Client Success Stories
Stuck & lost to creating a company earning 6 figures under 4 months time

~ by Christian Axios

"What did Scott's Thinking Into Results coaching program do for me? It gave me a sense of what my 'why' is and that in itself is worth all the money in the world and they'll tell you why.
Because at a certain point, if you have a goal or benchmarks, something that you're reaching for, you're going to come to a point that you're going to start asking yourself, why am I doing this? Is this worth it? Is this really what I want to be doing? And you're going to feel stuck.

But if you have a big enough reason 'why', you could go a hundred miles per hour every single day from the moment that you wake up to the moment that you go to bed and you feel darn good about it. That's what it did for me. When Scott Haug reached out to me on Facebook, I was going through a really, really dark time in my life. My income was extremely low. I had bad relationships with my friends and my family mainly because I was unsatisfied with what I was doing with my life.

It was right after that point that I had dropped out of college and moved 3,000 miles away from home and it really had a burden on me until Scott reached out to me. I had this sense that this coaching program was definitely meant to come to me at this point in time because I really have no other hope. 
I have nothing else. I didn't have much money. I used the remaining of my credit card limit to pay for the first month. And from then on, my whole life has changed. Um, at the time my health was deteriorating, my income was low, I was unhappy, I was the lost, I had no direction.

And in the matter of six months, what I've been able to do is quite frankly surreal. I started a company that has generated six figures in under four months. I bought a new car, buy a new house. I'm in the best shape of my life and it's only just the beginning.

And I still to this day continue to study the material that Scott Haug has given me. So that is my testimonial for Scott and the Thinking Into Results program.

If you feel stuck and you don't know why you're not going forward or why you should try harder, or why you should keep pushing, then this is the exact program that you need because you'll realize that once you really know why you're waking up every morning, while you're giving your all into everything, and you're able to be happy through it all becomes easy and a very rewarding."
From having some success to an overflow of clients on track to earn $50,000 per month

~ by Aly Wilson

I'm Aly and I recently finished the Thinking Into Results program. I'm a gym owner and I do personal training and fitness training all day long.
And I knew that I'm very successful, but I knew there was something inside of me that said, "Aly, you can do more than what you're doing." And so I signed up. I'm in the Thinking Into Results coaching program was Scott Haug and I want you to know it's the best thing I've ever done for myself.

We set myself a big goal and while I was scared to death of that goal, I knew I had it in me to reach it. And so I took these action steps to reach these goals. And in the interim, a lot of other little goals came, I'd accomplished. 

And some of those are: I had a huge influx of new clients and so many, in fact, that the other trainer that works alongside me had to take on my overflow.

I was super proud of that and I'm very thankful. Another huge win was I got a chance to expand my gym. I had been thinking about it for so long and I was just following some of the techniques used in this, in this class, I literally broke through that terror barrier and I'm expanding my gym.
It was a good help having this program with me. Lastly, up until now, I've only offer one on one training. And so with ideas in this program, I broaden my horizons category a little more open minded. Now I'm taking two on one clients and so doing the math on a two on one I've, I've definitely reached the goal that I set myself set for myself a six months ago of earning $50,000 per month.

So like I said earlier, this is the best thing I've ever done for myself to Thinking Into Results coaching program with Scott Haug. Perfect for me. I can see myself taking this throughout my life. Thanks."


Aly has grown to an extraordinary level, having these major wins:

1. Huge influx of NEW clients
2. Expanded the gym
3. Now offering more services - started taking two clients at a time! Doing the math here, will reach 50k per month (which is what is written on my goal card)!
From a low place to attracting dream opportunities & abundance of income

~ by Celena Kruszalnicki

"Hey everybody, my name is Celena and I have been a client has Scott Haug's in his Thinking Into Results coaching group since December. And I came from a pretty low place.
I had just recently left my job as a teacher. I was overworked, working crazy hours, having very little money, having very little hope. And I happened to meet Scott by chance and had a strategy session with him. And once we met everything started making sense.

I loved his energy and I loved the idea of the coaching. I knew Bob Proctor, I knew about The Secret and this just seemed like this had come out of nowhere, the perfect time for us. So my husband and I went ahead and made the investment in ourselves with our last little bit of money that we had. And through that we began to create goals, goals that were scary, goals that were huge that we couldn't possibly even see how they could be achieved.

