How To Manifest Your Dream Home In 5 Steps (PROVEN 2021 METHOD!)
Written by Scott Haug on July 23rd, 2021
How To Manifest Your Dream Home In 5 Steps (PROVEN 2021 METHOD!)

How would you like to manifest your Dream Home with these 5 steps?!

In this video, Scott shows you a proven method that works so you'll want to watch this video all the way to the end!    

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Full Transcript

Let's get you and your new dream home in five steps. Now just a disclaimer, before you jump into this video, we're not saying it's going to happen overnight, but if you really follow through and you really pay attention to video, watch it in full from moment to moment all the way from now until the end of the video, we're going to give you a step process here that will work like dynamite on this video right here. You see the footage behind me, this wonderful ocean, this wonderful beach. I am so blessed and grateful to have this. I'm not impressing you on this video by any means. That's not what I'm trying to do. What I'm trying to say is the five steps I'm going to provide you. I've done it for myself multiple times over, and I've actually given it to my own clients and they've done the same thing and witness they accomplish results of being in their dream home.

Okay? So this video here, you're really going to pay attention to watch the whole thing, follow every step, but don't have the expectation it's going to happen overnight. This didn't happen overnight for me. Okay? But if you follow through the five steps, we're going to do some really great things. All right. Hey Scott Haug here let's get started with the training and moving forward with our first preliminary step in that preliminary step is understanding again, that manifestation is not magic. Gotta remember that before we go into this. All right, step number one, let's get clear on it. And also in the comments below, as we go through the steps, actually follow through on the steps, that's going to make you the most accountable. And I promise you, it's actually going to work for you. It's too easy to watch the video and I'd actually do it right.

Just you have to apply it, learn it and apply it. That's how we're going to get the results. I want you to have your dream home. Let's get it. Step. Number one, here is writing down exactly what you want. That's on a mind blowing thing. I'm sure you've heard that before. You got to get clear on what you want, right? But it's a very different way on a dream home. You want to get very clear on the qualities and characteristics of the home. You want literally everything, the interior, the exterior, the location, everything for myself and my partner. When we actually manifest this, we sat down together and we said, we want to live right on the beach. Right? We want to live right on the ocean. We want to be able to walk outside and be literally on the beach anytime we wanted. Okay.

Now for me at the time, that was a stretch. I'd never done anything like that. Right? So there was a part of me that maybe had a little doubt, low worry. We're going to be covering that. So for you as well, you might be writing down some qualities, characteristics. You might say like I've got, I have no idea. How does it happen? Forget about the how right now we're just talking about possibilities. Okay. Step number one here. I want you to write down the qualities, the characteristics, how many bedrooms you want, what kind of location do you want? What kind of vibe do you want it to on peace and quiet. Do you want a very good, you know, a community? Or do you want to be on your own kind of in solitude? What does that look like for you? Right. You know, what is that going to look like?

Are you bringing a family into the home is going to be you and your spouse, you and your partner, you and your, you know, whatever it is. What is that going to look like? I want you to get everything very, very clear. Okay. As much as possible qualities, characteristics. Okay. Forget about pricing. Okay. Sometimes it's like, we're just talking about budget and everything, but also at the same time, I want you to be a little bit realistic. Now that usually goes against the law of attraction idea. Right. But a lot of people just, you know, they're living in a place. They really don't like, you know, it's like $700 a month in an apartment, in a location they don't like. And you know, that's where we all get started. I've certainly been in my fair share, places like that as well. It's like, you really don't want to be there, but you have to, based on, you know, the income you have coming in. Right. So, and then they go, they go from there and they say, I want a $10 million dream home right now. Now the gap between where they are now and where there is an enormous consciousness gap.

Okay. So most likely you don't need that dream home. That's $10 million right now. I'm talking about not being realistic on what's doable for you. I want you to be realistic on what it is that you want. You don't have to go, you know, you see, go through Instagram, you see it was dream homes, dream cars, all this crazy stuff, right? You don't need to go from zero to 5,000. Okay? Why not go from zero to 50, right? Maybe it's going from your current place or apartment, maybe to stretching, to, you know, paying $2,500 a month and a place that's in a, just an outstanding location, brand new bill, modern and luxurious. Right? I'm sure if you lived in that place compared to where you live now, you'd be excited. You'd be happy. You'd be grateful. You'd all these different emotions would come. Right? I want you to be realistic on your want.

Okay. Don't just say, I want the billion dollar house. You most likely don't care right now about it. What's your next step? Not from here to 5,000 next step, zero to 50. What does that look like for you? Absolutely go after what you want. I'm not saying incremental $700 a month. You know, now paying a thousand dollars a month, although it might be your new place. That's fine. Okay. But what does it look like? Incrementally? Very, very important distinction there. So step number one, get those qualities. Characteristics. Step number two, we already talked about it's that proper way of thinking, right? If you want to start thinking of possibility, if that's, if you know the mind starts to say, how's that going to happen? Okay. Well, you can really tell yourself again, is the how the, when the, where are the universe's job to help me out with right now, I'm just going to start dreaming.

That's how you get rid of the, how kind of chaos it goes into mind. Just tell yourself, I'm just going to dream today. I'm not saying that I'm going to do this. I'm not saying this is going to happen. I'm just going to dream now for my girlfriend and I, when we actually got this place as well, it was the same thing, you know, internally for me, I had a little worry, a low doubt. I was unsure. Sure. Right. But then I calmed my mind saying, well, let's see, what's possible. Right? We'll attract it. The university going to help us out. Right. So it's a very different approach. It's the attitude you have about it. You're just going to dream. See if things are possible. Okay. Don't limit your being. Don't limit yourself. Just go after what you want. That's step number two. Step. Number three is every day you want to feel into the accomplishment as the feeling, as if you're there. I want you to start visualizing it. Okay. So when we were doing this together, we'd sit down and we'd actually close our eyes. And I remember doing this, we did it on our balcony at our old place.

