Manifesting - Morning Routine Technique #2 - GRATITUDE
Written by Scott Haug on July 16th, 2021
Manifesting - Morning Routine Technique #2 - GRATITUDE

This technique is regarding gratitude for your morning routine BUT it is so MUCH MORE than just writing out a bunch of 'thank you" in your journal.

In this video, Scott shows you how creating a consciousness shift is the secret to BEING the idea of gratitude!

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Full Transcript

Morning, routine number two for manifestation. Hey, Scott Haug here with today's video, we're going to be going through our morning routine sequence that allows you to really get the full potential out of your day by starting with the morning intention. Okay. Before we do make sure that you're in one of our courses as well. I mean, we explain all this stuff and so much more in depth than we can do here on the YouTube channel. It's provides you literally step-by-step visuals, worksheets, exact action items, our support team, to answer your questions and help you along the way and coaching for myself as well. And my team. So go on in the description below, make sure you're a part of one of our programs and courses, because it's really going to allow you to start skyrocketing and progress as we move forward. All right. So again, this is morning manifestation technique.

Number two, if you haven't watched the first video, number one about the, I am statements, I would go back to that one as well after watching this number two video so that you have the exact sequence you should be going through in the mornings to make sure you're really setting out those great intentions. Now morning manifestation technique. Number two, here is all about gratitude. Now, if you're not new to personal development or self-help material, okay. You've heard about gratitude from a million different teachers. I'm sure. Right? Gratitude is not the new thing in this video. The new thing about this video is what we're going to discuss consciousness shift. Okay. And that's all about how we're going to do as through gratitude. So, first thing in the morning, what I would definitely encourage you to do is watch video. Number one, with the items. Number two here, after you do your, I am statements, okay.

You want to actually close your eyes and say, thank you. And repeat 20 times in a row. Now this is not normal. Most people think gratitude is just writing it out on your gratitude pad, you know, writing about those things that you're grateful for. And that's great. Okay. But really what we want to get to is your consciousness being gratitude. Okay. It's different from writing down and speaking. Thank you out loud to actually being the idea of gratitude. Okay. So what you're going to do is close your eyes and you're going to say thank you 20 times in a row. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. You're going to get into a beautiful vibration, that beautiful feeling. That's going to Merce inside of your body from head to toe. You're going to be in a great energy. All right. After you do that, you're going to go ahead and open up your eyes and you're going to look around you.

Okay. And it starts sending thank you for everything around you. Now. I love going on our balcony and we've got an amazing view. So it's so easy to be grateful for that. Right. But if you don't have a balcony, uh, you know, maybe it's at your home or your apartment or condo or, you know, wherever you live, it doesn't matter. Okay. Uh, just go ahead and sit. If you're sitting in your chair or you're sitting on your bed again, it doesn't matter location, look around you and just find something to be grateful for. Again, those amazing things are easier to be grateful for sure. Okay. But it's also be easy. It's very easy to be grateful for even the running water in your house. Okay. Now, most people take those for granted. That's why it's not so easy to be grateful for them. Right. But if you really look around the world, how many countries, you know, they spend all day trying to fetch water and cleaning it, just to drink it, to shower, to do all the things that they need to do.

Right? So really you want to open up your awareness and saying, what could I really be thankful for in my room, in my home, in my space, right? One of those things could be running water. Okay. That's a very beautiful thing. And what you want to do is focus on that water and say, you know, I'm very, very thankful. I would just say, thank you. And then let it go. You just say, thank you. Thank you so much for this running water. Thank you so much for the cleanliness of the drinking water available to me at the tap of a faucet or the, you know, whatever it is that you're running water goes through. Okay. It's very easy. Within a matter of seconds, you can have clean, refreshing water for your being. Okay. And we want to focus on that for about a couple of minutes.

That one thing, and just saying, thank you, thank you. It's amazing that have it. So you give yourself kind words and it gives the universe credit for providing this in your life. Now, most people also want to kick in. There you go and say, well, wait a minute. I worked really hard for this. Of course you did. So give yourself thanks, right? Say thank you for, thank you to myself for going out there and putting out some good effort and good work in my life to provide myself and maybe my family as well with this perk of life, this running drinkable water and how amazing that is. Right? So you're getting into this very thankful feeling and thankful energy. And it's really going to start to propel your life in a greater fashion

And finding something else. Okay. It doesn't have to be running water. It could be, if you're in your bedroom, the bed, you have the couch, they have, you know, whatever it is, the comfortable place you have to live again, in comparison to most people in this world, a lot of people don't have mattresses. They don't have comfortable places to sleep, right. Or it's not very clean, right? So you tell yourself, I'm very thankful for the comfort that I live in. And he focused on that for a couple of minutes. And you want to do this with three things every morning. So you do your things over and over for 20 seconds. Then you find three different things. So you focus all of your attention and energy being in thankful and gratitude for really what this is. This is all about manifesting. Manifesting is through our energy, right?

What we're seeing in our imagination while we're entertaining, most of our day becomes our life, right? Because really what we're doing is imagination is the constructive plastic substance. And what we're doing with this substance it's formless, it's not in any form so far through our thinking. We are forming this plastic substance into a mold. If you will, into a desire or not desire, if you're not controlling your imagination, right? So we start to form this plastic substance formless substance into an image and you start to feel to be true. And that's what starts to come into your life, right? It's an energy game that we talk about. So transform

Your being transformed our consciousness into a gratitude, thankful state, shift your life into something even bigger and better by really changing your perspective. One from complaining one from doing or doing this right thoughts wise of disempowerment and decrease to one of gratitude. Thanks. And everything else. Okay. What that's going to do in your morning is going to really set you up for success in your day. You do your, I am statements and video one again, and watch a video. After this video, you do your, I am statements within changing our consciousness. Then you tap into the feeling of gratitude. Your day is going to start to really motor forward. All right. So that's it for number two here, the second technique, go ahead and try it out in the comments below. Let me know if you like these videos in your interest in a tip number three, just say, Hey, I'd love tip number three as well.

We'll go in and make sure that's out for you in the next couple of weeks to allow yourself to have an even complete morning more than ever before and between now. And then also make sure you get involved with our courses. Like I mentioned, because that's going to give you the game plan. So you do this morning routine, and then it's like, well, what do I do to bring in an extra 10, 20, 50, a hundred thousand dollars in a month? What do I do? How do I do stuff like that? How do I bring in my dream home? How do I bring in my dream cars, my dream partner, my dream, this, my dream, that whatever it is, right? This entire manifestation system we have is a consistent, predictable way to bring in your manifestations. No more hope, manifesting, no more. Trying out all these different things, reading a thousand books, just to get your answers. We've put it into one proven system for you to really go through master and develop as you move forward. All right. So in the meantime, go ahead and trial technique. Number two, with number one in your morning, see how that goes. Come up below that you want number three and then make sure again, you get involved in our courses. They're really gonna allow you to your life, to move forward in a very rapid way, a very quick way allowing yourself to experience the fullness of life. All right, try it out. I look forward to hearing about your results and the goodness that comes and see you in our programs as well.

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