Cleaning Your Outer Energy To Manifest Money Now (Series 7 / 12)
Written by Scott Haug on July 26th, 2021
Cleaning Your Outer Energy To Manifest Money Now (Series 7 / 12)

In this video, Scott shows you how to clean your outer energy to manifest money NOW!

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Full Transcript

Cleaning your inner and outer energy to manifest. Hey Scott Haug here, and this is a brand new series continuing from a six part series. We've already posted on the channel here about mastering your money manifestations. The next six videos in this series, totaling 12 videos in total. If you watch them all in a sequence one after another, you're going to have your money manifestation game soar through the roof. You're going to be able to bring in a lot more money manifestations, small chunks of money, 200 bucks, 3, 4, 700 bucks like that. Even upwards to larger chunks. Like a lot of our members did by following this special event in the sequence of these 12 videos, some of them were able to manifest upwards to $20,000 just within the 10 day time period that we actually did this special event exclusive to this channel only. You're about to have this unfolding manifestation series right in front of you.

Let's start with cleaning your inner and outer energy. This is video seven of 12. So after you're done watching this video, make sure you circle back to the other six videos in season one. Okay. As you go through that so that you can get the other six ideas and methods around manifesting and mastering your money manifestations. In this video, we're going to talk about inner and outer energy, outer energy clearing. As you start to shift your energetic blueprint internally and externally in your environment, everything starts to begin to shift manifestation wise, using the love attraction and laws of the universe, bringing in better and better things into your life. It's all an energy game, including money. Money is in energy game. And the more you get that, the more you believe in the more you shift your energy around the money, the better and better things will get. Let's jump right into the video footage here in video, seven of 12 here, mastering your inner and outer energy to allow a lot more money manifestation into your life. Let's do it.

Step number three, or element number three is cleaning your inner and outer energy. And those of you that have been with me for some time. Now, a lot of you in the accelerator or one of my clients as well has known this, that we talk about cleaning your energy fields all the time. It was one of the easiest ways to have you earn more money and manifest more money. Let's go ahead and jump down here to the five key points. And I see all the number nines coming through into a chat that is awesome. Glad you are all resonating with everything for the actual key points with the five key points here for element number three, let's jump right into it. Again. Take notes as you go through, remember, these key notes are going to be your notes. So I'm not going to actually write down every key note.

You just want to take what I'm saying out loud form your key notes. Look so that's something you can refer to and come back to is going to allow you to remember how we're doing this. Remember money is an energy game. I break that right down for key point. Number one, again, money is an energy gain and our environment is energy for key point. Number one, our environment is energy. I want you to look around you right now. Are you in a room? Are you in your office office? Are you in a car? Are you at work? Where are you right now? Look around. And I want you to really ask yourself. You don't have to tell anybody this am I organized and is my environment energy clean?

If you have stuff everywhere, if you have a ton of old stuff, uh, we, you know, you go through somebody's house and you're like, holy cow. There's just stuff everywhere. There's like old stuff from 50, 60 years ago, or even 15 years ago and broken things over here. And there's a mess over here, right? Those kinds of things. So I'm sure that's not your house by any means or your home, right? But sometimes we have in our environment, a really dirty energy. We have an energy that's stuck that we don't have things organized in the way we want them. We don't have even, we open up our wallet and our wallets like this thick and has money all over the place and receipts from like three years ago in there. And like 18 gift cards, they have a dollar, a piece on them, right? Those are what we call dirty energies.

They're they're energies that block us because everything in your environment is also in your mind, clean your environment. You clean your mind, clean your mind to clean your environment. Vice versa. That's the great Axiom called as above. So below, as below. So above. And I'll actually write that down for key point number two. So you're gonna want to write that one down here as a great Axiom of life as above, so below, as below. So above. Okay. Whatever's going on outside of you is going on within you. Whatever's going on within you is going on without and on the outside, right? Cleaning up your environment can be again, the number one easiest way to attract a manifest better and easier money coming into your life. So for key point number three, I want you to write down the various places that you might be able to clean the energy in your home, your workplace, and anything else like your vehicle and different things.

