Change Your VIBRATION To Have The Universe Deliver NOW | Simple Manifesting Method
Written by Scott Haug on July 19th, 2021
Change Your VIBRATION To Have The Universe Deliver NOW | Simple Manifesting Method

Do you know that the Universe is always on your side? Do you feel that question to be true at all times?

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Full Transcript

You know, the universe is always on your side and there's a simple method to change your vibration. Now that will allow the universe to deliver results now as well. Now it's not always instantaneous. You know, you're not going to have this magic dust thrown in the air and you have a million dollars on the table next to you. If you want that and desire that to be manifested in your life, but it's a process. And as you start to change your vibration, you start to change the energy that you're living in on a daily basis. Things start to shift in your world little by little to allow a better results in, Hey, Scott Haug here and in today's video, we're going to be going through a couple of different things around changing vibration, through one simple method that you're really going to enjoy. And just before we jump into the content for today, sort of like on the video and as you do, so it's going to send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness of this planet, just that much better.

Also click subscribe to the channel and then click the bell icon as well. So you're notified when we send out other great manifestation, how to content. We do meditations nearly every week. Uh, we have manifestation methods and techniques and literally everything ever need. This is your go-to channel for manifestations. And if you're looking for any manifestation courses, go ahead in the description below and get your coaching, get your courses, everything that we have available to it's all systematic approach to manifestation, how to manifest your desires, not through hope, but through consistently putting out the right intention, right energy. And we give you a proven process to follow on a daily and weekly basis. All right. So let's get into it a little bit. So vibration really, you know,

You want to write this down. If you're taking some notes while watching the video and I encourage you to, and even if you have notes in front of you throw it in the comments as well, do some digital notes. Cause as you actually take notes, you're going to learn it that much faster. Sure. It's proven. So, uh, vibration basically is feeling okay. So feeling is your conscious awareness of the vibration you're in. So literally what that means is you are aware of the vibration you're in, based on the feeling you're in. Okay. And also we, we understand as well, that feeling comes before manifestation or vibration precedes manifestation, right? So basically to start shifting into what you want and having the universe deliver what you desire, what you intend, all these things. First, we have to accomplish the feeling that most people have huge goals, right?

They want to earn the seven figures. They want to earn six figures. They want to get the dream home, the dream car, the dream soulmate, know whatever it is. These are large goals. These are big things and they don't feel good until they have it, right. They're unhappy. And they'll say, well, once I have the money to cover the bills, I'm not so much in stress. Then I'll be happy when I have the person in my life, then I'll feel love when I have the dream home and I'll feel luxury. I'll feel wealthy. I'll feel whatever it is prosperity, right? So basically they go a formula of first, I'll have it. Then I'll do the things to become whatever I need to become and manifest. Then I'll be the state of whatever it is emotionally. So they have the equation backwards basically. And what they, what happens really is I want a goal.

I have this thing in mind, but I am literally sending out an energy of absence. It's not here. When's it going to come? How's it going to come? All these different things, right? So it's the universe is sending circumstances, basically not exactly how it's happening, but we can see it in our mind and understand it better. When we have an analogy, right? The universe is basically sending you circumstances that align with your state of being on a consistent basis. That's what the quote means. You become what you think about really what it means is whatever your emotional, every single day on a daily basis, wherever your scale is tip to more fear, more or more dream, more doubts and worries are more faithful type thinking, right? That becomes your lifestyle. That becomes what you attract in your life. So if I want the dream home, but I'm telling myself, well, once I get the dream home, then I'll be happy.

I'm very frustrated now that I don't have it. I don't like where I live. Right? I'm doing a lot of complaining. I'm thinking negative thoughts, or maybe I'm doing affirmations in the day. So I'm doing some positive thinking if you will. But my feeling, my core being my core vibration is it's not here. So the universe doesn't respond to your words in response to your energy. The universe will tell you, it's not here. It's not here. It's not here. Right? So basically you're saying, it's not here. Energetically. The universe must respond saying it's not here. Right? It does not listen to the cries
out of universe. I want better.

Right? The universe doesn't respond to that. It responds to the energy you're in because the language of the universe is vibration. Okay? So basically we're sending out an absence and we attract things that coincide with the feeling that we're putting them out that vibration, right? So if I'm saying it's not here, I will literally manifest a circumstance. Proving that my dream home, my dream car, my dream income, this, this, this, whatever I want can not come yet. Right? I may get an unexpected bill in the mail. I may get this thing, this thing challenges after challenges, after challenges, right? Allowing me to experience about the same result I've always had. So it can be very stressful. It could cause an enormous frustration and it can cause enormous, you know, things in the being that says, uh, you know, life stinks, you know, things aren't really working.

So how do we allow our vibration to shift so that the universe starts to respond to us literally right now is so tall. We gotta start changing is our energy refers to the equation. It's be, do have accomplish a feeling now. So if you want to be happier, you think if you got into a relationship, you'd be in more love. If you think you got a dream home, you'd feel more relieved. You feel more excited. You know, whatever those feelings are that you perceive you'd have. If you had the thing, try to accomplish those. Now that's your number one goal accomplished the feeling. Now really what you're doing when you accomplish a feeling is you're accomplishing the vibration. What that really means is you're going to your imagination. The powerhouse of where all creation really is, you're going to imagination or fourth dimensional side or higher side.

You are seeing an end scene, an image of you in possession as a thing. As soon as you see it in your mind that you already have it, that you start to feel it to be true by mail, watching your inner thought pattern says, as you do that, you start to feel happiness. You start to feel the accomplishment. You start to feel excited that you have the thing. You start to feel blank, blank, blank, whatever that is for you. As you feel that you're stepping into that vibrational tone. And if you will dropping that seed of an image from the conscious to the subconscious mind, and what begins to unfold is the universe will coincide with the seed. That's dropped into the subconscious because that's the universal side of us. So you'll start manifesting circumstances in different things

To allow yourself to actually experience more and more progress towards that ultimate desire. That alternate manifestation, that ultimate intention, right? So you have two worlds here. Most people are on the opposite. They'll first want it, then they'll become it. Then they'll do it. They'll do the actions to get there and then there'll be happy, right? We want to reverse the equation. It's be, do have first out, become it. How do you become anything through feeling accomplished feeling, then I'll do the actions from that state. What we call inspired action from that state right there of inspired action. I will start to have an, a track circumstances in my life that will allow me to have that great thing in my life. Okay. Very simple method. One thing accomplished the feeling, okay. If you get anything out of this video, identify the feeling you would have is if the thing you had was already in your life and every day work to accomplish that feeling, right?

And the comments below, start to activate a phrase, something that you want do a phrase like in the present tense, I just now received 5,000 ours. Thank you universe. I just now received whatever it is. Your desire is. Thank you universe. Okay. What that's going to do is you're going to actually prove the teachings in this video. You're going to prove first. I'll be it. First. I'm going to actually start thinking it first. I'm going to start to feel it right then you're going to do it. Then you're going to have it right. And also in the comment as well with that phrase, let us know. What is that feeling you would accomplish? What does that number one feeling you would have as if that phrase is real. If you receive an extra $5,000, he might feel elated. He might feel relieved. Oh my God. Think thank the university may be in gratitude. Right? So put the powerful phrase, say whatever you want to activate, then put the feeling word that you need to accomplish in order for you to start attracting that in. And I guarantee things are gonna move very, very quickly. All right. Try it out. You're going to love it.

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