And it was through the coaching that we were able to really get on track and start changing our mindset with what I'm in, with the information, with Thinking Into Results and with what Scott was teaching us. And our results were just phenomenal! I mean, we went from having little to no money, to moving cross country when my husband got his dream job being a television reporter and television anchor.
He had never done that before, and that was very exciting. We also made our goal of hitting six figures. And that was with the new job, but me not having a job, my job was to try to get us cross country. And just different things happen, different things aligned and the money came from places that we wouldn't have even imagined. So the most amazing thing to take away from all this is that anybody can do this.

You know we're not any special. We just followed the program and you know, we really worked on our mindset and put the effort in and you can too. And a coach is what really helps you do that, is get to that next level of understanding and that next level of really challenging yourself to change paradigms that you have, those beliefs that are limiting, that you can really stop you from being as amazing as you are.

So if you're thinking about coaching, I'd say make that investment in yourself. Because I did and I haven't looked back. It's been several months and it's just amazing. The growth I'm having. This is just the start, so I wish you the best of luck and thank you."
Debbie Clayton

From stuck in the past to reaching new levels in life
& creating abundance for her and her family
"Scott Haug is a fantastic facilitator. I had Scott as my facilitator in the Thinking Into Results Program. Scott has an ability to tap into the energy of the materials in the program and relay it in such a way that you can break it down and apply it to your life. The information and his guidance has made huge difference in my personal and business life.

Scott's knowledge and ability to lead the classes made it a rewarding experience to work with him. He also made himself available for additional one-on-one calls in order to assist in becoming more clear on goal setting and creating clarity. Scott has a wealth of information to bring to the program and he has the ability to create an environment to learn that is creative and energizing. I would highly recommend working with Scott.

I would highly recommend the Thinking Into Results Program. It has changed my life in ways I never thought possible. I was stuck in the past. This material has helped me to move forward. To set goals, to reach higher, to expect the best and to know I deserve all the goodness the Universe has to offer. It has changed my thinking in my personal life and my business life. I continue to listen to my Thinking Into Results Program every day. I learn something new each day from Bob Proctor. It is a wealth of information that can be used for the rest of my life to create a better, more abundant life for myself and my family."

"Thinking Into Results was the best investment I have ever made. The amount of knowledge and insight I have gained from learning the information included in this program is priceless. Every area of my life has been positively impacted because of the Thinking Into Results program. My business has grown, my relationships are better than ever before and I now know how to get anything I want in my life.
I highly recommend Scott Haug as a coach. Scott is 100% committed to making sure everyone who he takes through this program has everything they need to be successful. He was always there to answer my questions and went above and beyond to make sure I was making positive progress. The coaching calls were so important to my success and really helped me get a deep understanding of the information.

Twelve weeks flew by and my life is so much better for having committed to this program. If you are looking for wealth, health and happiness then the Thinking Into Results program can help you get exactly what you are after."
Nancy Dixon

The best investment she has ever made, income growing, and the knowledge on how to get anything she wants
Wayne Marcel

From decent amount of success to extraordinary success, achieving exactly what he wants out of life

"I have had a decent amount of success up until this point, but always felt like something was missing as many times I felt stuck in life. I've studied many motivational speakers and personal growth programs, but none have been as effective as Thinking Into Results with Scott Haug coaching me along the way. A year ago I heard Bob Proctor speak in Anaheim, CA and it opened my eyes to the unlimited possibilities we have.

Meeting Scott and learning from Bob Proctor and Scott over the past 3 months has shown me how to achieve anything I want in life, whether personal or business. I have set goals that I never would have dreamed of setting, and yet I am now seeing them materialize for me. This is now a program that I have with me at all times and able to help so many more as I continue to learn and grow from the content of Thinking Into Results. Thank you so much Scott for introducing me to and coaching me through this program."

“I had only a slight understanding on how to live my life with the new found information of Bob Proctor, but felt like I wasn't getting the results I wanted. Thanks to TIR and Scott Haug's coaching abilities, I have been able to tap into a higher vibration and things seem to be rolling along.
In one month alone during the program, I received roughly $8,000 from mostly unexpected income. The expected income that I did receive was more than I was tracking, as just today I had received $1,500. With TIR and Scott’s coaching, the only thing I added to my routine was the daily paradigm shift challenge that Scott created, since I do affirmations daily and am grateful for each event throughout the day.

I have noticed since starting the challenge that I don't think about the lack of money. Instead, I am more focused on what makes me and my family happy and things seem to be moving along. This new found self and learnings have made all things possible for me and I cannot wait to make more of my possibilities a reality!”
Marie Gonzalez

Big changes, including thousands of dollars in expected and unexpected income
Mandi Monaghan

Looking for something more to now earning more income and re-igniting her passion and purpose in life

"I greatly appreciate the day Scott reached out to share this program! At that time in my life, I had been looking for something more and ready to take on that next leap! Through the TIR Program, I set even larger goals for myself and began to create better results more easily and effortlessly. My thinking has been expanded and will never go back!