We sat on the balcony there and we close our eyes and we said, what would the sea air
Smell? Like? What would the, you know, the, the ocean beach? What would we hear? Well, we
Might hear some seagulls going by. We might hear the ocean waves. You know, we might hear those things, right? What else would happen? Well, maybe if we are sitting in our beach chairs, we would feel the warmth of the sun and sand on our feet. Literally we go there and I want you to do this every single day until you get the place every single day. Right? So step number three is you need to start feeling as if you're already there. You dream about it. You imagine it. Believe me. This does something. If you've ever been on my channel, if you listen to my other videos and you really start to understand manifestation, what you're really doing is impressing your imagination with something you really want. You're feeling it to be true. And it's activating it to allow the bridge of incidence or bridge of happenings to unfold, to get you from a to Z.

There's a lot of depth and why we do this. It's not just visualization, such as affirmations. Those are surface things on the channel. We go much deeper. If you haven't subscribed already, I would absolutely subscribe to the channel. You want the depth. When you have depth, you have Lamar faith. You're going to work the process way, way better. So that's step number three. There. Step number four is you need to let it happen while you take inspired action. Okay? So again, if your mind is in chaos mode, it's up to you. It's your responsibility to keep it more in faith, keep it more impossibility. If it's going, when's it going to happen? Where you know, where am I going to get the money? How's it going to happen? All that stuff. It's your job, your responsibility to bring you back to faith and say, it's okay.

It's all unfolding. It's okay. I'm just dreaming. It's okay. Things are possible, right? To bring yourself back there and then take inspired action. I want you to start looking for places. That's a no brainer, right? You've done that stuff before. I'm sure when you've looked for a new apartment, townhome house, whatever it is, right? You might go online and started looking at places. I want you to look at those places and imagine yourself actually living in one of those bedrooms actually see herself in the kitchen. Does it feel good to be there? Right? So again, it's kind of associated with the other steps of the process, but you start putting yourself in those places right now, the numbers may scare you right now. The situation on how it's going to happen might scare you. But again, remember the universe in our imagination are bigger than any circumstance ever in your
life. Who are you?

You start actually using some research to imagine more. You start to get out there and take inspired action. It might start looking at places, right? Contact, uh, the agent, or can contact, you know, whoever it is that you need to look, start walking in those places. And I want you to actually go there with confidence. Now, some people will have too much worry about it. They'll say, Hey, I can't afford $2,000 a month. Person's going to know, they know they're going to say, get out of here. You can't afford this. Right. But nobody really knows that it's the confidence that matters. I want you to step into that place that you're going to look at. Okay. With confidence, okay. Look around, you know, understand that you are somebody who is serving and worthy of that place that you're looking at. Right. And really be there in the confidence.

Believe me, other people are going to know by your energy level. You go in, they're all worried and doubtful. My God. I've never seen a place like this before and everything else. Right? You go in there like that. Sure. You're going to show them, be that energy right. Going to that place, knowing I'm already living there. Things are unfolding. This is my destiny to live in a place like this. Okay? So you have that calm confidence. Step number five is repeat this process on a daily basis. Okay. I already mentioned visualizing on a daily basis, but I want you to keep brainstorming on step. Number one, there might be something you think about tomorrow. Add to your list, add to your clarity, add to your qualities, add to your characteristics, add to the feelings you'd have as if you were in that place and more accurate thinking and more visualization exercises being there and imagination, right?

And things will unfold. Now, listen again, you see the ocean and the beautiful thing that we have in, uh, you know, in our place here, it was not an overnight thing. In fact, it took us at least 60 days to really start to hone in even possible places. And really it's about 60 and 90 days of a constant thinking about where we want it to be. I'm going to look at places, going to figure out possibilities. Right? And actually the month before we actually moved into a place, I had things financially happened that unlocked the ability for me to actually get the place amazing. Right? So sometimes you're not going to have the funds, right, right away. Sometimes you can have those, but it's up for you. Start dreaming about it. Start looking into possibilities and things will start to attract. If you have the faith and belief that those things will happen, right.

Things will start to be heated on your adventure. But again, you know, for, for us, we, we, we couldn't have doubts and worries. You know, I wasn't sure like frustrated, waking up every morning. Oh my God. We're not in the place. Oh my God. We're on the place. Right. I was just so worried and doubtful. I was in a calm confidence. Like, let's keep looking, let's keep looking. You know, the process, wasn't always the easiest thing, but you do the process and you flow with it. And then you get the place it's so uncomfortable at first because this is your new way of living. But a week goes by two weeks, goes by. And it's like, this is what I was born to live in. Of course. And then you never go back from there. Okay. He accept a place like that. It's just so, so good.

You'll never go back to where you used to be because that's your new paradigm. That's your new programming. That's your new consciousness. Try it out again in the comments, do some notes, go through all the steps. Make sure you write out those things. Okay. Be accountable. Apply the process. Let's say in this video and knowing the five steps, it's not going to do anything for you. You got to start visualizing. You got to start going through the steps and believe me, if you do this, it's going to rock your world. You're going to really move into a territory and location that you want to be in. Things are gonna move fast. Things are gonna move quick. Okay. But apply the process. You're going to love it. And you're going to see great results that come from it.

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