included.

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