I am now earning more income, have clearer goals with our business team and have re-ignited my passion and purpose of giving back and contributing to the world at a level I didn't even imagine possible at the time! With a grateful heart, I highly encourage anyone looking to expand their thinking and results to the NEXT level, to move forward today."

"I am speaking from my heart and with all sincerity that Scott has a gift, a heart, and a passion to help you to become the best version of you! He understands the principles of TIR, he has the knowledge and experience to guide you to new heights in your life’s journey! He is great at helping you through the challenges and obstacles that surface throughout this course.

Scott is a leader and will inspire you to greatness from within! Scott and this TIR course has been an unbelievable blessing to my life, if you are in need or looking to grow yourself, your business, or climb the mountain in your life then allow Scott and this program to help you understand and succeed. Scott I can not thank you enough! God Bless!"
Devon Kurtz

From feeling as if something was missing to growing himself and his business to new heights
Robert Coleman

From feeling like a victim to taking complete control of his life, thoughts, and results

"I listened to many motivational speakers and coaches through my lifetime however when I saw a video of Bob Proctor speaking I knew this teaching was different and life transformational. Most of my life I always felt I was a victim of my circumstances and results that came my way. The Thinking Into Results program with Scott Haug's coaching changed all that because I understand now how the mind truly works and I became a conscious creator of my future.

I have a clear understanding of how the laws of vibration and attraction work in harmony with my dreams and goals. I was able to take total control of my feelings, personal growth and excellent results that sent me in the direction to achieve whatever goals I set for my future. I highly recommend The Thinking Into Results program and Scott's coaching to anyone and everyone who wants to improve their life experience. This Coaching Program wasn't just a Paradigm Shift, it was a Life Shift in so many ways for me."
"I remember the day in early December 2016 when Scott Haug called and offered me the opportunity to take Think into Results program and be coached by him. I liked what he offered, didn’t know how I would pay for it but knew I would figure it out. I have followed Bob and Sandy for a while and liked what they teach. Scott has helped me understand that it is ok to put myself first and take care of me. He helped me see the value in Me as a person and as a leader in my Network Marketing Company.

With his help we created a Susan Hansen 1.0 (someone’s caregiver for many years) and a Susan Hansen 2.0 (An amazing leader that is also an amazing wife, mother and grandmother that puts herself first.) This required patience, encouragement, and time by Scott, my team and other leaders within my Network Marketing Company. We found a hornet’s nest with many stingers from the past that had to be pulled out and released in order for me to move forward.

I have gained great confidence and additional leadership skills that has not only benefited me in my growing business but in life itself. It is an amazing feeling and I look forward to meeting in person my mentors Scott, Bob and Sandy in October at the Paradigm Shift."
Susan Hansen

From having the same results over and over to accelerating forward in income, life, and personal growth
Jon Brosey

Was indecisive and unsure in life, to accomplishing his goals in 1/3 time he originally set
"Before I started the Thinking Into Results program, I was very insecure about my future and very indecisive about most areas of my life. When Scott began coaching me, I set an original short-term income goal with the intention to reach it within 12 weeks. I reached that goal and successful increased my income in only 4 weeks.

Afterwards, I decided to set a big goal that was far outside my comfort zone. While I am still working towards that goal, so many things have taken place that has put me in a great position to reach that goal. I have attracted two effective and lucrative entrepreneurial opportunities that allow me to do what I enjoy. I am also on my way to attracting an apartment which will provide me an environment where I will succeed.

Thinking Into Results has raised my confidence level and taught me new habits and thought patterns that I will take with me for the rest of my life… it’s an investment you will want to continue using throughout the rest of your life. If you’re not sure whether Thinking Into Results and Scott’s coaching is worth the money, take it from my experience—it is totally worth it!”

"Working with Scott was such a positive experience. I started coaching with him at a very challenging time in my life and was not sure that I could commit to the program.

I soon discovered it was the best decision I could have made. Scott is very knowledgeable and helped me stay focused on my goals. By helping me utilize the tools I learned through the program and holding me accountable every step of the way, I was able to grow and move toward my goals in a positive and effective manner. I would highly recommend Scott Haug as a coach to anyone who is looking to improve their business or personal life.” 
Martha Blumel

From being in a very challenging time to knowing how to create her own results and staying focused on her goals
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