So we're thinking out or environments here. Okay? The idea here again is anything that you see around you. If it can be cleaned, it could be organized. Stuff could be donated, thrown out that kind of idea. We want to go ahead and write down the list and let's go ahead and write it down together. Okay? So let's write down a couple of things in a couple of areas, you are home, all the different rooms, your office, whether that's at a corporate atmosphere or a home-base office or anything like that, your vehicles, okay? Your say, if you have an outdoor environment or a yard, if you have a home or anything like that as well. Now, if you don't have a yard and outdoor environment, then you scratch off lists. You don't write it down for you right now. Here's the big kicker that most people don't even think about. What about your electronic

What about your phone? What about your laptop? What about your email? And I'll put those into the key point. Number three as well here. What about those? Now? Most people they'll actually have like 300 apps on here and 300 notifications. That's what's going on. Every time you get a notification, every five times, seconds, maybe every minute, your focus, your mental energy is being depleted notification, notification, notification, notification. Guess what your mind is readily in chaos. There's no way that we can possibly focus on a money-based consciousness if every five, 10 seconds, every 2, 3, 4 minutes. Our attention know what attention is. Attention is thought energy. We're paying attention. We're paying thought energy to outside distractions. As that's a thing, as we have 3,550,000 emails in the inbox, or your laptop is kind of all over the place in your workspace, right? As we have all these distractions, we're paying thought energy to things we don't even really care to pay thought energy to. Right? I want you to change the game and I want you to think maybe differently. Attention. What is paying attention? It's paying thought energy.

When you actually have that clear in your minds, you'll never again, want to waste your attention because you're wasting your thought energy. Okay? You're putting it away into something that doesn't need it. We're going to do an exercise here really soon. I just want you to pull this thing out for one second. This phone now, nearly everybody on the planet has one by now. Okay. Some people don't that's okay if you don't, but I want you to post that. If you don't, for some reason, I have a phone, go ahead and open up a laptop. If you don't have that, just look around your home. That's okay. As well or whatever device you're viewing this webinar, because we're obviously no viewing on a device. I don't think you're projecting it from, from your forehead or something. Although maybe you're that advanced to do that. Okay. We're going to take out this phone and I want you to look at your home screen.

Now I know the thinking right now is like, we're trying to manifest some money who the heck cares. What's on my home screen. Go along with me for a while. You're going to understand if you don't already open up your home screen, how many notifications, how many apps and how many things are in front of your attention space right now? Go ahead and write down some of those into the chat box. Do you have social media, Instagram? How many followers you just got Facebook, email texts, calls. Um, you know, if you have games on your phone, somebody just gave you a hundred gold pieces or whatever game you have on your phone. Right? What does that look like for your candy crush or something you just got? I don't even know how that works, but you got some sort of reward, whatever that reward is and that game. Okay. What does this look like for you? Really answer it, honestly, throw it into the chat box because this is going to really blow some of you away.

Okay. So go ahead and throw it into the chat box here, Rick, you actually mentioned no notifications right now. That's great. Home screen has 15 apps by default. I bet you could change that though. No way. Somehow you'll be able to, uh, notifications, email texts, shopping apps. Angel says 18 notifications. A lot of you already have changed the notification. So you might have already been through my modules or whatever it is. So it says 117 emails, 36 apps show. He says many. Okay. So a lot of you already had a great stage. Now let's just says over 500 apps has a lot of apps. I don't know if I could actually even look at it more than, rather than 20 of them. All right. This right here again is paying your thought energy of towards something. The more you can clean this, the more you can delete things that you don't use. That really are not there. You're going to feel so clear. Now, a lot of you have done this exercise with me. You've done a five day challenge. You went through a mountain home where this is done. Even if you've done it, I literally do this at least once, twice a month. I re clear everything. We clear everything. So your energy field is clean and clear. Okay? That's very important. Now we're going to do one more thing before we go into our exercises here. The other thing is your internal emotions.

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