Fulfill Your Full
We break down the essential building
blocks of success and manifestation.

And then show you how to apply them
to bring your life to the next level.

We do this through an exact system, expert
mentorship, and the proper environment.

It's the most in depth, results oriented,
manifestation programs in the world.

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Ready To Get Some Help Manifesting All Of Your Desires? Or Want To Create A Personal Development Coaching Business Yourself?

From our proven 5-Step Manifestation Accelerator course, to you becoming one of our high caliber Certified Manifestation Coaches, we have everything you need to manifest anything you want!

The Manifestation Accelerator Course

Start Creating Consistent and Predictable Manifestations Using A Proven Step-By-Step System

  • ​Exact system to help you manifest anything
  • ​Unleash the "4th Dimensional" side of you
  • Create consistent flowing manifestations
  • ​Use your Imagination constructively
  • ​Quantum Leap your manifestations forward
  • ​Increase the flow of prosperity in your life
  • ​Align with happiness, joy, and good feeling
  • ​Weekly exact action items to follow
  • ​Gain direction, clarity, and flow
  • ​Predictively manifest what you desire most
Become A Certified Manifestation Coach

Start and Scale Your Very Own Personal Development Coaching Business

  • ​Become Certified as a Manifestation Coach
  • ​Have the Business Vehicle to Create $50,000+ Income Months
  • ​Learn exactly how to enroll ideal clients consistently
  • Master your own manifestations with advanced trainings
  • ​Gain mentorship directly with Scott 1-on-1 building your business
  • ​Get exact trainings on how to actually coach your own clients
  • ​Have the licensing rights to use our Manifestation Accelerator course
  • ​Align with your Million Dollar Soul Tribe
  • ​Create time and money freedom for yourself and family
  • ​Fulfill your purpose and create your Legendary Legacy
Success and manifestation aren't magic
We get individuals to understand and apply the Laws of the Universe through a proven process.
Our students deeply change their thoughts, feelings, and actions to match the good they desire.
We help people stop doing so much 
Most people who are studying personal development read countless books, watch every YouTube self-help video out there, and obsess over audio books or podcasts.

They know the power of the knowledge, grow mentally and spiritually, but almost nothing happens physically with their results. Their mind is in complete chaos when it comes to knowing how to apply the material.
So they can start gaining fast physical progress
A very small percentage of the population actually live here. They are the ones who apply the material, gain quantum leap physical progress, and then restart the process all over again to get greater results.

They keep their mind closed to outside influences, only keeping their mind open to new ideas and expert level guidance. They are focused, serving the world, and becoming something great.
Here is our process and how it works
We get right to helping you apply the fundamentals without the fluff.
The (3) core components below are an exact science we apply toward your success.
#1 - Structure
We have turned success and manifestation into an exact blueprint you can follow. Each of our programs are broken down into step-by-step lessons and modules you can apply.
#2 - Coaching
Getting a mentor and coach is incredibly important for high levels of success. Get guidance on our weekly Q&A calls, personal
1-on-1 attention from us, and more.
#3 - Environment
The proper environment is a must. Join a community that we call a "spiritual family" and gain support and encouragement along your journey with like-minded people.
Proven results that are time-tested
It's not just some theory or book knowledge we provide you with.
We provide you an exact system: Increased results, clear direction, full potential to the surface.
 - Paid off $100,000 in student loan debt
 - Was working so hard to now being in ease
 - Now relaxed, amazing positive friends
 - $8K /m to being on track for $50K /m
 - Best thing she has ever done for herself
 - Expanded location, huge influx of clients
 - Deep confidence, ease, complete change
 - Now having multi $1,000,000 deals
 - Life is fun, fantastic, manifesting with ease
We uncover the mysteries
Sometimes we feel the most stuck in life because we have no idea who we truly are or why we are even doing what we are doing.

When we feel our circumstances are more powerful than we are, we will unconsciously self-sabotage ourselves, procrastinating on the dreams we once had and fall back into the "average life."

To live the life you have imagined, we must put your mind in order:
  • Direction: Crystal clear purpose, vision, and goal
  • Paradigm Shift: Upgrade the subconscious programming
  • Know who you are: Understand who the real you is
  • Be a doer: Drop the study temporarily; start implementing
  • Focus on service: Stay true to what really matters
  • Get uncomfortable: Go through the fear, change energy
  • Vibration shift: Change and stay at abundant frequency
  • Deep understanding: Of the mind & Laws of the Universe